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Pastfinder Library of Saline Co., NE

We will do SHORT LOOKUPS, free of charge, in the following sources:

1. County-Wide Death Index - Currently 31,190
Our biggest research tool is a computerized death index for all burials in cemeteries in the county. This is a constantly updated database that contains name, birth and death date, if known, and cemetery in which the person is buried. There is an additional column for comments, which may contain other
useful genealogical information. Note: We also have maps of many of the cemeteries to assist you in locating a grave. Data includes information from these cemeteries:

Andrew Cemetery
Applegate Cemetery (abandoned)
Atlanta Cemetery
Big Blue Cemetery
Dorchester Cemetery
Friendville Cemetery
Gilbert-Hulse Cemetery (abandoned)
Johnson Creek Cemetery (abandoned)
Kasak Cemetery (abandoned)
Maple Grove Cemetery
Monroe Cemetery
North Fork Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Plainview Cemetery (Western)
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Plummer Branch Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery (Crete)
Smith/Schmidt Cemetery
Smith Family Plot (abandoned)
South Fork Cemetery (abandoned)
Steinacher Cemetery
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery (Friend)
Summit Cemetery
Sunnyside Cemetery
Swan Valley Cemetery
Tobias Cemetery
Turkey Creek German Cemetery
Tvrz Cemetery (abandoned)
Union Cemetery (abandoned)
Waymire Cemetery (abandoned)
Wilber Czech Cemetery
Zion Lutheran Church First Cemetery (Tobias)
Zion Lutheran Church Second Cemetery (Tobias)

2. Saline County Homesteaders By Rose Mare Hulse
Once you get the name & section from us you can get a copy of the patent & number from the office of the Saline County Clerk, PO Box 865, Wilber NE 68465. Copies cost 50 cents each plus postage.
When you have the patent number you can order a copy from the Washington National Archives, Federal Record Service, 4205 Suitland Road, Suitland, Maryland 20409, by including the homesteaders name, legal description of the land, homestead certificate number and application number. NOTE: SEND NO MONEY. You will be notified of the cost after the packet is located. The cost depends on the number of pages.

3. Saline County Marriage Index By Rose Mare Hulse
Option 1. We can give you book and page numbers to order copies of the original record from the Saline County Clerk, PO Box 865, Wilber NE 68465.
Copies cost 50 cents each plus postage.

Option 2. We can extract information from the original microfilms but cannot provide a photocopy.

4. Saline County Naturalizations
By Rose Mare Hulse
We can check the index and give you the name and date to order copies. You can order copies of the original record from the Clerk of the District Court, PO Box 865, Wilber NE 68465. Copies cost 50 cents each plus postage.

5. Indexes of the following: We can check the index for your relatives, and let you know what we find.

1900 Saline county plat book

1918 Saline county plat book

Fillmore County cemeteries, homesteaders, naturalizations & marriages 1871-1986

Gage County cemeteries & marriages 1861-1908

Jefferson County cemeteries, Immigration & Naturalizations, 1900 plat book & marriages 1864-1891

Lancaster County cemeteries, 1903 plat book & marriages 1866-1909

Seward County cemeteries

6. Our obituary file: - Currently about 11,576