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1998 Queries  - Seeking Your Assistance


ALLEN ****Douglas & Washington Counties
I am looking for info about Daniel Gilbert ALLEN, in NE in mid-late 1800's. He was supposed to be the first sheriff of NE. Haven't been able to prove that. Thank you,
Eddie Lynn Davis <> Sat 21 Mar 1998
8/8/98 From Bill W - In a Washington County history book, an Allen family history states that Thomas J. Allen came to Omaha, NE abt 1856 ... later went to Fort Calhoun, Washington Co....was elected as first sheriff in NE. He and family moved away abt 1860. A married daugher stayed there. Nothing later found in Nebraska on this family.
8/9/98 Response from EL Davis - Since I placed that query I have since gone to West TX and East NM. The letter written by one of my ancestors was wrong; now have the right info.
    My gr-grandfather Gilbert Daniel Allen was the son of Thomas J. Allen of Omaha NE. It seems that Thomas was one of the first settlers of Omaha & the first territorial sheriff. He was accused of masterminding the murder of 4 persons; 3 in Douglas Co. & 1 in Washington Co. The info I have on him from sources on the web have no idea where he went. I do - my sources said he came to Texas; he & his family died in a thypoid epidemic in the trinity river basin near Dallas.


Searching for the AMICK Surname. Have traced them back to 1688 in the Holy Roman Empire. American families are descended from: Johannes "Hans" EMICH/AMICK and Anna Dorthea Rotter. Will share any or all information.
Phillip F Junkins <>11 Sep 1998

We are looking for any ancestral information on AMMON, Lillian, b. 11/17/1896, Hancock (?), NE. Daughter of Hermon T. and Martha (EVANS) AMMON. Father was born in Germany, Mother in England. They were married in Chicago, IL, date unknown. Any information on Lillian, siblings or parents is appreciated. Many thanks in advance,
Mike & Pam Smith <> 19 May 1998

Frederick W. ANDRE, wife, Mina, three daughers, Minnie, Martha, and Winnefred, immigrated from Germany beginning in 1883, and settled somewhere in northwestern Nebraska. Mina died during the late 1880's and Frederick remarried Francisca FRIES. Frederick's Father, John F. ANDRE, arrived in 1886 to live with them. Any further information that anyone may have on this family would be appreciated.
nor aed <> 28 Mar 1998

Donald BARTLEY was born 17 May 1930. He died 16 Jan 1990. Where? Thank you.
Ronald McCartney <> 11 Jul 1998

BAXTER ****Redirected to Sarpy & Douglas Counties
My great grandmother's name was Blanche Lula BAXTER. She was born 30 Dec 1894 in NE and passed away 6 June 1981 in Los Angeles Co., CA. She was 86 at the time of her death. Her parents were John W. BAXTER from Michigan and Jennie ADAMS from Iowa. Blanche married Henry ODEGARD. Together, they had two children: Pat Odegard (my grandmother) and Helen Odegard. I would really appreciate anything to locate this family in NE & verify the birthdate.
Terry Sayre <> Sun 13 Dec 1998
14 Dec 1998 from Bill Wever - The BAXTER family was living in Papillion Pct, Sarpy County in the 1900 census. Blanche & her husband H ODEGARD were living in Omaha in 1920 census. Two extracts forwarded to Terry.

BEADZ, ELLARD **** Redirected to Sheridan Co
I have a brick wall on my great grandfather, John BEADZ, born c1858 in WI. I cannot find any information on that name. The only thing I have is an old census of him in Fonda, Iowa in 1880 that shows him, my great grandmother Mary Harriett ELLARD and their daughter Ellen May BEADZ. If any one has any thoughts or a lead please let me know. Lived in Gordon, (Sheridan Co) NE at the time of my great grandfathers death in 1900? Thanks
ADDITIONAL INFO: John BEADZ married second to Catherine ELLARD (before 1888) He appears with her & several children in 1900 Census at Gordon, NE. In Sep 1900, Catherine Ellard Beadz remarried. Circumstances not known as yet.
Candy Wormdahl - Sat 21 Mar 1998 08:32

BLANKENBILLER, PARMER *** Redirected to Adams Co.
Looking for a George BLANKBILLER b. around 1830s married to Harriet PARMER, 1869 in Lancaster Co. Pennslyvania. Parmer genealogy says they lived in Nebraska. Any info would be appreciated.
Joanne, Lancaster Co. PA. Wed 27 May 1998 20:19
30 May 1998: Response from BW, this family in Adams County in 1880 census, and active in formation of a church there.

