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NEBRASKA ANCESTREE SUMMER 1992 Vol. 15, No. 2 Page 70

SUBMITTED BY Catherine Renschler, Juniata, NE
Abstract of Lawrence Locomotive, 1 Apr 1896 thru 25 Dec 1897 Copies of the articles are available from the Adams County Historical Society, P0 Box 102 Hastings, NE 68901.. Cost $1 per article plus a long SASE.

1 Apr 1896
SMITH, Mrs Francis of Harrison Co. NO died.
8 Apr 1896
Lawrence Village officers: T.C. LKIRD, Horace PIJRDY, L.M. ZALMON, Wm LAW, Dr J.E. BABRETT
15 Apr 1896
F. WEHMAN opened a shore store; HELTON, Ruben a dau; RILEY, Isaac, son of Austin, died;
HERMAN, Frank a dau at Pauline; CAMPBELL, Robert house burned.
22 Apr 1896
Dr. G.E. FULKERSON new in Lawrence; MUM, Louis married SVOBODA, Marie.
2 May 1896
HAWLEY, Mrs died near Rosemont.
9 May 1896
KOTIPEK, Anton a dau; ROSS, John a dau; HERBEK, August married HAYEL,
Mary; WRIGHT, T. J. died.
30 May 1896
DUN, Charles a child born.
6 June 1896
McCLAREN, U. a dau; WIGGENYUST, Joseph died in Iowa; Mrs REED of Blue Hill went insane.
13 June 1896
BRADLEY, B.A. married PURDAY, Mary; ENNINGA, R. died in Adams County, suicide.
20 June 1896
KEITH, Willie son of Walter died, buried at Nelson.
27 June 1896
ENGRAHAM, George a son born.
4 July 1896
VALENTINE, Herman married SHRODER, Mary.
11 July 1896
KEMMERER, Karl H died west of Nelson;
18 July 1896
SWINOK, Theo little dau of died northeast of Lawrence.
15 Aug 1896
MALONEY, John married BUEITNER, Maggie.
29 Aug 1896
DAVIDSON, Jams a dau; Mr. STELTER Mr naturalized; POWELL, B.S. failing eye sight.
1 Aug 1896
BUESCHER, H. a son; REMPE, Henry a dau; LENNONS, Ed infant son died.
8 Aug 1896
REMPE, Henry infant dau died; STEP, E. a son; WELLS, C.A. moving to Calif.
5 September 1896
McNORRIS, Michael, old resident, returns to Nebr.
12 Sep 1896
LAIRD, Lee moved to ILL; YUKER, Rudolph married MEREDITH, Lelia.
19 Sep 1896
DENNEY, Jos a son; CLINE, Jacob a son; KING, Wm Jr a son.
3 October 1896
PEACH, A a son; DOHL, Frank a dau; JACKSON, T.S. infant dau born & died;
BOWERS, F. twins born.
10 October 1896
MENKE, Thea adopted son ran away; BROWN, Thomas died.
24 October 1896
HLAYATY, George & ZIBIfl, Eva married.
31 October 1896
MAZOUR, Mr a son; BAR1DN, W. V. a son.
7 November 1896
COLEMAN, Jerry a son.

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE SUMMER 1992 Vol. 15, No. 2 Page 71


