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I am looking for info on Amos B Mallory and his wife Elizabeth Bills. His brother Charles and another Dow also lived in NE. They were living in Stanton Co prior to Thomas Co...and Amos' mother, Eliza Jane Chattman was living with them.
Date: April 12, 2005         Contact: Mallory Smith
Looking for info on Christopher and Angy Wright of Thedford. Also Robert F Evans and Myron Lyons. Christopher died abt. 1927 at the age of 92. He was listed in the 1920 census at The Soldiers and Sailors Home, but is not listed in their cemetery. He lost his wife from consumption. Anything would be helpful.
Date: April 4, 2005         Contact: Robin Krebs
Would like information on the CC (Christopher) Wright family, 1890, Thedford. Also, Robert F Evans family, Thedford. Christopher may be buried in Thomas County. Possibly, Robert Evans, also. Robert's son married Christopher's daughter. Robert M and Mary Luella Evans. Their daughter Aida was born in Thedford in 1891.
Date: May 13, 2005         Contact: Robin Krebs
I am looking for information regarding John Laughlin Hughes, married to Rebecca Rogers, who lived in probably both Seneca and Broken Bow between 1910 and 1920. He was a telegrapher for the railroad. His daughter Florence Hughes married Raymond McCord and they lived briefly in Broken Bow for the birth of their son, Hugh (born 11/13/16). I am specifically looking for property records in either Broken Bow or Seneca between 1910 and 1920 under John Hughes. I have a picture of Rebecca standing in front of a sod house - I believe this picture was taken in Seneca. I would appreciate any suggestions about how to access any property records that could help me identify the location where this sod house once stood.
Date: March 7, 2005         Contact: Marla Phillips
I am trying to locate a death date/obituary for the following person: Mary (Murphy) McLamar/McLamyra/McNamara. The three spellings of her married name were on the marriage certificate. Her husband's name was Robert Patrick or Patrick Robert. The census for 1910 and 1920 have Robert. The only thing I have on Mary is that she died in 1926 in Seneca, NE. I would like to get a copy of her death certificate but I don't know if I could get one without the exact death date. Any help or information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Date: September 5, 2004         Contact: Lorelei Little
Iím looking for someone to take pictures at the Hillcrest Cemetery in Thedford. My Aunt Ada Howell and her husband and children are buried there. Her husbandís name was Clarence Howell, daughters Ruth Dockins and Thelma Marie Howell. I am willing to pay for someone to go and take pictures of the front of the cemetery and thier headstones.
Date: June 13, 2004         Contact: Terri
I am seeking information on Nick & Rose Shriner. Great uncle Nick was sheriff of Thomas County in the 1920, 1930 era.
Date: May 18, 2004         Contact: Duane McKinney
My great-aunt Aida Jeanette Evans was born in Thedford, Nebraska in 1891 to Robert M and Lulu (possibly Lula) Evans. Is there a way to obtain more information on the family? Aida Jeanette Evans, Robert and Lulu Evans, Robert F. and Jeanette Evans, all Thedford, Thomas Co, Nebraska. Robert F. was a Civil War Veteran. Aida was born in 1891. Any and all help would be appreciated.
Date: March 22, 2004         Contact: Robin Krebs
I am looking for Erma and George Kostas, specifically the birth and death dates for Erma, or any mention of her parents.
Date: March 6, 2004         Contact: Jackie Rudnick
I'm searching for descendants of William Vantile (Vantyle, etc) Hardy. My great grandfather was born in 1828 in Pennsylvania according to the 1880 Illinois Federal Census. If information I have received it correct, William and his 1st wife, Sophia Lyon Hardy, had 4 sons, William, Wellington, Walter, and Wallace, and 2 daughters, Sally Sophia and Almira Jane. Some of the descendants still live on a ranch near Seneca, Nebraska. William was married for a time to Lettia Luticia Snellen Bagby. They had 4 children - Emery Vantile, Ada Mae, Fred Cyrus, and Minnie Ellen. I am a granddaughter of Ada Mae Hardy Robinson. I want to find out more about my grandfathers first family, and will share what I know about both families.