BLID, CARLSON *** Redirected to Dawes Co.
In 1884, Oscar Anton BLID immigrated to the US, NE. Scottsbluff Co. Minatare area. He changed his name to CARLSON and had two sons, Carl Edwin Carlson and Anton Carlson. In his family records there is mention of an Alfred BLID. Using the BLID name in the 1920's after the others had changed to Carlson. There also was a Carl BLID who came to the US in 1893 from the same family who could be the father of Alfred. I am looking for records of BLIDs of any kind as it was a very uncommon name and doesn't appear on the Internet at all right now.
Terri Carlson <> Tues 20 Oct 1998
27 Oct response from BW: Gustav A Blid filed for citizenship in Dawes Co - abt 1892?
1900 Census Dawes Co, NE: Alfred Blid is single, 32 yrs, Sweden, has filed citizenship papers.
The next are all Dawes Co. 1920 census: Gustav A Blid, age 53 bn Sweden, single. Daisy Blid, age 17, bn SD. Lena Blid....I think she would have been married...was enumerated with someone.

Looking for James BRADLEY b.1799/1800. "Household Guide and Instructor" by T.F. Williams 1882 listed he and his wife Eliza Hide LEEPER in NE. His wife's sister Ellenor and her husband Robert SNOODGRASS also lived in NE. Moved to Adair Co. Iowa, then on to Oregon. Family Bible list 4 other children believed to be left in NE with 1st wife:  Sara, Margarete, Mary and Foreman. Any information would help. Thanks,
Marsha <> Oregon 19 Jan 1998

CARL - ****Redirected to either Fillmore or Adams County
I am searching for the family of John CARL. He was born in NE about 1885.This is really all I know. He lived in Georgetown, SC where he married and had three children, one was my father. Anyone who has any information about the Carl's please forward it on. Sincerely,
Frankie J. Carl <> 29 Dec 1998
30 Dec 1998 Response from BW: Found two John Carl
- ..... one bn 1890, son of Peter Carl...siblings include Otto, Adolph and Helen, Fillmore Co
- other bn 1894...son of Edwin Carl...siblings include Inez and Elgie, Adams Co.

I am looking for information on my great grandmother. Some records I have indicate she was born in NE but I don't have a county, birthdate, or place of birth. Her name was Clara Bell CARMAN and I believe she was born in 1875. Her father was H. H. CARMAN. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you,
David Gassaway <> 12 Mar 1998
Responses exchanged - a Clara Carman was found with father H. Carman, however further research indicated she married a different person & remained in NE.

CASSAW / CASAW *** Redirected to Nemaha & Holt Counties
Searching for information on the CASSAW/CASAW family name. Looking for Edward Barnes CASSAW who came to NE, was said to have been born in Marine City, St. Clair County, MI. Looking for any information on where he died, parents and his children. Edward was born in 1858 and is said to have been in NE in 1900. Anyone with a 1900 census please check for me. Thank you
Michael A Hunter <> Waddington, NY. Sun 19 Jul 1998
21 Jul 1998 Response from NEGenWeb volunteer in Lincoln, NE
1900 NE census - Nemaha Co., Douglas Pct. shows
E. B. Cassaw, wht... b April 1856.... Michigan age 44 with wife Francis bn April 1867... Children are H. E., Ida Bell and Eugene bn 1889 Nebraska.
The family was NOT on the 1910 census for Nemaha county.
1920 Census: This couple was on the Holt County census with 18 yr old son Robert. Since I had the C200 soundex on the reader, I checked for the two boys previously on the 1900 census. Not found. Bill W.

Am searching for information about Alejandro CERNUDA (maybe CERMIDA) who immigrated to U.S. in 1860s from Cuba. He enlisted in the 10th New York City Infantry in 1864, but a family letter says he found his way to Nebraska, maybe with the military. He died sometime between 1890-1905. According to this letter, he never married and his estate was dispersed to family in New York and Cuba. Will share family information.
Loretta Atherton <> 11 Aug 1998
1 Sept 1998 response from Bill W.: Checked NSHS card file, 1870 and 1900 census, 1886 Gazetteer, Nebraska State Journal index...nothing found for this surname or its alternate.