21 November 1896
BUCHHOP, a dau; STEM, Fred married MOELLE, Minnie; KOUKAL, Mrs Joseph died near Deweese.
28 November 1896
ROBINSON, Mrs N died northeast of Lawrence.
5 December 1896
TILBERRY, J a dau; FOX, Chas married MEREDITH, Letha.
12 December 1896
NICHOLS, Rev. J married DAVIDSON, Laura.
26 December 1896
HELTON, Mrs J.H. buried at Fairfield.
2 January 1897
WELLS, Bert a son; BANGERT, Rheinard married ZIMMERMAN, Lean; DAVIDSON,
James infant dau died;
WIEBELER, Mary, wife of H. died.
9 January 1897
HELTON, James of Fairfield died.
16 January 1897
SVOBODA, Enos a son; VALENTINE, Bert died, buried near Hastings; FARMAN, Frank married VAP, Jennie.
PHELPS, Clark a dau; ROBINSON, Salesta died.
23 January 1897
YUNKER, P. a son; FORSI, Apoline died, buried northeast of Lawrence.
30 January 1897
SHRODER, Chas moved to town, engaged in windmill business.
6 February 1891
POWELLS, B. S. sold shoe shop to LAW, Wm.
13 February 1897
NOMER, Men a son; infant son of Frank MAZOUR died.
20 February 1897
CARSWELL, D.W. a dau; HLAVATY, Ceo a dau; JOHNSON, James married ATTWOOD, Eliza; Dr. BARRETT'S sister, Mary, died in Iowa.
27 Feb 1897
KNOOP, John died; WILKINS, George A died, buried Deweese; McDONALD, Edward married YUNKER, Lucy;
BROCKERMAN, Herman married HOEVEKA, Anna N.
6 March 1897
DEAN, William Mrs died at Pauline; mother of Mrs. J.F. SCEELL of Nelson died in Iowa;
SPRINGER, Galley, MM, Will & ROUSE, Anderson moved from Nelson to MD.
13 Mar 1897
STUFFT, W.F. family moving to Montana; WILKINS, George A died.
20 March 1897
ATWOOD, W.H. a son; SCHUM, John a dau; STUFFT, LG. adopted a seven year old son.
27 March 1897
HAGER, J.H. moved to Dawson Co, NE; FRYE, lewis married.
3 April 1897
VAP, Frank a son born.
10 April 1897
GREENHALGE, James married HUBBARD, Viola; PHELPS, Jennie, dau of Clark PHELPS died; KEITH, Walter S died, Obit.
11 April 1897
HULSENBUCH, Benard married STURN, Katie; HOEVEKA, Henry mother of died in ILL; HURLEY, George's brother died in New Mexico; MATTER, Mrs died at MT. Glare; BENEKEN, Anton, son of Clem, died.
24 April 1897
CHURCH, Miss Lillie charged JOHNSON, David E with bastardy; SMITH, Arthur married YENN, Anna
FLINT, George died at Fairfield.
1 May 1897
ESTEP, Clarence, son of W.J. died; DAVIS, John married NEEL, Anna at Nelson.
8 May 1897
SMITH, Lee son of Lucilous SMITH, died; CRANDAlL, George married LUM,
Ada, dau of FLINT, C. E.
15 May 1897
BARTA, John a dau; WIEBELER, John a dau; KIMINAU, Herman married
MUSENBROCK, Lizzie. 0'BRIEN, Wm of Spring Ranch declared insane; STEWART, John died at Spring Ranch, Obit.
22 May 1897
HURLEY, George a dau; MUM, Cy a dau.

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE SUMMER 1992 Vol. 15, No. 2 Page 72