Date: August 26, 2003         Contact: Kathleen Hayes LaRose
We are trying to trace the and Schestedt family. Carl and Alita Schestedt. In Alita's mother's obituary mentions her daughter and husband that attended the funeral came from Thedford, Nebraska. I do have 1930 census information that shows them in Thomas Co. with their daughter Betty and son Carl. Looking for any additional information? Alita's maiden name was Hodgkinson. Her father was C.A. Hodgkinson and her mother was Emma Retta (Goodrich) Hodgkinson Burt.
Date: July 8, 2003         Contact: Connie Taylor
Can you help me find a marriage record for my ancestor. I am trying to locate the marriage record for Thomas R Birth (b 4 Jan 1865) & Hattie M Oliver (b 20 Jul 1864) who were married between the years of 1914-1916. They were both living near Lilac, NE at this time but there is no record of their marriage in McPherson Co. I believe she may have had relatives in Thomas County and this is where they were probably married. I have written the Thomas County Clerk but there has been no response. Either they do not have records going back this far or don't do this kind of lookup.
Date: May 30, 2003         Contact: LaVonne Birth
I am looking for information on a Hugh Elliott who was living in Thedford at least from 1925 to 1954. His wifeís name was Mary and they had six children Bell, Alice, Harry, Thelma, Maxine, Evelyn. I would like any information on this family. Hugh Elliottís parents Henry and Corealia from Custer County were my GGGrandparents.
Date: April 15, 2003         Contact: Paul Moore
Am searching for genealogical information on the Clary family who lived in Seneca, Thomas County, Nebraska, from prior to 1924 until about 1985. James Clary, his wife Lena Welch (Clary), their son Charles (who died of diabetes about 1926) and their daughter, Beth (Jeffords) who was the postmistress in Seneca. About 15 years ago there was a "big white house in Seneca" that had numerous pictures of the Clary family, would like contact with that family, if possible. Any information is appreciated.
Date: April 2, 2003         Contact: Pauline Barnhart
Would appreciate any information on the Madron family who lived in and around Seneca and Thedford, Nebraska area from prior to 1924 until about 1995. Joseph Campbell Madron, his wife Tempy Howard (Madron), and twelve Madron children: the first seven children are from Tempy's first marriage to James Wm. Madron (who was killed in Tarkio MO in 1904); they are: Herman, Elsie, James, Gyva, Hazel, Isaac, Ralph; the last seven children are from Tempy's second marriage to the brother of her deceased husband, Joseph Campbell Madron; they are: Ida and Ivan (twins), Marie, Rodney, William, Ada, and Baby Dot.
Date: April 2, 2003         Contact: Pauline Barnhart
I would be very appreciative of any information I can get with the following names: Bessie Beatrice Grant, born September 7, 1918 in Halsey, Thomas Co, NE (my "half" great-aunt). Parents of Bessie: Charles Ellsworth Grant (my step-great-grandfather) and Nellie Melba Dawson (my great-grandmother). *Note: Nellieís birth surname was Dawson, but she was married to a Charles Jamison and possibly a man named Stanley before marrying Charles Ellsworth Grant.
Story -- My grandpa, Charles David Jamison, was raised as "Charles Grant". He ran away from home at age 12 or 13 and I have almost no information on his family. I did know that he had a half-sister, Bessie Grant, that I managed to track down in the SSDI. From the copy of her social security card application, I learned that her motherís maiden name was Nellie Melba Dawson. I had been told that it was Nellie Melba Stanley. My grandpa was born in Dalhart, TX on October 22, 1915, during Nellie Melbaís marriage to Charles Jamison. My grandpa had an older sister, Alice Jamison (she died at age 12 or 13). Nellie Melba "Jamison" divorced Charles Jamison around 1916/1917 and married Charles Ellsworth Grant shortly thereafter. I am not sure how or why they were living in Nebraska in the fall of 1918. Also, I understood that my grandpa ran away from somewhere in Texas, so they must have moved again. I grew up without my dad or his family around and it means a great deal to me to track down any information on this branch of my family. Any help would be great.