CLINGENPEEL - **** Redirected to Cuming Co.
All I have is - George CLINGENPEEL & John CLINGENPEEL spent several years in NE between the 1860s through early 1890s. They also had spent time in Iowa in this same time period. My grandfather Howard Levi CLINGENPEEL was born in NE 7 June 1892. Any information would be appreciated.
Roxanne Cole, Eugene OR <> Thurs 12 Nov 1998
13 Nov 1998 from Bill: 1885 NE Census ED 165, Cuming Co., Indiana Pct. Sheet 6, line 23:
Clingenpeel, George, 37 b Indiana; Mary, 25; Sarah, 6 b IA; Ella, 4 b IA; Elmira, 2 b IA.
They received their mail from Pender, NE which at that time was an Indian reservation. It appears that this family lived very close to the reservation ... but not on it. This family was NOT on the 1900 census & this was all that I could find. No mention of a John found.

Seeking information on Herbert William COLWELL who was born in Nebraska. Herbert married Mary G. CHESBRO in Oswego Cty, NY State on July 24, 1909. He indicated on his marriage lic. that he was 21 years at that time and that he was born in Nebraska. At the time of the marriage Herbert was living in Syracuse, NY. He listed his father as Dorr COLWELL. He indicated he did not know his mother but referenced that she was born in France.
Jim Leogue <> 4 Sep 1998
Response from Bill W: Could not find Dorr Colwell in 1886 Gazetteer. Could not find either Dorr or Herbert Colwell in 1900 Census. Recommend you try checking those portions of the 1890 Gazetteer that are up on the county pages. Sorry.


I'm trying to find any record on Ralph Edwards CUTSHALL. Born in late 1920's believed to be along the Nebraska/Colorado state line. His brother would desperately like to find out if he is living or dead. We have no other information on him. If you can't help perhaps you could steer me in the right direction. Thank you
M Stowers <> 10 Dec 1998

John Dahms (b: Nov 1848) and wife, Minna (b: 1851), lived in Holt County, but moved away sometime in the 1910s. They are not buried there. They died in the 1930s or '40s (probably). Looking for any info on their deaths, obits, etc. Thanks!
Christine Murcia <> Fri 15 May 1998
Recommendation - seek info from Holt County, possible family or friends would know where they went. Death notices sometimes returned & published long after a family departed.


Joseph James EDWARDS, born abt 1896 in NE (location unknown). Parents were William James Edwards and Martha Ann Green. Joseph eventually moved to Illinois (at the latest 1916) although it is not know if the parents did. Any information would be helpful! Thanks.
Christine Murcia <> 15 May 1998

I'm looking for Frank Edward ELLIOTT born in Nebraska sometime after 1872. He married Eleanore Read in Green River,Wyoming 23 Aug 1892.This is all the info I have.
Floyd Morrison <floyd@Sweetwater.Net> 18 Nov 1998


FLEMING *** Redirected to St. Paul, Howard Co.
In March of 1883 (William) Sherman FLEMING, 17 years old, was shot and killed accidentally someplace in NE. Other FLEMING relatives who went to NE are: Lawrence FLEMING and his wife, Addie FLEMING. They were apparently with young Sherman FLEMING. In 1884 or 1885 Lawrence FLEMING's brother, Barton FLEMING, also moved to NE. Thank you,
Ken Gibbon 26 Apr 1998 at 20:22
Response from Bill Wever 28 Apr 1998 - The location is St. Paul, Howard County, NE. I read the story ... A cousin involved...about a week later the cousin became a father....another story. And a few months later the uncle died ... father of the cousin. All in the first part of 1883. You might ask what the initials J C stand for - they are the cousin's initials.


I am looking for my roots. My grandfather might have been born in NE. His DOB is 4-20-1885 or 1886. His name is Ralph HART. Thanks a lot.
Ralph E. Hart <> 30 Jan 1998
Ralph Hart found, but birthdate does not match.


HENDERSON, KRICK *** Redirected to Washington Co.
I'm looking for information concerning Willis A HENDERSON. Willis was born in 1883 in NE. I don't have any other information about where in NE. I don't have his parents' names either, but according to the 1920 census, his father was born in New York and his mother was born in Michigan. Willis married Maud Ann KRICK in Coos County, Oregon on September 26, 1907. I know his mother lived for many years in Oregon and was still living there in 1933. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Jessica Wilkinson Sun 1 Mar 1998 at 10:21pm
Response 2 Mar 1998 from Bill Wever, NEGenWeb volunteer:
1900 Federal Census: NE, Washington Co., Lincoln Twp
Volume 39, ED 133 Sheet 5, line 52
Henderson, Edwin R -wht, 50 yrs, born June 1850, New York.
Wife Isdabel - born February 1853, Michigan.
Son Willis - born Aug. 1883 Ne
Son Vernie -born Jan 1887 Ne
Response 7 Mar 1998 from Bill Wever, NEGenWeb volunteer
This couple was on the 1885 census, same precinct. It appears the census taker was off ten years on the age of the couple...making them younger. It would be most unusual for a couple 24 yrs old & 22 yrs old to have a 12 yr old daughter. This census showed 12 yr old Ada, born MICHIGAN and 1 yr old Willie. I could not find any cemetery information in Washington Co. on Edwin Henderson & no marriage information for this couple. Furthermore, I checked the 1880 Soundex and this couple did not appear in NE. I could check for a marriage record for Ada; suggest that you check the 1880 MI census next. - Bill W.