29 May 1897
LIBISHAU, John struck by lightning and lived; STEVENS, H.A. opened store on farm; McKEOWN, Grandma died; STUFFT, Wm a letter from the west.
5 June 1897
MALONEY, Jack a son; KIM, Celestia E died, obit. (wife of Gilbert KM).
19 June 1897
PUTTS, John W died; FLINT, S. B. died in la; HAYNFS, Grant opened barber shop.
3 July 1897
KITTEN, Henry a son born.
10 July 1897
SHROEDER, Chester a dau; WILLIAMS, Henry twins son & dau born.
17 July 1897
PROSSER, Fred died at Fairfield.
24 July 1897
SHOCKEY, Grant died in CO; COPE, F. B. a son at Mt. Clare.
31 July 1897
SHROER, Garret a dau; SVOBODA, Jos son of died; WILLIAMS, Ed g.son of Mrs. TILBERRY, to reform school.
7 August 1897
BRODERICIC, C. R. a son born
14 August 1897
WRIGHT, C. C. Mrs granted a pension due to husbands death.
21 August 1897
BUMP, Wm a son; ROSE, John glass removed from foot.
28 August 1897
COONS, John child of died; LIPPS, Mr died near Spring Ranch.
4 September 1897
ZIEGLER, Herbert a dau; STELTER, Mr child of died.
11 September 1897
HLAVATA, Wm married ZIEGLER, Mrs; McMEAR, Jack married SIMPSON, Lillie;
REMPE, Barney, son of lost an eye; HOFSTETTER, Andrew built a new house.
18 September 1897
HIMMELBERGER, John married LIMKE, Miss; HESSMAN, Fred married.
25 September 1897
STEHMAN, Fred infant died; LIESVELD, Will married BRINKEMA, Ferrill;
KERR, J.J. married FRIEND, Rose.
2 October 1897
HONCLICK, John married BOHNARD, Anna; HELTON, Joshua bought Woodward' s Meat Market.
9 October 1897
HUDSON, Kelly married HALL, Carrie near Mt. Clare.
16 October 1897
FLAHERTY, John married BMW, Mary; BROCKMAN, Jacob married RAM, Annie;
ANDERSON, James G died.
ZIKMUNDA, Vaclau a dau born at Oak Creek.
23 October 1897
SHROER, Wm a son born.
30 October 1897
ELLS WORTH, Samuel married GILFANK, Alsena; Bryant livery barn burned at
6 November 1897
BARRETT, Dr. a dau born.
13 November 1897
MERRITT, J dau; BROCKMAN, Barmy married CAUPEL, Francis; LAMMON, Luella died, obit.
20 November 1897
MAZOUR, Julius married MUSICK, Mary; BALSTER, Wm father of died in IA.
27 November 1897
ALBER, Adam child of died near Spring Ranch; BROCKMAN, Herman a son born.
4 December 1897
CARROLL, Samuel a dau; PHELPS, Diana died, Obit (wife of Chas PHELPS).
11 December 1897
SCHNEIDER, Mattes died; KLINA, Joseph died at Milligan.
25 December 1897
JONES, Wm T. fell while painting his barn.

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE SUMMER 1992 Vol. 15, No. 2 Page 73


