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Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Eleven, no. 2
Fall 1988


NSGS - NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol. XI, no. 2 page 46 - Fall 1988
Grand Army of The Republic - Roll Call 1938
Submitted by: Georgene Sones, Omaha, NE
Abstracted From: Journal of the Sixty-Second Annual Encampment - pg. 9
The following members of Nebraska Department were in attendance
at Fremont, Nebraska, May 17-19, 1938:
AL   SEBERG, John        90   Co. H 28 Ill. Inf         Upland
  25 McBRIDE, L. C.      90   Co. H 12 Ind. Cav         Lincoln
  25 COLEMAN, R. E.      88   Co. D 136 Ill             Lincoln
AL   KINNEY, C. H.       92   Co. C 96 Ohio             Raymond
   7 REXROAD, A. F.      89   Co. D 34 Ill              Omaha
   7 DAVISSON, J. S.     92   Co. I 9 Iowa Cav          Omaha
  60 ALLBEE, J. H.       93   Batt. M I Ill. Art        Minden
   4 WELSTEAD, James     95   Co. I 136 N. Y.           Cedar Bluffs
   7 WOODWORTH, H. S.    95   Co. B 100 Ind             Omaha
AL   WOODARD, H. D.      93   Co. F 141 Ill             Malcolm

AL- Member at large

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol XI, no. 2, page 50 - Fall 1988


(Grand Island, Hall County and Villages of Hall Co., some townships of Merrick Co. and Howard Co.)

Compiled by DeWitte H. Vantine - Grand Island, NE
Abstracted by: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones - Omaha, NE

Abbott, Hall County
Abbott, Lumber & Grain Co.                                   Hitchler, Frank, gen. mdse. 
Fagan, Anna I. Miss, tchr.                                   Post Office 
Fagan, Anna E. Miss, tchr.                                   Schroeder, Dick, blacksmith 
Express office                                               Todson, John 
Grass, Henry, barber                                         Todson, Peter 
Taylor's Spur, P. O. Abbott, Neb., Hall County
Anderson, Dick                                               Kunkell, Otto H., farm hand 
Anderson, Dick Mrs.                                          Kunkell, Otto Mrs. 
Anthony, John, farm hand                                     Lockart, George, farm hand 
Anthony, J. Mrs.                                             Lawrence, Noah, farm hand 
Bunch, Fred, farm hand                                       Miller, James, sheep foreman 
Barbee, Ray, farm hand                                       Miller, James Mrs. 
Brown, Joe, farm hand                                        Mills, H., farm hand 
Calif, Chas., farm hand                                      McCutchan, John, foreman 
Carlisle, Tom, farm hand                                     McCutchan, Vada Mrs. 
Dean, A. farm hand                                           McCutchan, Erma 
Fagan, Wm., gen. mgr.                                        McCutchan, Neva 
Fuerstenau, August, farmer                                   McCutchan, Edna 
Fuerstenau, Augusta Mrs.                                     Mosslander, Wm., farm hand 
Fuerstenau, August Jr., farm hand                            McGlosham, Robert, farm hand 
Fuerstenau, William, farm hand                               Nelson, David, sheep herder 
Hitchler, Carl, engineer                                     Perner, Frank, farm hand 
Harder, John, farm hand                                      Reese, John, farm hand 
Harder, Alvina Mrs,                                          Reese, John Mrs. 
Hay, Maggie                                                  Smith, David, farm hand 
Held, Julius, farm hand                                      Smith, David Mrs., cook 
Smith, Norris, farm hand                                     Taylor, Robert Hon., breeder, etc. of registered stock 
Thomson, Fred, store assistant & book-keeper,                Taylor, Robert, groceries, dry goods, hardware,
   Taylor's ranch                                                shoes, etc. 

NSGS - NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol. XI, no. 2 page 60 - Fall 1988

Grand Army of The Public - Official Roll Call, 1941

Abstracted from: Journal of the Sixty-fifth Annual Encampment, pg. 9.
Submitted by: Georgene Sones, Omaha, NE

The following members of the Department of Nebraska were in attendance
at Beatrice, Nebraska, May 20, 21, 22, 1941:
  25 McBRIDE, L. C.      93   Co. H, 12 Ind. Cav        Lincoln
AL   HENDEE, Alfred      93   Co, H, 128 Ind. Inf       Panama
AL   FOX, Cyrus          95   Co. C, 7 Iowa Cav         Gandy
  35 BONDOLL, Michael    .... Co. F, 7 Iowa Inf         Beatrice
  60 ALLBEE, J. H.       96   M Batt. let Ill. Lt. Art  Minden
     NIXON, William W.   95   Co. I, 2d Pa. H. A.       Topeka, KS     

AL- Member at large

NSGS - NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol. XI no. 2 page 80 - Fall 1988
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865.

Information from: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha 68154

National Aides from Nebraska 1941-1942.
      Margaret DARNELL      Deliah GATES         Verna BURKE 
Dorothy Lee HARRIS    Hazel CALHOUN        Louise DuBUS 
Doris MOOMEY          Josephine TRACY      Lettie B. HARMON 
Doris SMIKLE          Rose GILMORE         Luella NEURNBERGER 
Clarice LATHROP       Ora A. LITTLE        Lenora HOOVER 
Addis GIBSON          Pearl TURNER         Mary JASTRAM 
Sarah GODKIN          Lottie DUFFORD       Dallis ELLIS 
Mildred BERTWELL      Katie McCONNELL      Margaret BATTLE 
Belle MILES           Lillie A. WALLACE    Ethel LEININGER 
Dora KOSCH            Martha SCHWARTZ      Vivian KENNEDY 
Edith FARIS           Irma OSCHNER         C. N. MIMER 
Ethel HIGHLAND        Bessie MORGAN        Edith PATERSON 
Jessie DeLONG         Sarah TOWNER         Mary ELDER 
Flossie RISHEL        Mary SMITH           Dorothy BUTLER 
Rosa FOOTE            Reatha HALL          Ruth HARGIS 
                                           Clara RAM RUL 
      National Special Aides from Nebraska 1941-1942.
Desso M. SANDERS      Josephine McDONALD   Bertha FORTWANGLER 
Bessie HAWLEY         Margaret BLACKMAN    Grace KINNEY 
Lillian STALNAKER     Thelma FERGUS        Ella COCORAN 
Etta STONE            E. McCONNELL         Alm MEYERS 
Maude PHILLIPS        Leona BATE           Frances KEITH 
Esther SWERTEFERGER   Allie WILL           Hattie MINER 
Neva LOF70N           Estella REICHWEIN    Sarah BYE 
Esther WADSWORTH                           Bessie BLOODGOOD 

Transcribed by Kathie Harrison - March 30, 2001
By permission of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society

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