I am looking for a Hugo HUBER (b. 1876) m. Louisa HENDRICKSON (b. Apr 1882 in Sweden) in MI, 31 Jan 1905, he was a ranchman from Mullen, NE. His parents were John HUBER and Mary EMANN, both born in Germany. Her parents were Lars (Louis) and Anna HENDRICKSON born in Sweden and immigrated to MI about 1880. I am also looking for the brother of Louisa. His name is Oscar HENDRICKSON (b. 16 Sep 1888 in MI), he also moved to NE - have postcards from Hecla & Mullen from 1908-1909. But have been unable to find them in Hooker Co. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Susan Hendrickson <> 30 Apr 1998

Levi HERREN was my ggggrandfather. He left GA with his family after the Civil War and went to Indiana. Failing at farming they went to Nebraska and he died. My gggrandfather Champion Herren died in 1942 and never mentioned where or exactly when they settled, and if he did it has been lost. My gggrandfather moved to Maysville Mo after failure in Nebraska to become a successful banker. I imagine they were in Nebraska between 1867-75.
C. Champion Herren <> 7 Dec 1998

John & Selina. Last known living in Pottawattamie Co., IA in 1885. Suspect they migrated to south-southern Nebraska as their daughter Bessie Maude HOWELL was married to Edward FRATES on June 2, 1883, perhaps in the Wilcox area. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Jean Frates Lambert <> 11 Jun 1998


Looking for the parents and siblings of James Pierson HUTESON, born 10 Feb 1907 in NE. he died in Ketchikan, Alaska on Sept. 23, 1937. He was in the U.S. Army as a telegraph operator at the time of his death. His father was James F. HUTESON, born in England and his mother was Mabel PIERSON, born in Maine.

Maxine DeBord <> 22 Sep 1998
Lincoln researcher could not find this surname in soundex.
Statewide registration of births started in 1904. Try ordering birth certificate from
Nebraska Health and Human Services System


HUTCHES, SPENCE ****Redirected to Red Willow Co?
I am looking for any information on John HUTCHES, married Amanda SPENCE, probably in Davis County, IA; may have married in Grundy Co., MO; ca. 1890. John & Amanda Hutches have a little boy buried in the Tolle Cemetery, Grundy Co. MO; died 21 Oct. 1896 and was 1yr., 10 mo., 8 days. I think that they moved to NE someplace, and Amanda is listed as living in NE in 1932. This is according to Amanda's brother Henry Spence's obituary, Jan. 1932. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
Joe Spence <> Fri 6 Mar 1998
Unsuccessful attempt to determine a location by Bill W., NEGen Web volunteer:
The only John Hutches I could find in the 1900 census was born in 1869 in Illinois, married to Vessie & had three children: Nova, Adolph and "Not Reported" born in Illinois.They were living in McCook, Red Willow Co. Nothing found to link them to IA of MO. Found NO Hutches in 1920 soundex for NE.


Margaret JAMES was born 1871 in NJ. In 1873 or 1874 her Father (a Civil War Vet, name not known) moved his family to NE to homestead. A few years later he heard much about Michigan, sold his land and bought a covered wagon. Hearing that Margaret's grandfather was ill in Iowa, they passed through Iowa, spending the winter there. The Grandfather died, and Margaret's family moved on to MI. 1888: Margaret married Charles HUNT in MI. In 1940-41: Two of Maggie's sisters-in-law resided in Washington state - Mrs. Lydia Proctor on Key Street and Mrs. Lloyd Hartman on Dakin Street. These minimal facts are all I have to work with. Any help greatly appreciated.
Gayla <> 22 Jan 1998

JENKS ****Redirected to Plattsmouth, Cass Co.
My great-great grandfather Erastus JENKS, his wife Mary, son Gilbert JENKS and his wife Imelda were found, living together in LaCrosse county WI in the 1870 census. In the 1900 census Gilbert was back in LaCrosse county with 2 of 6 living children, Henry JENKS age 19, b. 1880 in NE and Elmer JENKS age 17, b. 1883 in NE. The other 4 JENKS children would have been older and I believe also born in NE. I also believe that Gilbert's father and mother Erastus and Mary JENKS went with him to NE, and probably died there, being born in 1813 and 1811. Would like to find the place in Nebraska in which they resided, the names of the other 4 children and place of death of Erastus and Mary JENKS. Any help in locating any of these would be greatly appreciated.
John C. Gamerdinger <> Sun 13 Dec 1998
14 Dec 1998 Response from Bill Weaver - Gilbert JENKS, his wife & four children are found in 1880 Census at Plattsmouth, Cass County, NE. Extract forwarded to John.

