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Department of Nebraska

Service Awards

Michael Bon Doll Award. The award shall be conferred by the Department Commander upon any individual or entity who, in the judgment of a three-member panel appointed by the Department Commander, has through his or her action, words or deeds significantly contributed to the furtherance of the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic within the State of Nebraska.

George A. Schulz Award for exceptional service towards the advancement of the Order in the Nebraska Department and/or the Camps of the Department.

Robert R. Livingston Award for Recruiting the most new Brothers into the Order. The award shall be conferred by the Department Commander, at his discretion to the Brother that has recruited the most new members during the year since the last Encampment.

Major Augustus P. Davis Award for forming a new Camp. This award to be presented to a Brother whose efforts resulted in forming a new Camp.

Year Michael Bon Doll George Schulz Robert Livingston*
2001 Awards not established    
2002 Sutton GAR Monument Committee Herman Rudiger Paul Hadley
2003 Barbara Dunekacke Merle Rudebusch Howard Davis
2004 Dave Wells Paul Hadley  
2005 Elmwood-Murdock Service Learning Class Joe Mettenbrink  
2006 Board of the Civil War Museum - Nebraska City Norman Weber Howard Davis
2007 Harrison Camp Merle Rudebusch Joseph Mettenbrink
2008 Clare Mares William Dean Paul Hadley
2009 Elmwood American Legion Post Steve Bauermeister  
2010 Dixie Kucera Marc Witkvoski Merle Rudebusch
2011 NWRC Louisa Ball Post 1 - Grand Island Micah Hadley Paul Hadley
2012 James Potter Norman Weber Merle Rudebusch
2013 Wyuka Cemetery Board Mark Nichols  
2014 Durham Museum, Omaha, NE Gage Stermensky  
2015 City Of Columbus Jim Atkins Merle Rudebusch
2016 Stephnie Polk Merle Rudebusch  

*Livingston Award was originally named the Department Commander's Award

A.P. Davis award presented to Paul Hadley for Organizing the Welstead Camp No.3, Fremont, NE 2011

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