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1999 Queries  - Seeking Your Assistance

Who is Luticia ABBOTT? I have in my possesion, a copy of a document concerning the heirs of Luticia Abbott. This particular letter is addressed to the Grandchildren of Margaret Barry STOVER as heirs to the estate of Mrs. Abbott. As to the place of origin of the document, the only thing I have to go on is Superior, (probably court) Nebraska, June 3, 1957. Surnames of the heirs include: Follett, McCaskie, Snyder, Stover, Gibson, Redden, Meier, Anderson, Prouty, Storm, Kerr, and Sacherle. If you know who Luticia Abbott is, I would like to hear from you.
Pam Gow <> 24 Jun 1999
28 Jun 1999: This record is from town of Superior, Nuckolls County, NE.

ADKINS, BOOB *** Boone County
My grandpa Clyde ADKINS was born in NE on Oct. 11, 1910. I know of one brother Samuel {Sam} ADKINS, but believe there were several children in this family. I also believe he was of German desent, with some claims of Indian desent also. He married Verna BOOB, but don't know the date or place of the marriage. If anyone can help I would be very thankful.
Debra Brown <> 18 Dec 1999
26 Dec 1999 response from Bill Wever:
Boone county, NE 1920 Census ED 15 Sheet 9 Line 24
Joseph L Adkins, 45; Arettie, 45; Thomas E, 19; Edna B, 17; Joseph G, 14; Samuel C, 14; Luvren C, 9; David A, 5; Ira E, 4 yr 1 mo; all born NE. Suspect "Luvren C." is "Clyde".

Looking for prison or arrest records for years 1870 - 1900. Kin reported to have been on the "wild side" and to have been in trouble with the law. Legal names were William "Del" AUSTIN or Perry AUSTIN. May have had assumed names. Thanks for any help.
Nancy Wilkerson <> 22 Aug 1999

My uncle Darwin BEERS (of Cascade, Idaho) married Bessie PACKARD (from NE) in 1915. They had one child Thelma and were living in Idaho. Bessie Beers took Thelma to Neb. and never returned. When Thelma grew up she had a daughter Sybil (I think), who would be about 65 now. I would sure like to find her, maybe Thelma is still alive. I wrote to Sybil when I was in high school; our house burned and never heard from her after that. All my family is gone now and there is no one to ask. If anyone has any info, would appreciate your assistance.
Ann Russell Clark of Oregon <> 14 Jan 1999 (email change Mar 2005)


Samuel J. BEGLEY and Emmet BEGLEY were sons of Pharis BEGLEY and Frances Hart (?) from Perry Co., KY. They were b. 1878, and 1880. Frances died, and Pharis BEGLEY married my great-great-aunt, Polly MOORE in Dickenson Co., VA in 1890. The Begley family was in Johnson Co. KY census before Frances died, and in 1900, they were in Wise Co. VA census. I've been told by researchers that Pharis BEGLEY died in Lewis Co. WA in 1912, and that one of his sons, either Samuel J. or Emmet traveled west with him, stopping and staying in Nebraska. This son (not sure which one) was a postmaster somewhere in NE. My reason for this search for the Begleys is to see if they have any knowledge as to what happened to my Polly MOORE BEGLEY who has disappeared between 1900-1912.
Joyce Wallace <> 13 Nov 1999

I have been researching a family of Bennett's as a look up in my County. They start in Fairfiled NY, and scatter into the Midwest, then end up in California during the gold rush. I got to thinking how tough this line would be to follow and wanted to post some of them. Most of the Nebraska folks seem to have settled near Auburn, but some are listed with just NE as their place of death. Some of the names are: Charles, Hiriam, James W. ...
Donna <> 30 May 1999

Thomas BRIGGS, b abt 1821 in England, left Iowa and went to Nebraska after 1860. His spouse was Susan. Where he settled is unknown. I'm looking for his death and burial locations.
Joan Peterson <> 3 Oct 1999
5 Oct Response from BW: Cannot find them in 1870 or 1900 census, and no luck with other resources checked thus far. Will check the 1880, but doubt they are soundexed as probably no children 10 yrs or younger in the household. Sorry.