My G-Grandfather James Albert JOHNSON was supposedly born in NE 20 June 1863. His parents were Clark JOHNSON & Margaret SHOUPE. Margaret died 3 days after James' birth June 23, 1863 presumably because of the birth. James had two older siblings Henry Clark? (b. 1859) and Adaline (b. 1861), both born in NE. In various family documents James was said to have been born in or near Grant, NE or in or near Lincoln or Omaha, so far I've no luck after a number of years searching in locating any of this family in any of these places. I did locate a long abandoned Grant in Nemaha County which was in existence at the proper time, but none of these people. One version of oral history has it that after Margaret's death, James' Grandparents Albert JOHNSON and Sara(h) McCLURE raised Clark's three children: Henry, Adaline and James. As a young man James rode a mule to El Dorado Springs, MO & on 6 May 1885 married Mary Ann HURT!
     Their marriage license from Nevada, Vernon Co, MO is the earliest document I've been able to locate on my GGrdfather James. Older brother Henry is said to have gone to a Bowie (city or county), TX and contacted James when he died before James did January 9, 1948. Older sister Adaline is said to have married either an ADCOCK, a RECTOR, a HARDESTY or a HARDESTRY and to have died in 1888. Another version of oral history has the three children being raised by an ADCOCK family. None of these leads have paid off so far though I've searched far and wide. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping me solve this long lasting mystery.
John Johnson ( 31 Jul 1998

KELLER **** Redirected to Scotts Bluff Co.
I am looking for family of Eugene KELLER, born about 1935. I have information he was born in Nebraska, county unknown.
Lucille Brittain <> Fri 12 Dec 1998
14 Dec 1998 response from Bill Wever - A graduate of UNL named Eugene KELLER was invited to attend 1974 Alumni Conference in Lincoln, NE.
10 Jan 1999: Lucille learned from another correspondent that Eugene Edward Keller was born in Scottsbluff, NE.

Stanley Dale KENNEDY was born about 1914. He served with the 134th Nebraska National Guard. I have already looked in the 1920 soundex for NE and KS. I tried to get his military records but was told that they had burned in St. Louis. I have been looking for two years now. I am working on a family file & have come to a dead end on this family. Any help would be appreciated.
Connie Craig <> 16 Sep 1998
Replies from assorted volunteers: SSDI gave Connie a Stanley Kennedy born in the 1914 to pursue. She now has addresses for two NE National Guard units. Historical Note: the 134th Nat'l Guard had 180% turn over rate during WW II, due to casualties.

Looking for ancestral information about KIECKHAFER / KIEKHAEFER / KIEKHOFFER from Bohemia via Germany. A large family group originally migrated to Oshkosh, Wisconsin approximately 1890's. Some (Herman?) may have continued on to Nebraska. I'd be happy to provide additional information.
The Kieckhafer Home (Patty) Fri 6 Mar 1998 at 1:27 am
Response 7 Mar 1998 from Bill Wever, NEGenWeb volunteer
The family of the Kiescheiifer or something like that was located in 1900 census soundex, Pierce Co. Herman b 1868, Germany; Etta, Feb 1877 Germany; Albert 1895 NE; Emma 1898 NE; Herman 1900 NE. The names was not very clear on the soundex. I think the census taker was unsure of the spelling. Recommend you check the Pierce Co. cemeteries. - Bill W.

KNETZGER *** NO homestead index for NE available.
John KNETZGER; born in WI about 1846 or 1847. His affidavit in the Jan 1891 Application for Homestead Entry at New Orleans Land Office in LA stated that he was unmarried and had applied for a homestead entry in NE "about 10 years ago" (or 16 years due to faded handwriting), but abandoned it without receiving a patent. Therefore, the homestead application would be in either 1881 (or 1875). Would like to know which county in NE so that a legal land description of his attempted entry can be obtained. Thank you for connecting me to NE between WI and LA!
John J. Knetzger <> Wed 4 Feb 1998
Response from B. Wever, NEGenWeb volunteer:
Rumors persist at NSHS Library that an index to homestead applications is being compiled. So far, no such file exists. Without county, cannot locate homestead record. Sorry!