Date: January 25, 2003         Contact: Denneal Jamison-McClung
The following relatives are supposedly buried in Thomas County, possibly at Seneca: Henrietta Beals, Jasper Lee Beals, Arthur Beals. Would like to know the cemetery name, and any birth-death dates for these individuals. Thank you,
Date: January 2, 2003         Contact: Jim McDermott
Extract of obituary from Peninsula Daily News, Port Angeles, WA - Thursday, April 11, 2002:
Nyla Gene (Cordis) Gladwin, 55 yrs; b 22 Aug 1946, Thedford, NE; d 8 Apr 2002, Sequim, WA; m Dennis Gladwin in 1972, CA. Parents: James and LeOra (Louden) Cordis. Survived by a son and a daughter.
Date: April 16, 2002         Contact: Carole
Nellie May Paul was married twice; once to a Grahm, first name unknown, and once to George Alvin Greenwood in 1907. I have reason to believe that Greenwood was her name at the time of her death in 1919. Family information is that she was buried in the Thedford Cemetery. She was born 11 Jun 1885 To George W. and Nellie M. Paul. Her family always referred to her as May so I am not sure whether she would be listed as Nellie or as May/Mae. I am looking for definite information regarding her death such as gravestone information and/or obituary.
Date: November 2, 2001         Contact: Lee and Ann Hoffman
A distant relative is buried in Thedford, Nebraska. His name is Henry (or Harry) Felix Ogle. He died in 1918 in Seattle, and was 33 years old. I would like to know what cemetery he is buried in, and if his son Boyd Ogle is buried with him, or in the same cemetery.
Date: September 29, 2001         Contact: Jerry & Barbara Wacks
Berton A. Darrow (born May 1871, Illinois) moved to Thedford and/or Seneca, Thomas Co, Nebraska prior to 1900 and appears in the census for that year with his wife Mary L. Darrow and daughter Lola C. Darrow (7). Berton lists his occupation as a RR station agent. Berton and Mary appear again in the 1920 census without Lola. In this census his occupation is newspaper printer and states he owns his home free. It would appear that Berton Darrow and his family settled in Thedford as a perminent residence. I have received information that Benton was in real estate and also a member of the Masonic Lodge in Seneca and Thedford. I am requesting any information about this family, death, burial, and especially information on daughter Lola.
Date: July 12, 2001         Contact: Don Darrow
I am looking for information on James E. McDaniel family. He and his young family came to Thedford, Thomas, NE in the early 1900's. I found them living in the Norway precinct on the 1920 census. The family included wife, Maudessa, and children Emma E., Maybelle, Alice W., Donald C., and Aaron D. I always heard he worked as a butcher; however the census lists him as farmer? The family moved on to Hyannis, Grant, NE where Mr. McDaniel died in 1929.
Date: June 22, 2001         Contact: Carla Porath
Looking for my wife's relative John W. Atkinson and would like to know if he might be buried in the Thedford Cemetery?
Date: April 20, 2001         Contact: Jack Benger
I am looking for information on Frederick Dahmer. Frederick was b. 1847 in Germany. He lived in Walworth, WI and married Eliza Jane Rugg. Eliza Jane Rugg died in childbirth after my grandfather Elmer Dahmer was born. Fred remarried a lady by the last name of Ellis. Fred moved to Custer Co, NE. Fred later was killed in 1900 in Ansley, NE from a railroad accident. I have found Fred Dahmer in the Nebraska State Gazetteer 1890-1891 under the farmer list. I would like to know if he lived in Thomas County first then moved to Ansley, NE where my grandfather Elmer Dahmer came to. Elmer was b in 1879 in Ringwood, IL. After his mother died (Eliza Jane) his grandparents the Ruggs raised him. When he got older he came to Nebraska and married Marie Marth. Elmer and Marie were married in Valley Co, NE. I have dates if needed. I would appreciate any thing you can find out. Thank you in advance for the information.
