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Echoes of the Past
Mar 17, 2005
columns by Helen Selee

100 Years Ago - 1905

   R.W. Stratton and son Charles went to Merriman Monday to paint, paper and otherwise renovate the Fuller residence.

   Rushville is to have a new business firm, as W.J. Zoll and R.H. Bourne have formed a partnership and will engage in the lumber and coal business. They have the lumber on the ground for a warehouse and will push the work with all speed.

   Amos Burwell has decided to quit Rushville for the present and go into the banking business at Long Pine. He expects to leave about May 1st.  We dislike to lose this estimable family from our town, but wish them success in their new home.

   There is going to be a caucus held in Rushville Monday evening for the purpose of placing in nomination three candidates for village trustees. A little later the no nonsense people will put up a ticket and the fight will be in the hilt.

   Peter Johnson was up from Gordon Wednesday paying taxes. He intended to go back on the freight, but got left.

   E.J. Ostrander was in town from the ranch in Cherry county last Saturday after supplies and remained in town until Wednesday, as he does not come to town very often.

   Those attending the dance at Henry Quibble’s last Friday night report a good time but girls were in demand. Boys, remember , when you want a partner just take one with you.

Merriman  News  Items
   Mr. Roundsville has moved his family on his claim near Irwin.
   Mrs. Robert Pugh and son of Gamble, were in town Monday.
   Walter Bowring and wife of Chadron visited at the home of his parents.
   Mrs. H.C. Bowring, who has been seriously ill for the past week, is reported very much improved.
   Mrs. Newton Gates returned home Wednesday afternoon, her visit being considerably shortened by sickness.
   Will Strube has been looking quite blue since his wife has been gone. Guess batching don’t agree with him.
   The Misses Fanny and Elvina Roberts were down from Gordon Monday on legal business. Miss Elvina remained until Wednesday to visit friends.
   “Old Dan Tucker” which played here Monday night, was greeted with a full house. The orchestra furnished music for those who wished to dance after the performance.
   Dave Alder was in our city last week.
   Agent Miller expects a change to Cody soon.
   Attorney Morrissey of Valentine had business here Wednesday.
    W. Munshower and wife of Gordon visited at the home of the latter’s brother, Grant Bixler.

The Plodder and the Swell….
   You had better think twice, young lady, before passing up the plodder for the “swell” fellow. The plodder may be a little off in the cut of his clothes and he may not shine at the party like your “swell” man. But he is saving his wind and will come down the home stretch so fast that he will throw dust all over the other fellow. Poke fun at him now if you choose, but some day you will have to get a spyglass to see him, he will stand so far above you. The “swell” fellow treats you lovely now; tells you that you are pretty; dances lovely; buys you ice cream and takes you buggy riding. Then he has shot his bolt. He is all in the ice cream, and buggy rides are a thing of the past. He will be lying around, living off your folks or his own, while the plodder will be building a new house, buying another farm or two and planning to take his wife on a big trip back East to the place where her father and mother did their sparking. The plodder in youth is a pretty good sort of a fellow to tie to. True, some of them remain plodders all their lives, but a majority of them eventually acquire speed. The “swell” fellow goes so fast when he is young that he has no wind for the latter part of life’s race.


   Fred C. Nutter, who recently purchased a nice tract of land northwest of town, came in Monday and said that Mrs. Nutter had decided that they needed the Journal the coming year. A man blessed with such a wife having such good judgment as this should be happy. Solomon says: “A good woman is above the price of rubies.”

Cure Life’s Ills
   Health means the ability to do a good day’s work without undue fatigue and to find life worth living. You cannot have indigestion or constipation without its upsetting the liver and polluting the blood. Such a condition may be best and quickest regulated by using Herbine. Mrs. D.W. Smith writes, “I use Herbine, and find it the best medicine for constipation and regulating the liver I ever used.”    Sold for 50 cents by all druggists.
   Statistics show startling mortality, from appendicitis and peritonitis. To prevent and cure these awful diseases, there is just one reliable remedy, Dr. King’s New Life Pills.  M. Flannery of 14 Custom House Place, Chicago, says: “They have no equal for constipation and billouseness.”  25 cents at Lyon & Swigert Drug Co.
    After a hearty meal, a dose of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will prevent an attack of indigestion,  Kodol is a thorough digestant and a guaranteed  cure for indigestion,  dyspepsia, gas on the stomach, sour risings, bad breath and all stomach troubles. N. Watkins, Lesbus, Ky. says: I was afflicted with stomach trouble for fifteen years and have taken six bottles of your Kodol dyspepsia cure which has entirely cured me. The six bottles were worth $1000 to me.” Kodol Dyspepsia cure will digest and any quantity of wholesome food you want to eat while your stomach takes a rest --- recuperates and grows strong. This wonderful preparation is justly entitled to all its many remarkable cures. Sold by all druggists.
   Its pleasant taste and prompt cures have made Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy a favorite with mothers of small children. It quickly cures their colds and coughs and prevents pneumonia or any other serious consequences. It not only cures croup, but when given as soon as the croupy cough appears it will prevent the attack. For sale by all druggists.