Searching KOLARS, SELLNER, & FORST. My husband's gggrandmother was Antonette KOLAR (b ca.1867 d.9/17/1945 in Chicago) She was born in Krenovisa Kraj Pisck, Czechoslovakia, m. Francis J. SELLNER. Her siblings were: Josephine m. John SUCHY, Rose m. a FORST, Albert Kolar, & Anna m. a BARTUSKA. Family info said several of the family went to NE but we don't know who or when. Would appreciate any help. Thanks,
June Woodruff <> Mon 9 Nov 1998 & modified same day.
13 Nov 1998 from Bill: Checked my usual sources and could find no mention of Albert Kolar or Francis J. Sellner. Sorry.


I am looking for information pertaining to these surnames. These names link to my husband's family from NE. The probable counties my husband's family came from are: Furnas, Dawson,Webster, Lincoln, Hall, Adams, Phelps, Buffalo, & Kearney. The reason we posted this under "Unknown Co." is because we are unsure. We have the names of his ancestors, but we don't have the counties. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Jo Leonard < > 21 June 1998


I have exhausted the 1900 and 1920 census, and tried all avenues. I am looking for Charley McCORMICK, born in October 1907. He attended first grade at a school in NE, location unknown, around 1913/1914. Don't know his father's name: his mother was Rose Irene (HAWKINS) McCORMICK, both died by the time Charley was 10 years old. There was an older brother Carl and a younger sister Ruth. Possibly living with the family, a step-son Ira McPHERSON. Thank you for any help.
Kathie Mills <> 11 Oct 1998


I am researching the MYERS family from Germany to Iowa. Many of my family then moved to MN and NE.Would appreciate any help and will gladly share my files with anyone interested. Thanks. Eleaner (Myers) McKnight <> 1 Nov 1998

PARSONS *** Redirectedto Hitchcock Co.
Looking for family of: PARSONS, Henry Stanly. Born: Sept. 24, 1839 in Hitchcock Co, NE. Want to find his parents or any brothers or sisters, info.
Wesley R Taylor <> 27 Apr 1998
Recommendation - post to Hitchcock County

PERCIVAL *** Redirectedto Pawnee Co.
Am looking for the family of PERCIVAL who was somewhere in NE in 1870 as they had children Ruby, Frank, Meril and George A. born somewhere there in the years of 1866 - 1879. Father's name was Alonzo, mother was Lydia. Stephen E. would have been ten and not sure if he married wife Mary E. Hewes/Hughes in NE. All of these folks in Lincoln County, Nebraska by 1880 census. Thanks for any help you can give me. Is there a 1870 census index?
Barbara Seutter Fri 29 May 1998
31 May 1998: Note from Bill W. - this surname found in Pawnee County.

Searching for Kunigunda Anna POELLOT, married name not known, born 1848, Altdorf bei Nurnberg, Germany. Last heard of attending funeral of brother, Peter Poellot, in West Point, who died October 17, 1937, in Coleridge, Nebraska. Contact
Delphine A. Poellot <> 29 Aug 1998
1 Sep 1998, response from Bill W, NEGenWeb volunteer: Obits for Peter checked in both the West Point and the Cooleridge newspapers. He was survived by two brothers, no sister mentioned at all. All three brothers married in Cuming County, no sister found in marriage records.
Additional info from Delphine: Search through old clips & research papers - sister was mentioned in 1934, not 1937. Likely she was in North Platte at some time. Could not be found in their cemetery records on basis of first name only.

I am searching for any decendents of Benjamin PUFF and Miranda REED who resided in Dawson Co (near Cozad) children were John J & Henry. They homesteaded there about 1900 Benjamin died & is buried in Walnut Grove Cemetary no known location for Miranda. I am searching for their son John Jesse PUFF who was born in Green Co IL in 1857 was on the 1880 Census in Dawson Co but had left bf 1900. I believe he remarried and may have moved to another county possible had children named Harold and Ruth, Miranda may have resided with them and am trying to locate any of this family 1910 census.
D. PUFF <> 3 Jun 1998


RICKMAN, FRANCIS *** Redirected to Keya Paha Co.
Searching for ancestors of Jasper Hand RICKMAN. According to death certificate for Jasper's first child, Jesse Marie RICKMAN - Jasper was born in Springrim, NE, would guess about 1890. His father was Andrew James RICKMAN. He had a sister named Ella. Jasper was married to Alma FRANCIS (of Unionville, MO) in Billings, MT about 1910. Jasper had six children: Jesse (b Jan 1914 in Belmont, MT, died Nov 1918), Agnes, Henry, Cora, Ruth, and John.
Robin Rickman ( Wed 29 Jul 1998,
modified with Father's name 1 Aug 1998
31 Jul 1998 Response from Bill W.: Cannot find Jasper Rickman in 1900 NE Census.
2 Aug 1998 Response from Bill W: Found four families named Rickman in 1885 Census at Springview post office, Keya Paha County, and an older Rickman living with another family. Recommend checking further on Keya Paha Co. page, as may have three generations living there!