Date: April 18, 2001         Contact: Maggie
I am looking for information on the Ayres/Ayers family that lived in Seneca, Thomas Co, NE. Myrtle Edna Ayres married on May 9, 1909 a John T. Kesterson in Thomas County, NE. She had a daughter named Goldie Ruby Ayers who attended Norway School in Thomas County in 1916. I have several other children listed on the school roll Thos. Ayers, Alva Ayers, Fred Ayers, Viola Ayers, and Goldie Ayers. I am tyring to locate who Goldie married when she had two children: Delbert LeRoy and Maxine. Thank you
Date: April 10, 2001         Contact: Denise Chilston
My Great Great Grandmother Harriet Swebson Allison Gormely is buried I believe in a cemetery in Thomas County. Suposedly in the Thedford Cemetery. She died January 29, 1937 and was born March 2, 1855. I contacted the Vital Records in Nebraska and was told they searched all of Nebraska and did not see he death certificate. However my parents say they saw her gravesight in Thedford many years ago. Since I plan on going to Nebraska this summer I would like to know for sure that she is in the Thedford cemetery so I might see her sight for myself. As small as Thedford appears on the map could there be more than one cemetery? Is there anyone who could assure me first hand that her grave is there?
Date: February 7, 2001         Contact: Terry Mills
I am looking for any reference to the Johnston(s) or Jennings from the Halsey/Thedford area.
Date: November 17, 2000         Contact: Bill Johnston
Ernest B. Vater either died on his own or was murdered on or about 23 Feb, 1926 in Thedford, NE. We are trying to find out if his body was ever found as he has a buridal record in the Mountain View Cemetery, Livingston, Park County, Montana with no dates. We want to find out if he is buried in our cemetery. We need someone that would find either the obituary or contact the Records Department in you county for us so we can verify if his body was ever found and brought back to Montana. Any help is appreciated as this Cemetery project is special to our Genealogy Society here in Park County, Montana.
Date: October 15, 2000         Contact: Carol Woodley
I am looking for information on Joseph & Frank Caloud/Chaloud. Frank worked at the Halsey Nat'l Forest. Both brothers ranched in the area. Both brothers married Peedon sisters from the Thedford area. Joe had three children: Harrison, Dolly & Gladys. Joe died in the 1940s-place unknown. Frank had three children: Francis, Howard, & Bill. Frank died in 1954 in Missouri.
Date: September 16, 2000         Contact: Kristi Bergman Lam
I am searching Benjamin W. Wiggins, and his wife, Emma Parnell. They had three children, Susan K. (1/1898), Esther R. (5/1899) and Elmer (1901). Esther married Gerald French. Benjamin, Emma and their children moved to Seneca, Thomas County, NE in 1911. Emma was a teacher for many years, as well as her daughter, Esther French. Benjamin died in 1946, and Emma in 1934. I understand they are buried in Seneca. Would like to make contact with others searching for this family or family members.
Date: August 26, 2000         Contact: Gail Holdeman
Looking for information about Yearicks in Thomas county. George Yearick born about 1886, father George. The family may have come to Thomas county about 1890? My grandmother Pearl Yearick born abt 1889 married John Lindenmeier in Denver abt 1909.
Date: June 1, 2000         Contact: Fred Clarke
I am looking for death information for a woman named Nellie Mae (Paul) Greenwood. She went by Mae or May; her maiden name was Paul and she may have been married to a man named ?? Grahm/Graham. I believe she was married to George Alvin Greenwood at the time of her death which would have been late summer or fall of 1917 and she died in or near Thedford. She would have had a son about 5 months old at the time of her death. I have been looking for death information or cemetery information, but have not found a place on the Internet that lists that. I would be happy to pay for any copies, etc. This woman was my husband's first cousin.