BROOKS, CURRY *** Redirected to Garden Co.
Charlie Curry BROOKS lived somewhere in NE probably in 1920's and 1930's. He died in 1940, in NE. He was married to Martha, maiden name unknown. Children's names not known. He was the son of Alfred and Mary Curry Brooks. He was born in Hancock County Tennessee in 1870's. He had siblings named Mattie Paralee Brooks, Nancy Cornelia Brooks, Laura Almeda Brooks, and Elizabeth Brooks. Any help will be appreciated
Roger Wilson <> 8 Jul 1999
9 Jul 1999 response from Bill Wever, NEGenWeb Project volunteer -
Found Charles C. & Martha Brooks in 1920 Census for Garden County, NE - ED 121 Sheet 11 Line 40.
Surname BROOKS for all the following:
Charles C (49, b TN); Martha G (44, b VI); Harry C (23 b TN); Fern E (dau-in-law 16 b IA); Gale (son 19 b TN); Nola M (16 b TN); John P (14 b TN); Cassie L (12 b MO); Roy (10 b MO); Burton (5 b New Mexico); Alfred (3 & 1/12th b NE); Babe (1 & 4/12th b NE).

BROWN *** Redirected to Cuming & Fillmore Counties
Manson BROWN was probably born before 1855? in Canada? He is mentioned in 1914 obit of brother James (d. CO) as being a resident of NE (no specifics). Death certificates of two older brothers (John & James) do not name their parents, so now seeking the siblings in 1914 - Manson Brown in NE, Horace Brown in WY, Floraine (Brown) Wessels in CO. When Horace died in 1928, obit states he had no living family, was survived by widow only. Would appreciate any help you can provide.
Pam Coones <> 31 Dec 1999
Response: Manson Brown seems to have immigrated to USA as 17 year old. 1900 Manson Brown family was in Cuming county....1920 Manson Brown family was in Geneva, Fillmore county...He was 66 years of age (extracts sent to Pam). Not buried at Geneva. She will now pursue even older records in hope that she can find him with his parents.

Can anyone tell me where a town by the name of JULIETTA, NEBRASKA was in 1878. According to an obit, this was the birthplace of a Geroge Washington BROWN, b. 14 March 1878. He was the son of Benjamin Franklin BROWN and Susannah Jane Wilson BECKWITH. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,
Linda Hannan Radcliff <> 24 Feb 1999
Assorted responses from CC's of NEGenWeb Project provided recommendations for towns with similar names - primarily JUNIATA in Adams Co. and JULIAN in Nemaha Co.

I am seeking information on my GrgrgreatGrandfather and his children. His name was Nelson Oritis/Oratis BROWN He drove a stagecoach in Nebraska and Iowa. He was married a number of times, but my line is with Nelson O. Brown and Mary Jane SEYMORE. They had 3 children: Albert B.Brown (b.abt 1858 in MI), Carl Brown (b abt 1856 in MI), and a sister Brown b. unkown - was adopted out after Mary passed away. Daughter's adopted name believed to have been BAKER. Do you recognize any of this information? If so - can you help in directing me to where he lived in Nebraska, who his other wives and children were, and what stagecoach he drove for? Any help will be greatly apprieated. I can be contacted directly
Fran <> 29 Oct 1999
2 Nov 1999 Response from Bill Wever: On the 1860 census I found two Nelson Brown families...both were very young and born Canada, both living in Omaha. One family still in Omaha in 1870. Too young to fit this man! Sorry.

I am looking for information on the brother of my Ggrandmother Ellen E.(BURGESS) McDONALD. His name was Peter BURGESS, born 29 June 1862 in Canada. I do not know their parents names yet. Peter married Anna COMASKERI on 6 Nov 1882 in Newcastle, Dixon, Nebraska. I can't seem to find them in that area and hope that a descendant of theirs may be able to help. I have births, marriages and some deaths from a Bible in my cousins possession. Peter was 5th born of 7 children. I would also like any information on Peter's wife Anna. I am willing to share what data I have.
Kathie Harrison ( 17 Apr 1999
Reply 22 Apr 1999: Found a Peter Burgess in Gibbon, Buffalo, NE in 1890 Gazetteer. In 1900 Census - unfortunately he is single, & birthdate is three yrs off. He was the only Peter Burgess in the soundex. Sorry, BW.