RINESS **** Redirected to Hall Co.
Looking for information on: Marshall RINESS. DOB: 1-1-1907. Place of Birth: NE. Thanks for any information - Marshall J. Riness <> 19 Dec 1998
23 Dec 1998 Response from Bill: Found Jess & Laura Riness in 1920 census at Grand Island, Hall County - with children Thelma, Marshal and Allegra. Marshall is shown as born Oklahoma.

Looking for the surname ROBB. Especially Henry Robb or James Robb's descendants. Known to live in NE, but not sure where. Email or fax me at (316) 284-0068.
Michael Welty <> 20 Aug 1998 (22 Oct 2003, email change)

Joseph S.ROWLAND was born, probably in PA, 12/14/44. He came to NE via WI and was married to Mary KURTZ. His ROWLAND family settled in Washington County KS. Looking for descendants for a family reunion. Thank you
joseph phillips <> 27 Jun 1998


I am searching for information on my grandfather, Benjamin Harrison SHEPHERD (b. 1889). I know where he lived but have been unable to locate where he was born or where he registered for World War I. He did NOT register in the county in NE where he lived and is suspected to have registered in one of the central NE counties. He served in France, and unfortunately, most WWI records were destroyed in a huge fire. I am hoping that I can locate local records to assist in my genealogy work. Any information on his military records or where he was born would be appreciated.
Warren Shepherd <> 25 Dec 1998

I am researching my grandmothers ancestry. She was adopted, her mother is supposed to be a Pearl SHIRLEY & her father an N. McCOY. We have her birthdate as March 29, 1896, adoption release signed June 29, 1896. I have found a Pearl who was born around 1878, her father was Sylvester Shirley & her mother was Elsie; other children in the family were listed as being Metie, Eva, & Robert. Has anyone heard of this family or any Pearl Shirley who might be a possible link to follow?
Peggy Edinger <> 22 Mar 1998
N2150 Ten Crossing Road, Ogema, WI 54459 (715) 767-5874


I would like to know where my Great uncle James Garfield SHULTZ died in NE. His death date is 17 Nov 1937
Judy Berreth <> 17 Aug 1998
2 Sep 1998, additional data - I really don't know very much about James SHULTZ, except that he was married to Tracy Kalberg, and he had a small boy named Robert. The family told me he also had a daughter named Mildred and that she lived with the Stroltz family during her school years where she went to school in Curtis, NE. The picture I have looks like everyone is dressed in early day clothing, James has on a suit and the coat has one button. Tracy is dressed in a long white gown. Robert is being held by his father, and is wearing a white dress and button shoes.
2 Sep 1998 response: JG Shultz did not appear in the 1920 Census. Recommend you seek death certificate from NE State Vitals Office in Lincoln.

SISLEY/CICELY, CURRY*** Holt or Antelope County?
I am looking for the city and county where my great-uncle was born. His name was Clarence SISLEY (or CICELY), born 13 July 1887 in Nebraska. His parents were Miles Bird SISLEY and Evaline Amelia CURRY SISLEY. Thanks for your help...
Angie Dixon Foster Sun 1 Feb 1998 at 4:30 PM
Response 11 Feb 1998 from Wm. Wever, NEGenWeb volunteer:
All that could be found is the name - Bird CISLEY in the 1886 Farmer's listing for Holt County, NE. The nearest post office was in the neighboring county, Antelope ...Clearwater by name. I looked very thoroughly to find this gentleman on the 1885 census - no luck. Perhaps a query to Holt/Antelope County is in order at this time.

