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Hay Springs Class of 1895

The first graduating class of Hay Springs school 1895: left to right: Charles
W. Jones, principal, Rose Marcy Newton, Elmer Sage and Alice Rhodes

First Hay Springs
  High School Class
    Graduated In 1895

By 1885, the railroad linked Hay Spring's with its other sister towns, This was the year of years. Its churches were being organized, business men streamed in and started up shops, and the first attempt to organize the education of its children was made.

The first school of Hay Springs was located on Main street near where the post office now stands. The first teacher known, to the community was Kate Dulin (later Mrs. Hoefer) She taught for three months.

A record of the beginnings of the school relates: "A law at that time, made it necessary for a community to support a school by subscription for three months before a regular public school might be organized and supported by taxation. Accordingly, a committee composed of Mr. Waterman, Mr. McKinney and Mr. Bartlet, raised the money, rented the building ... and Miss Kate Dulin was chosen as the first teacher, and over thirty children gathered for instruction. (Miss Rose McShane is the only one of those Hay Springs pupils living, as far as is known.) The following year found the school removed from Main street and housed in an ice house which stood on the northwest corner of what is now Mr. Heaton's residence lot."

In 1887, the four-room brick building which now stands to the north of the present school building was built. It now consists of three class rooms, grade library room and a work room.

Within ten years after it was built, a grading system and two classes of high school were added to the grade school. In 1895, the first graduation exercises were held. The three graduates were Rose Marcy, Alice Rhodes and Elmer Sage. Chas. W. Jones was the head of the school at that time.   Teachers were Miss Anna Bowman, Miss Josie Sage and Miss Dora Wood.

Exercises were .... [end of clipping]
Source: Hay Springs newspaper ??

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