75 Years Ago - 1930

    Sheridan county received a light fall of snow Monday, about two inches coming down. There was little wind and as this is written, a warm sun is fast making the snow disappear.

   Work of installation of the sound equipment in the Empress Theatre in this city is rapidly being completed, and Mr. Pace announces that the opening with the new facilities will be held on Monday evening of next week. As the opening program the Empress management has chosen “The Melody Man,” an all-talking, singing and dancing picture, with a brilliant galaxy of stars including William Collier Jr., Alice Day and John St. Polis in the leading roles, supported by Johnny Walker and Mildred Harris.

   Monday morning the Chevrolet roadster driven by Clarence Russell slipped off the grade south of Gordon and turned over, breaking the windshield and tearing the top. Donald Harris, Bert Wilmer and Clarence were in the car. None were injured very seriously, Donald Harris breaking two or three ribs. The boys were on their way to school in Gordon when the accident occurred.


   Mr. Robert J. Gray and Miss Charlotte J. Jamison were united in marriage at Martin, S.D. on Wednesday afternoon, March 12, by Judge Milner. Mrs. Gray is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Jamison of Gordon. She graduated from the Stuart high school with the class of 1924. Since moving to Gordon where has been employed in the Candy Kitchen where she has made many friends. Mr. Gray is the son of Mrs. Pock of Gordon and has been residing in the vicinity of Gordon and Martin for the past seven years. He formerly resided in Holt county. Mr. and Mrs. Gray will reside on the Glover ranch, just west of Gordon.

   Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Armstrong of Greenwood announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Luella Marie to Robert Graham Reid of Gordon. The wedding will take place in the early summer. Miss Armstrong is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with the class of 1928 and has been teaching for the past year in Gordon. --The State Journal.

   About 75 friends of Miss Hazel Forster surprised her Saturday evening by dropping in with well-filled baskets and helping her celebrate her sixteenth birthday. Hazel received many beautiful gifts.

Batesland  News Items
    Bob Brewer is the father of twin boys born last week. Mrs. Brewer is at the home of Mr. Brewer’s brother west of town.

   The Sebestas from Comstock have moved into their new home north of Long Valley.

   Mrs. John Kilber entertained the Larkin Club on Wednesday. Eight were present and enjoyed a delightful afternoon. Refreshments were served. Mrs. Emery Ogden will be the next hostess.

   Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krause arrived last Wednesday. Mr. Krause went to Phillip on business and Mrs. Krause remained with his parents here. Mrs. A.L. Krause entertained two tables of bridge in honor of her daughter-in-law on Monday afternoon. At the close of the afternoon a delicious luncheon was served by the hostess. Mrs. Rupert Bard made high score.

McPherson -- Heywood
   A very pretty wedding took place Friday evening, March 14th, at 8 o’clock at the home of Judge and Mrs. Chas. Milner at Martin, S.D. when Grover Cleveland McPherson and Nellie Levina Heywood, both of Gordon, were united in marriage. They were attended by Glen F. Cutcomb of Cody and Hazel N. Taylor of Gordon. Judge Milner officiated. The young couple are well known in and around Gordon and their many friends offer congratula-tions and best wishes.

   Hay Springs is to have the first airplane agency in northwest Nebraska, according to announcement of the Rapid Aviation Company of Omaha.  W. Dale Jones, formerly instructor of the Parks Air College is to come to Hay Springs and assume the management of the local office. Hay Springs is the first town in this section to prepare itself to handle air traffic, according to the report.

   Dwight Griswold, Department commander of the American Legion, gave a fine radio address from KFAB at Lincoln on Wednesday night. Reception here was excellent and the address was listened to with pleasure.

   Jane Alexander has been compelled to withdraw from school on account of failing eyesight.

   Miss Kemper was absent from her school duties several days this week on account of a severe attack of tonsillitis.

    A wealthy auto tourist lost his dog out in Wyoming and inserted a lost ad in the small-town newspaper. He offered a reward of $100. The next day he went to the paper office to inquire. Nobody was there. Finally he asked an old man outside where the newspaper office staff was. “They’re all out looking for your dog,” the old man answered him.

   Perfect  Bliss
I wish I was a little rock,
A-settin’ on a hill;
A-doin’ nothing’ all day long
But just a-settin’ still;
I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t drink,
I wouldn’t even wash.
I’d set and set a thousand years
And rest myself, by gosh!