I am looking for any connection leading me to the location of the surname SMRCKA in NE. My husband's grandmother was Francis SMRCKA from Timken, KS. Her father was unk first name SMRCKA & her mother was Julia WERTH/WIRTH from NE. Both were from Czech. Circa 1906
Susan Jecha <> 16 Dec 1998


I am approaching this from a different angle.
I am searching for information on Robert P. STEARNS. Robert was the first postmaster of Spencer, Boyd County, NE. I have been unable to get any information on him, so now I would like to find information on one of his sons: Louis C. STEARNS. Louis was born June 11, 1893 in Spencer, died Jan. 19, 1968 - where, unknown. Louis was a Highway Patrolman in NE, where, again unknown. Louis was married to Myrtle SAUCERMAN, date and place, unknown. If anyone could help me find information on Louis and his descendents, I would appreciate it. Thank you,
Lynn Waterman <> 21 Apr 1998

I'm searching for information on William STEENFOTT b. abt. 1876 somewhere in Nebraska. His parents Hans Christian STEENFOTT (1838-1911) and Katherine Christena HARDEN (1839-1911) traveled from Germany to New York in May 1871 and at some point they resided in Nebraska for an unknown period of time before traveling on to California. I would like to correspond with anyone who has information or connections to this surname.
Cynthia L. Steenfott <> Mon 14 Sep 1998
14 Sep 1998: Bill looked for the surname in the 1880 census, and in the 1886 Gazetteer. Was not able to find it in either resource.

Looking for any info on Alex STODDARD or William STODDARD both known to be in Nebraska April 1921.
Robert T. Campbell <> 13 Apr 1998

Seeking info on John Henry TERRY and wife Lettie Clyde CLAYPOOL whose daughter Mattie Mae TERRY was b 1896 in Nebraska.
David Harper <> 20 Mar 1998

Looking for Tom WATKINS, or desecendants; last known living some where in Nebraska. He had one brother named: Jim Watkins. I believe he and his brother are from Pineville, Kentucky - Bell County.
Vanita Earley <> 15 Aug 1998
1 Sep 1998: Believe Tom was born about 1920 in KY and have no clue about when he moved to NE or where in NE.

WERBKE / WERBKA *** Douglas County in 1900
Worldwide ancestral search, believe originated in Germany or Czech. Any information helpful. Thanks! Scott Werbke <> Sun 12 Jul 1998
17 Jul 1998 note from B. Wever, NEGenWeb volunteer : The 1900 census, Omaha
(1) John H. Werbka 33 Frances 29....John 7...Pauline...4....
(2) Angeline Waerbka 18 ...enumerated with Peter Simpson as sister in law
(3) Edwin Wrbka 34 Marie 29..... & number of children....
all in Omaha and all had connections to Bohemia. None with this surname in any other county. Recommend you focus your attention on Douglas County, NE.

Dear Reader of this query:
I am looking for information about my grandfather: Lester WEIR, who married Margueritte DUNN of Skyler (sic) NE btw 1915-1920. Believed to have died in 1920-1923. One son born in Fremont or Lincoln in 1920. I appreciate any help you may be able to provide.
R. Weir <> 14 Apr 1998
Response: "Skyler" is probably Schuyler, Colfax Co.


William Thomas WIDENER b.26 Feb. 1830 married to Catharine M. PRICE, moved to Inland, NE sometime after May 1872. Five daughters married and lived in NE. Sarah Elizabeth married William TRUE, Emma Jane married John S. WISE, Susan Price married Joseph H. HARTLEY, Alma Decker married Ashby MORRISON, and Ruth married Jesse F. HARTER. I am looking for any information on these families especially where William Thomas WIDENER might be buried?
Alvena Widner Tues 16 Jun 1998
19 Jun 1998 from Bill W.: Wm.T Widenor 70 yrs, and wife Catharine 69 yrs, found in Scott Pct, Clay Co., NE in 1900 Census. They are also in 1880 Census w/2 sons & their daughters. Bill received cemetary extract from CR-Inland Cemetery transcription: Widenor , W. T. (26 Feb 1830 - 19 July 1912), Catherine M., his wife (14 Nov 1830 - 4 June 1911). Recommend posting to Clay County page.

I am looking for information about my grandmother's brother, Paul (Pleasant) WILLIAMS, who owned the Williams Hotel in York county about 1935 for about 20 years. He campaigned to be elected railroad commissioner at one time.He was born 1883 in Johnson Co, IL; married to 1) Ethel RICE 23 Aug 1911, and later to 2) Jesse LUTHER in York, NE.
Sherry Ohm <> 25 Aug 1998

Looking for my grandfathers birthplace. His name was Frederick William WOLFE, born 13 Jan 1890. Son of William WOLFE and (unknown) SHAFFER. Left for Oklahoma or California around 1903. That's all the info I have. Thank you very much.
Bill Hamry, <> Hendersonville, Tennessee 3 Jun 1998

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