Sherman County Census

The following census information was provided by Rose (Christensen) Martin and Frances (Grella) Christensen .  I would like to thank Rose and Frances for all of the hard work that they put into this project and for allowing us to provide the information to fellow researchers.  The best way to use this information is to click on the township links below, then use your browsers "Find" option to look for surnames you are interested in.

1920 Census

 Ashton Twp.
 Bristol Twp.
 Clay Twp.
 Elm Twp.
 Harrison Twp.
 Hazard Twp.
 Logan Twp.
 Loup City
East Ward
 Loup City
West Ward
 Loup City Twp.
 Oak Creek Twp.
 Rockville Twp.
Scott Twp.
Washington Twp.
Webster Twp.

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