Date: April 9, 2000         Contact: Ann Hoffman
I know that my grandfather was born in Thedford, Nebraska in 1909. His name was Garth Crowe. His father's name was Colfax Crowe and do not know his mother's name. They may just have been passing through. Thank you for any help that you can give me.
Date: January 8, 2000         Contact: Debi Moody
My uncle, Ex B. Carter, born Jan. 10, 1876 in Sergeant Bluff, IA, married his 1st wife, Bess Yeomans on Aug. 31, 1903 in Thedford, Thomas Co. NE. I would very much like to find out any additional data about her, such as her birth date, her parent's names, nationality, etc. As yet, I have no marriage certificate for them and I do not have access to the 1910 census for NE. I do know that she died on Mar. 7, 1923 (Ex Carter remarried in 1925, this time in Mandan, ND).
Date: November 26, 1999         Contact: Christi Carter Kilduff
I am searching for any information on an S.E. Williker in Seneca, Thomas County, NE. She was there circa 1915. She signed the death certificate for my great aunt, in Phelps County in 1915, saying she was from Seneca, NE. She could be my great aunt's daughter, as she is the one that gave the personal information for her.
Date: November 25, 1999         Contact: Mary Miller
I am searching for information on Henry Eggleston and family. Information currently available is:
  • Henry, b. 11/21/1871, birthplace unknown (may have been Germany) d. 6/6/1954, possibly in Medicine Bow, WY, buried in Crawford, NE, m. Mary Peters; children:
    • Helen Annie - b. 3/22/1903 - either Mullen or Thedford, NE. d. 11/1983 in Grand Junction, CO, married Ezra Earl Tucker 12/11/1923 in Thedford, NE;
    • Edith (Eggleston) Boyer;
    • Harvey Eggleston;
    • Howard Eggleston, m. Margaret (Maggie) Peters.
I am particularly interested in any information on Henry, Mary, Margaret or Helen. Helen is my grandmother.
Date: October 10, 1999         Contact: Cheryl Bennett
I'm searching for a Joel Arthur Nickell (b.1874, Polk Co,NE) and his wife Anna M. (b.1881, NE). Just wondering if they are listed in any of the records. They were listed in the 1900 NE Soundex, Thomas County, with their father John. There's a NICKELL, GAUNCE, etc., Home Page at: Come for a visit.
Date: September 7, 1999         Contact: Don Nickell
Irvin William Russell born 3 Feb, 1828 in Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY, died 2 Dec, 1909 in Thedford, Thomas Co, NE (farmer in 1890). Married 11 Aug, 1849 in Hendricks Co, IN to Lydia Jane Dodd born 20 Aug, 1833 in Hendricks Co, IN, died 7 May, 1917 in Thedford, Thomas Co, NE. Children of Irvin William and Lydia Jane were: Charles R. (moved to Montana), Daniel F., Eva E., George H. (well-borer & farmer in 1890), Irene C. (moved to Colorado), Leah A., Mary J., Sarah E., William F., Annie Florence born 7 Apr, 1876 in Chariton, Lucas Co, IA (moved to Oregon); Minnie Myrtle born 4 Oct, 1877 in Sheridan, Poweshiek Co, IA (moved to Wyoming). Family moved to Thomas Co., NE in 1888. One of the four sons did have a son by the name of Irvin Russell that was living in Lakeside, Nebraska in 1956.
Date: June 20, 1999         Contact: Rebecca Bond
Seeking information on Joseph Marshall, b. Oct 1871 Schuyler, NE, m. Sarah Betts, d. in Seneca, NE, October 1922.
Date: May 14, 1999         Contact: Linda Singer
We are doing a Family History; Richard Gilbert is buried Thedford he died 7 Feb 1902. He was born in Lower Canada had more than a dozen children, some lived others we are unsure of. He had 3 wives: Anna Elizabeth Swaim, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, and Kate Duncanson. His children seem to be born in Ohio, Iowa, and Nebraska.