NAME Arrival Date Came from No. In Precinct
A. S. SHELLEY 1871 Wyo. Sherman
Mrs. A. S. SLEBY 15 Oct 1873 Cheyenne 8
Mrs. Cmanda BARRY 12 July 1872 Ottomwa
James F. BAILEY 4 June 1886 Worchester, Miss 5 Horrell
Dallis D. AUTRY 15 Apr 1893 Saline Co. 5 Stockville
J. W. BARTON 28 M 1884 Republic Co. KS 3 Orafino
C. N. SPARHAWK 16 Dec 1879 Bimghamton, N.Y. 3 Laird
H. L. MOUSEL 14 Apr 1878 Born here 7 Grant
C. W. DAVISON 1 May 1884 Washington, Iowa 5 Horrell
B. F. WARNER Oct 1880 Grundy Co. Iowa Orafino
C. N. SNIDER April 1880 Pawnee Co. NE 7 Laird
John HEYLIN 1 Apr 1887 Guthrie, Iowa 2 Sherman
E.N. HINTON Sept 1884 Fillmore Co. 14 Sherman
B. S. HOVEY 1 May 1884 Lake Co., Ohio 3 Horrell
D. D. WAITS Sept 1874 Whiteside Co. Il S Grant
E. R. BLAKE Mar 1893 Cass Co., NE 6 Sherman
A. B. COCHRANE 18 Sept 1892 Montgomery Co. KS 1 Stockville
Frank DANCHY Sept 1875 Newbraska City 5 Sherman
Emma HOVEY May 1884 Lake Co., Ohio 3 Horrell
Thomas TAYLOR Mar 1888 Jerseyville, IL 1 in U.S.A
2 in England Moorfield
Geo. F. BAILY April 1885 Worchester, Mass Horrell
Fred PALEY 16 May 1884 York Co. 6 Sherman
Bertha PALEY 1890 Gage Co. 7 Knowles
R. D. LOGAN 20 Nov 1889 Republican City, NE 8 Stockville
Wm. 0. REED 15 May 1885 Saline Co. 4 Stockville
Geo. J. DOLD 8 Apr 1888 Otoe Co. 6 Laws
M.D. L. ELDER 4 Mar 18894 Koscius, md 12 Earl
B. M. MISTERSMITH 4 June 1888 Gage Co. NE 12 Horrell
A. L. SEXTON June 1886 Deleware Co. IA 8
A. B. CARNAN Spring 1884 Highgate, VT 7 Stockville
J. M. GAMMILL 2 Apr 1873 Decatur Co. IA 7
J. M. PARROTT 30 July 1896 Harlan Co. NE 4 Stockville
G. M. HENTON 2 July 1886 (born here) 2 Sherman
S. A. RICHEY Spring 1880 Knox Co. IL 6 Harrison
M. L. TOODPIECE Feb 1880 Webster Co. NE 6 North Star
J. B. RIDGWAY 1885 North Platte 7 Curtis
W. R. FISHER Sept 1884 Gage Co 14 Knowles
Mrs. E. E. PICKEL May 1886 Ill to Saline Co. 5 ch Orefino
H. D. ARNOLD 26 May 1884 Liberty, Gage CO 2 North Star
J. W. REED May 1885 Washington Co. Iowa Horrell
Mrs. J. W. REED May 1885 Washington Co. Iowa Horrell
Mrs. W. E. PALMER 1885 Davis Co. MO
C. 0. MILLER June 1888 Richardson Co. 11 Earl
Mrs. C. 0. MILLER May 1884 Page Co. Iowa 7 Earl

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE SUMMER 1992 Vol. 15, No. 2 Page 74

Register of Pioneers, Frontier County continued:

NAME Arrival Date Came from No. in family Precinct
R. M. BEERY May 1884 Page Co. Iowa 7 Earl
J. H. MURPHY Mar 1886 Juntry Co. MO 10 Curtis
Rob't Van PEER
J. K. WARD April 8, 1886 Born in Stock 3
B. N. SWINDS Aug 1896
Mrs. John T. NALL 1 Mar 1900
C. A. HUDSON 1886 7 Curtis
A. A. MOUSEL '85 Grant
A. A. MESSERSMITH 22 Feb 1884 Gage Co. Ne 15 Horrell
F. E. McESTEE 18 Apr 1887 4 Harrison
James HANTHORN 1884 Jasper Co. Iowa 8 Harrison
Joseph FAVERS 1886 LaSalle Co. Ill 10 Harrison
Edith Derrick POWERS 1885 Hamilton Co. NE 5 Knowles
J. E. EARHART 1895 Fillmore Co. 2 Stockville
A. B. FRIDLE 12 Nov 1886 9 Earl
Soran E. WILLAM 1897 Fillmore Co. 4 Moorefield
Mrs. B. A. FOLDEN 1894 Fillmore Co. 8 Moorefield
Mrs. Margaret E. FOLDEN 1894 Fillmore Co. 2 Stockville
J. L. HICKS 1884 Stratford, IA 4 Horrell
S. G. WYMORE 1885 Liberty, NE 5 Knowels
V. SHEPHERD 1879 Atchinson Co. MO 9 Osborn
Mrs. Mary BEAURAIS 1878 St. Louis, MO 3 Stockville
N. E. Arehtim? S Mar 1889 Chicago, IL 4 Zimmer
G. W. MESSERSMITH 1885 Gage Co. NE 15 Horrell
G. C. REED Saline Co. Stockville
Mrs. J. A. WILLIAM Oct. 1878 Stockville
W. 0. HICKMAN June 1895 Adams Co 1 Moorefield
Robt WATKINS April 1890 North Bend, NE 1 Garfield
John STARK Dec 1868 York Co. Ne Fairview
A. W. ESTERDAY July 13, 1884 4 Fairview
Mrs. Mattie EASTERDAY 13July 1884 Memphis, Mo 4 Fairview
Nellie E. JOHNSON 13 July 1884 Memphis, MO 4 Fairview
S. G. COCHJW4B Sept 1891 Kansas Stockville
D. A. HILL 1884 8 Garfield
Goldie STARK 11 Oct 1892 2 Plum Creek
G. R. FOLDEN 1 Mar 1893 Fillmore Co. 2 Stockville
E. E. LAWRENCE Sept 1895 Fillmore Co. Moorefield
Robert RICHEY Feb 1888 Abingdon, IL 6 Harrison
Mrs. Robert RICHEY Apr 3, 1888 Abingdon, IL 6 Harrison
Edna LOVALL 3 Apr 1888 Abingdon, Il Harrison
Sidney E. HALL Feb 1892 Watson, MO 7 Stockville
Electa J. HALL Feb 1892 Watson, MO 7 Stockville
Hattie G. BARTLETT 7 Apr 1889 Greenwich, Ohio 3 Stockville
C. E. FITZER Sept 1890 Fillmore Co. Stockville
Wm. SCHILPP Fall 1883 Delevan, IL Fairview
J. C. GRABENSTEIN Fall 1883 seward Co Fairview
S. F. HAZEN Mar 1883 Champaign, Il 4 Harrell
Mrs. S. HAZEN Mar 1883 Illinois 4 Harrell