   Donna Mae Corwin was born Dec. 19, 1929, and passed away on March 19, 1930 in Irwin, being three months of age. She leaves to mourn her loss, her father and Mother, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Corwin, and other relatives. Death seems a hard Master. He would take from us our brightest and best, but it can never mar memory. It will always serve as balm to aching hearts and such pure, bright lives inspire the belief that there is a better world beyond, where the good and true are reunited after life’s struggle on Earth. Let us not think of little Donna as dead, but as living; not as a flower that has withered but as one that is transplanted by a Divine hand and is blooming in richer color and fragrance than those on Earth.
“Little Donna, we will miss you,       
   with that little smile of cheer.
But we know that you are resting
Far beyond this vale of tears ---
And although we mourn at parting,
  Yet we know it is God’s will,
So we humbly bow submission
  as He whispers, ‘Peace be still.
If we follow in His footsteps,
  To that City built on high,
Sometime we will see our Donna,
   In the beautiful by-and-by.
            ----Mrs. Dennie Hathorn

50 Years Ago - 1955

    Pvt. Charles A. Ladely Jr., of Gordon will graduate this week from the radio operators course, one of the many courses offered at the southeastern signal school at Camp Gordon, Ga.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ladely Sr., of Gordon. During his training, Pvt. Ladely received a technical education worth thousands of dollars. He will now be re-assigned to an active unit of the U.S. Army.

   Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Robson drove to Camp Carson, Colo. Tuesday to meet their son, Jack, who recently received his separation papers from the army. He has spent the last two years in the service, 13 months of that time in Korea. The Robsons returned to Gordon on Wednesday and Jack left Thursday for David City, where he will join his wife and daughter.

   Mr. and Mrs. Edison G. Ward are the parents of a daughter, Kathleen Margaret, born March 10, 1955.

      The 1954-55 basketball season is officially over, and although the Gordon Broncs did not make it to the state competitions, we wish to thank the squad for their work. This season’s squad included the following: Jim Taylor, Keith Mott, Rod Hanke, Sam Oldenburg, John Borman, Ward Klingebiel, Mac Hull, Rod Borders, Lanny Stouffer, Wayne Cobb, Arnold Lockwood, Allen Lockwood, Tom Cone, Charles Closson and Student Manager Mike Shald. The coach was Bill Sullenberger.
`   In a local coffee shop, the other day when the juke box was blaring, I heard a fellow wish he could insert a coin and buy some silence. This is in line with the request of the  National Arts Foundation that a blank record be placed in each juke box for those who want to enjoy a little quiet. Or, perhaps the moan-and-groan industry could come up with an earplug dispenser.
    Fifteen young people met at the Prairie Flats school house on Monday, March 13, for the organization of the Prairie Flats 4H club. Officers elected were: Larry Beutler, president; Gary Muck, vice-president; Donna Muck, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Allen Parker, Leader, and Paul Beutler, assistant leader.
   A bullet from an army airplane went through the roof and bleachers of the Wanblee public school gym last night (March 10) about 8:30 p.m., according to a report called in. The commander at Ellsworth Air Base was called immediately. He said steps would be taken at once to  start an investigation to prevent this from happening again. It happened that only a few children were in the building practicing basketball.

  ---from The Pine Ridge Daily
   The Standard Oil Company is ready to let the contract for a fine new station to be built across the highway from Main street in Merriman. It will be 28x46, have two grease rooms , and will cost about $40,000. This will be one of three new stations built by the company in Nebraska.

25 Years Ago - 1980

   Tim Linenbrink, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vince Linenbrink of Merriman, a junior at St. Mary’s High School of New England, N.D., recently won the eighth district American Legion oratorical contest. At this contest Tim won $20, a school trophy, a personal trophy and an American Legion medal.  Tim was also the 11th grade winner of a science fair held at St. Mary’s high school in February. His project was entitled Telsa Transmission, Practical Application and Utilization.

    The Fourth grade Girl Scouts of Troop 210 witnessed  Mayor Jane Morgan signing a proclamation designating the week of March 9-15 as Girl Scout week. Members of the troop present for the occasion were: Judy Morsett, Jana Skinner, Theresa Russell, Renee Flaig, Melissa Talbot, Kristen Wallace and Michelle Morgan.

    The Gordon high school Broncs basketball season is over for the season.  The members of the squad for the 1979-80 squad included: Randy Schwarting, Tom Borders, Scott Berry, Steve Christoffersen, Jim Connealy, Steve Roth, Dave Gran, Troy Alexander, Dan Hu, Merlyn Jacobson, Scott Prusia, Rod Bussinger, Jerry Parks and Mark Randolph.

   Rogene Frandsen of Gordon and Mike Strasburger from south of Gordon are the newest enlistees of the Nebraska National Guard. Recently Rogene and Mike were sworn in by Lt. Melvin Dunn of Battery C, 1-168th Field Artillery at Chadron. Mike, 22, works on his dad’s (Calvin E. Strasburger) ranch 38 miles south of Gordon. He left for basic training at Fort Sill, Okla., on March 1. Rogene, 18, is a senior at Gordon high school. She will for basic training in June. Her parents, Haskell and Leota Frandsen, of Gordon, are both employed at Gordon Memorial hospital. Mike and Rogene will both receive $1500 enlistment bonuses from the Guard.

   Mr. and Mrs. Craig Musfelt of Gordon are the parents of a daughter, born March 9, 1930 at Gordon Memorial Hospital.
    Jeanette Bruce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bruce of Gordon, has earned a membership in the Alpha Lambda Delta honorary scholastic fraternity for freshmen students at the University of Nebraska.


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