Date: February 25, 1999         Contact: Mary Ellen Gilbert
Looking for information. Evelyn Anjal (orig spllg), DOB: 2/21/1912, Death: 2/21/1912. Born and died in Seneca, Thomas Co, Nebraska. Father: Martin Guy Anjal; Mother: Estella Blain Clark. Thank you for your efforts.
Date: December 13, 1998         Contact: Dorothy E. Phillips
I am looking for information about the family of Herman Zimmek who lived in Seneca, Thomas Co, NE on 22 December 1927 when his 14-year old daughter, Irene Zimmek, was killed in a truck vs. train accident. Herman Zemmek was the son of Charles Zemmek (b. 1847 in Germany). Charles lived most of his life in Kearney, Buffalo Co, NE, where he died in 1928. Charles married Josephine Smith in 1880 and they had 5 children: Louise Klepper, Herman, Hannah Lempke Butler (of Redfield, SD), Pearl Dell Blair (my g-grandmother), and Bill. Charles and Josephine are both buried in Stanley Cemetery, Amherst, NE.
Date: August 11, 1998         Contact: Sharon Welch
Looking for info on my g-g-grandfather, Jesse (or J.C.) Ewing. I don't have much info to go on. He was b. 2 June 1864 (don't know where). He is listed as a farmer in Halsey, Thomas co. NE in 1890-91. I have been told that he was the county commissioner there for quite awhile, but I don't know when. Would like to find out any info, especially a picture or info on the brand (for cattle) that he used in Thomas co.
Date: May 26, 1998         Contact: Wendi Johnson
My grandfather, John McMillan lived in Thedford, NE.† He married Ora Beck and they had two children: Urith Jean who died at age 12 and John who was my father.† My grandfather was the Clerk of the District Court (I think) and he died in March 1912 before my father was born in July 1912. Any information about this family and any other relatives that lived in this area would be greatly appreciated.† My grandmother, Ora (Beck) McMillan died in 1963 in Hastings and my father, Dr. John "Jack" McMillan died in 1981, also in Hastings. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
Date: March 8, 1998         Contact: Nancy Boon
Researching the Oyler/Oiler family in Thomas County. I have quite a bit on the family already, and am willing to share.
Date: January 18, 1998         Contact: Kay Hoover
I am seeking information on ancestors of Charles Eatinger who is my Great-Great Grandfather. Charles' wife was Janet Crichton. Their History spans back from Nebraska to Illinois to Scotland. I have an extensive history of the Eatinger Ranch in Thomas County. It was founded by Charles Henry Eatinger and is still owned/ranched by Eatinger's. I will gladly share information.
Date: November 23, 1997         Contact: Chris Bryant
I am seeking information about my great Aunt, Mrs. Amber Stevenson, who resided in Seneca from 1926 to 1931. Her maiden name was Posie Amber Josephene Eaton. She married (1st) John Parry, (2nd) Mathias (Tease) Wind, (3rd) George Steventon. She was born, 2 March 1878 in Salinas, Kansas to Clark William and Helen B. (Gray) Eaton. At the time of her death 23 May 1936 a daughter, Daphine Wind, also lived in Seneca. Any information about Amber or Daphine would be deeply appreciated.
Date: July 23, 1997         Contact: LeRoy Eaton
I am looking for Allen Lee Adams, born in 1880, and lived in the Nebraska Sand hills near Thedford and Lincoln at various times. He had two brothers, Dave and Samuel. He married Henrietta Hauman. Henrietta had several siblings including Oscar, Agustas (Gus) and Hattie. Allen and Henrietta had several children including Olive, Margerite and Arthur Allen who was born in 1920. In 1923 they took a wagon train to Boise Idaho. I would like to find any information on any of these ancestors.
Date: March 12, 1997         Contact: Barbara Adams
I am looking for the Hauman family which migrated to Thedford through Ellis Island. Siblings names are Henrietta, Augustas, Hattie, Oscar.
Date: March 4, 1997         Contact: Barbara Adams

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