NEBRASKA ANCESTREE SUMMER 1992 Vol. 15, No. 2 Page 75

Register of Pioneers, Frontier County continued:

NAME Arrival Date Came from No. in family Precinct
C. F. WARNER Dec 1886 chagrin Falls, O. Russell
J. A. JOHNSON Nov 1884 Iowa 1 Stockville
Wm. MAGUIRE 12 Apr 1884 Gage Co. NE 3 Sherman
Luke H. CHENEY 1 Mar 1891 Lincoln, NE Stockville
Clara Vance CHENEY 8 Oct 1892 State Center, IA Stockville

(Mrs. L.H.)

Dorothy CHENEY POWERS 8 Sept 1895   Stockville
Hardy D. CHADDEBDON April 1894 Garfield
Carlisle M. SIMONDS 14 Mar 1885 Tecumseh, Mich Stockville
Anna B. SIMONDS 4 Mar 1886 Michigan 2 Stockville
3. F. HAZEN Oct 1895 Illinois 5 Russell
Win. POI-TELL 9 July 1883 Joliet, Ill Logan
Mrs. M.A. WYMORE Mar. 1884 Gage CO 5 Knowles
Mrs. Sarah E. SPENCER Mar 1888 Iowa   Plum Creek
Mrs. Wm. Schilpp Spring 1882 Seward Co. Fairview
Jack FLOROM? 24 Dec 1886 Illinois Stockville
S. G. FOSTER Fall 1887 Gage Co Horrell
L. J. WYMORE Mar 1884 Gage CO Knowles
C. G. COLE April 1885 Missouri 2 Plum Creek
Mrs. Lottie THOMPSON Nov 1892 Decatur Co. IA   Orafine
J.J. CARR Spring 1885 Fillmore Co. Laws
Elva REED WASHBURN Spring 1885 Saline Co. Stockville
Henry OELKER 1883 Lincoln, Ne Cienwater
Mrs. M. OELKER 1883 Iowa Muddy
Mrs. C.G. COLE April 1884 Missouri 2 Plum Creek
John BUELL 29 May 1892 Clearwater
W. C. WOLLAM Sept 1892 Fillmore 8 Stockville
Elmer JOHNSON Oct 1893 Fairview
Ernst OELKERS 26 Aug 1897 b. in Frontier Co. Clearwater
W. G. BARTLETT 8 Apr 1887 Michigan 1 Stockville
Mrs. W.G. BARTLETT Aug 1888 Sparta, Wis 1 Logan
Mrs. C. A. ROSENFELT Mar 1883 Illinois   Horrell
C. GRUBENSTEIN Aug 1883 Seward Co 4 Fairview
G. C. HEUFTLE 31 Aug 1884 Frontier Co. Fairview
J. C. WAHL 1 Mar 1893 Gosper Co. Fairview
Fred TOPE Jr. 13 Mar 1893 Germany 11 Fairview
Mrs. W. C. WOLLAM 6 Jan 1893 Fillmore 9 Stockville
Annie? Maggie SWARTHOUT 25 Aug 1895 Saline 3 Garfield
Harry L. McKINEY 3 Feb 1897 Born in Co.

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Books purchased by the society:

HERSHEY CENTENNIAL HISTORY BOOK 1892-1992 a 449 page hard bound book with index has 310 pages of family histories along with other interesting articles.

NAPER CENTENNIAL HISTORY BOOK 1892-1992 a 220 page hard bound book is mostly family histories with many maps and photographs.

PAGOSA COUNTRY: THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS a 235 page hard bound book of the Pioneer History of Archuleta County, Colorado has many maps, photos and 152 pages of short obituaries.

Donations to the library:

GENEVA HIGH SCHOOL 50th ALUMNI REUNION FOR CLASS OF 1941, donated by Mr. and Mrs. John Edgecombe of Geneva, is a 127 page spiral bound book that contains photos and a biography of each class member, photos of deceased members, class pictures from kindergarten to twelfth grade, sports and other photos, newspaper articles, graduation articles and photos of previous reunions.

INDEX TO HEROES WITHOUT MEDALS donated by Mice Van Norman of Minden, is a 44 page soft cover book of all names taken from A
PIONEER HISTORY OF KEARNEY COUNTY published in the early 1950's.

F. Gene Stech of Albuquerque NM donated the following two family histories

DECENDANTS OF MATEJ STECH AND ANNA TOUFAR STECH IN THE UNITED STATES a 107 page book in a three-ring binder of many documents, photos, and family group sheets. There is an index of married names and an alphabetical index of all names along with name, address and phone number of living decendants.

DECENDANTS OF JOSEPH KRJCI 1787-1872 a 147 page book in three-ring binder with same format as the Stech history above.

Catherine Renschler of Juniata donated the following 18 City Directories:


HUBBARD IOWA in retrospect 1881-1981 donated by Barbara O1Neill of Pleasanton,NE is a 248 page hard cover book of history including 154 pages of family histories in alphabetical order.

WALLACE PRIDE OF THE PRAIRIE CENTENNIAL HISTORY BOOK 1887-1987 is a 132 page soft cover book of history and 47 pages of family histories.

EUSTIS CENTENNIAL HISTORY BOOK 1887-1986 a 126 page spiral bound book of history including 51 pages of family histories and many
graduation pictures.

Rose Marie Hulse of Exeter donated the following four items:

1988 and 1991 AUTO LICENSE DIRECTORIES FOR FILLMORE COUNTY NEBRASKA AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY STAR an 8 page quarterly publication has letters and Photos from department heads list of deceased members and scholarship winners.

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Donations continued:

GENEALOGICAL POTPOURRI PITFALLS AND PROBLEMS a 54 page publication was given to registrants of the 17th annual Topeka Genealogical Workshop in 1989 listing research facilities in Topeka, list of Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois Genealogican Societies and libraries. The names and addresses of early registrants with index of surnames.

Fort Kearney Genealogical Society donated the following 19 items:

SOME BUFFALO COUNTY DEATH CERTIFICATES 1917-1918 13 pages in a soft cover book.

KEARNEY CITY DIRECTORIES for the following years: 1947-1956-1958-1960-1961-1963 1964-1966-1972-1974-1976-1977-1979-1980-198l--1982-1983-1984

1988 and 1991 COLUMBUS AREA TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES donated by Carole Blasér of Columbus

THE NEBRASKA HUMANIST 1979 to 1983 8 issues, donated by Ray Billesbach of Hastings, is a publication by the Nebraska Committee
for Humanities.

Georgene Sones of Omaha donated the following 6 items:

THE KANSAS STORY 1961, a 20 page booklet published for the Centennial of Kansas for the musical presented, has photos and short stories of
directors, producers, dancers and cast. MISSOURI COMMUNITY 1990 is a 32 page magazine, published by the University Extension of Missouri system, has many interesting short stories and photos of historic buildings along with addresses of places to write for historical information. LEGIONAIRE DECEMBER 13, 1957, an 8 page magazine published by the Omaha Unit of the American Legion has a long list of volunteers names, names of veterans hospitalized and other interesting reading.

BICENTENIAL EDITION TO THE FREMONT TRIBUNE 1976 a 40 page tabloid pertaining to the history of the Fremont area. Many historic maps and photos add to the publication.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS STYLEBCOK 1970 is a 52 page publication of guidance rules for those writing material for

1985 and 1987 sandhills area regional telephone directories

Denise Andersen of Fairbury donated the following two Family Histories

THE NORWOODS OF NEBRASKA is a 76 page book of family group sheets for Dr. George Washington Norwood, a confederate soldier who went to Princeton, married Mary Ann Dubert, died at David City and is buried at Lyons, NE. There is information for their eleven children.

THE SHAMS FAMILY OF ANSELMA NEBRASKA is a 43 page three-ring booklet beginning with Robert Sirrins and his eight children. Census records, newspaper articles and correspondence letters are included.

Continue to send your orders for books or donations to the NSGS Library, Route 2, Box 28, Exeter, NE 68351

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Please send queries to NSGS, P.O. Box 5608, Lincoln, NE 68505-0608; Attn: Query Editor.
Use 3x5 cards; please -- capitalize SURNAMES: include dates; and be specific on locations (town, county, state).
NSGS Members do NOT need to have a Nebraska connection in their queries.

Non-members: queries accepted at $2.00 each. Follow guidelines above and enclose proper amount.


James F. SPRINGER & wf -------? Children: Francis Marion
(5 June 1865-1923); Harve; 2 unk sons; Mary; Elizabeth;
Alice; 1 more dau. Francis, my husband's ggf came west from
Meggs (Meigs) Co. OH 1873 to homestead west of Labanon, NE.
Looking for relatives to exchange information.

Alice Kay (Prentice) Springer
P.O. Box 113, Mullen, NE 69152


Seeking info on fam of John R. SMITH & wf Louisa Jane
OLIVER. Known ch: Lydia Aditha (m. Pembrook BURT), b 14 Jan
1863 MO, d 24 Sept 1952 Wilsonville, NE. When & where did
John ,& Louisa die? Did they have any other children?

Marilyn Thomas
3771 Road P, Wiggins, CO 80654


Searching for info about my 2nd ggp, Silas SUTTON & wf
Adaline. Both listed 1880 census, Blair, Wash. Co., NE.
She was listed 1885 Special Census at Blair, NE. When did
they die; where are they buried?

Searching for info about my ggf Edward SUTTON; m. 1st
Sarah Margaret LEGRAND on 18 Feb 1876, Blair, Wash. Co., NE.
M. 2nd Vina STEWARD on 2 July 1692, Papillion, Sarpy Co, NE.
Desire date of death & where bur. Would like to correspond
with any desc.

Constaance Parker Gram
28097 Avenue 138, Porterville, CA 93257


Trying to locate bur site of a HARTZ inf who was to have
died Oct. 1870. Father, William HARTZ, lvd around Roca, NE
at that time.

Patricia Cole
3649 Converse, Torrington, WY 82240-1511

Page 79


Seeking info on Mary HOBACK GIBSON b 1839 & Louisa Emma
HOBACK CASE b 1867. They were m. daus of William HOBACK
(1817-1886) of bit Co., NE & both were lvg bolt Co in 1686.
Seeking info on Elizabeth HOBACK DRAIN b 1846, lvg in
Sloan, IA in 1886 and Barbara Jane HOBACK DRAIN b 1849 lvg
Clifton Grove, NE in 1886. They were m. daus of William
HOBACK (1817-1886) of Holt Co., NE.

Karl F. Hoback
11.0. Box 702, Alexandria, VA 22313


From NY, OH, IN, IA, KS & NE.
Dolores Williams Merkley
1542 So. 27th St, Omaha, NE 68105


Need pars, bros & sis of Clarissa RICHARDS, b 1851
Tazewell Co, IL. In 1866, m. Elijah COLLICOTT in Benton
Co., IA; d 1873 Swan City, NE. 2 sons, John William & Silas
Martin. Possible a 3rd son, Samuel C., d 1878 & bur west of
DeWitt, NE.

Wish to exchange info with anyone researching the
COLLICOTT & McGUIRE fams in the Giltner, NE area.

Mrs. Leonard Collicott
P.O. Box 253, Cozad, NE 69130


Marion McNAMAR b c1866 Adams Co, IA; Hannah J. KING b 3
Nov 1862 Douglas Co., IL; m. at Minden, Kearney Co, NE on 28
June 1887. Marion & Hannah mvd to Iowa probably before
1900. Would like to correspond with any desc of this

John W. KING b 15 Sept 1857 Douglas Co., IL; wf Grace
BEECROFT b 4 Aug 1861 in IL; they m. 3 Apr 1882 Minden,

Kearney Co., NE. Bur Rockerville, SD. Would like to
correspond with any desc of this couple.

Wayne Bergsten
7)3 5. Minden Ave., Minden, NE 68959


Seeking info on pars of Barbara LICHTY. She was b 16
March 1850 in PA. On 28 Jan 1869 she m. Phillip Frank
WEAVER in Iowa. They lvd in Antelope Co., NE in 1881 &
again in 1888. They had 12 ch. Barbara d 12 Dec 1892 in
Harris Grove, IA.

Page 80



Seeking info on pars of William Henry Harrison PARKS. He
was b 3 Nov 1818 in NC. On 9 May 1844 he m. Elizabeth M.
EASTWOOD in Cole Camp, Benton, MO. They had 11 children:
Sarah, Samuel, John, James, Benjamin, Thomas, Harriet,
Tilatha, Joseph, Charles & Martin. William d 13 Feb 1862 in
Cole Camp, Benton, MO.

Joelene I. Johnson
1705 Oakdale, Lincoln, NE 68506


Seeking Maria VANWYE CARLIN & desc. Dau of Enoch. Born
1836. Last known in Jefferson & Furnace (Furnas) Cos., NE.

Seeking Barbara Ellen VANWYE KELLY. Dau of Enoch. Born
c1861 in OH. Last known Jefferson & Furnace (Furnas) Cos,
NE in late 1800's. Married in Jefferson Co. NE.

Seeking Cameron VANWYE, son of Enoch. Married Angline
LAMB/Mary Jane LAMB, b c1839/40.

Orlin TIPPIN, s of Archibold & Angeline RICHEY TIPPIN, b
c1847 OH. Left the state about 1870. Any info appreciated.

M.A./K.L. Williams
200 Marian Ave., Bellevue, NE 68005-2429


Need info on John FOUST b c1770 ?PA, d 1841 Lycoming Co.,
PA. Believe his wf was Catherine --------------Ch: Catherine m.
Jacob BUCK; John Jr m. Mary/Molly BUCK; George m. Mary
TALBERT; Elizabeth m. John UNGER; Mary m. Michael SNYDER;
Susanna m. Andrew HAFFER. Who were the pars of John FOUST
(Sr). What was Catherine's maiden name?

Georgene Morris Sones
12224 Franklin Circle, Omaha, NE 68154-1302

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