I am looking for Vera Leonna CALHOUN b 26 Feb 1921 md. Clifford W. COLEMAN. They had five children. Ramona Fay b. 11 July 1931, md James Lee HEIMRICK and they had three children. I want contact with the parents or their children to complete the CALHOUN Family Tree. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Barbara <> dau of Dan CALHOUN & Lula WEIMER of Burbank, CA. 25 Jan 1999

I am looking for information regarding my paternal great grandparents. Horace Lester CHENEY and Casey BRYANT (maiden name). They were from Nebraska and had several daughters -- Etta, Pauline, Velma and Lila Mae. Lila Mae was born in May of 1910. I have no other dates and don't know where in NE they were from. Any help would be greatly appreciated! : ) Thank you,
Tamara <> 5 Jun 1999

CHURNING *** Redirected to Red Willow Co.
Seeking information on the following. Willam G. CHURNING b Mar 1881 NE, James P. CHURNING b Mar 1882 NE, Edward E. CHURNING b Feb 1884 NE, Oliver O. CHURNING b Aug 1885 NE. Father: Fredrick C. CHURNING b 26 Feb 1846 in PA. Mother: Mary Ann ROBBINS b 25 Dec 1849 Port Allegany, McKean Co. PA. Relationship: Cousin
Donald R. Schoenfeld <> 15 Jan 1999
19 Jan 1999 response from Bill Wever: Found 1920 census for Wm. G. CHURNING with wife and 6 children at McCook, Red Willow Co, NE. Extract of data sent. Did not find them there in 1900 census, but a sheet is missing from the microfilm - may have been omitted. Other CHURNINGS were not found.


I am looking for a Emma COOK born Nebraska. Last known residence was Woodslee, Ontario, Canada. In the 1881 census of Ontario, her age is listed as 27, which would make her birth year about 1854, if the census gave her correct age. (In the 1891 census her age is given as 47. I hope that the age of 27 is the correct age.) Married James HENRY and had one child, Mary Eva born August 13, 1889, Woodslee, Ontario, Canada. The last listing of Emma was in the 1891 census. She disappears after that. 1901 census shows Mary Eva living with cousins. Father is deceased at this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Roberta Barrows <> Fri 2 Apr 1999
3 Apr 1999 Response: The early territorial census records of NE were extracted and printed in NE & Midwest Genealogical Record. You'll find a list of those published at:
Specifically - the 1855 Nemaha Co. appearing in Vol XIV, no 2, p17 shows a C. H. Cook (footnote states correct name is probably E. H. Cook) living at Brownville with a female child under 16 yrs. (Only the head is named, others in household are identified only by sex/age group.)
6 Apr 1999 response from Lincoln: Attempted to follow COOK into later records and did NOT find a child named Emma. Sorry. BW

Looking for birth place of Goldie Elizabeth COX, born somewhere in Nebraska, on the 2nd of March, 1894. Have no information on her parents. She married Paul Benjamin Norris on the 9th of April 1910 in Aurora, IL. Any information found would most be welcome.
Paul E. Norris <> 25 Feb 1999

CRUFF - **** Redirected to Hamilton Co.
I am told William H. CRUFF died January 1, 1889 in Nebraska. I do not know where and would appreciate any information someone might find.
Joan Cruff O'Leary <> Sun 28 Feb 1999
4 Mar 1999 - William Cruff is listed on the 1885/86 Gazetteer in Hamilton County, NE. Not there 1889/90 but the Cruff name is there......Bill W

ECCELSTON, ROWLANDS *** Redirected to Phelps Co.
We were unable to find any information on our great grandfather, John ECCELSTON, who lives in Nebraska in 1910. He married Mary ROWLANDS in 1902. They migrated to the United States in the early 1900s. Could you please let us know if you have any additional information, or where we can go from here, as we are newcomers to the Internet.
Thank you. Jean Daniels  (e-mail: 9 Jul 1999
10 Jul 1999 response farm BW - Found 1920 census, Garfield Pct, Phelps County, NE
ED 180, p6B line 76+ the following: John Eccleston (43 b England, parents born England); Mary (39 b NE - birthplace smudged so may be in error, parents born Wales); Frank (17 b IL); Richard (14 b IL); Walter (11 b NE); Alice (6 b NE). John was a renter, farmer, lived in or near Bertrand, NE. It appears that he applied for naturalization in 1885.

ELLIOTT - *** Redirected to Thayer Co.
Searching for ancestors of John R. and Mary "Mollie" Mower ELLIOTT. Mary b.c. April 1850. unsure of John's DOB. Married in Jefferson Co., IN, moved to NE shortly after.
Cindy <> Fri 25 Feb 1999
28 Feb 1999: Response from Bill W. at Lincoln
1900 Census Carlton Pct Thayer county, NE ED 158 Sheet 10 Line 38
John Ellliot, b Mar 1845 Indiana; Mary A, b May 1850 Indiana; Catherine A b Jan 1887 NE; Culbert D (son), b Jan 1890 NE

I am looking for George M & Nancy Orsborn (Osborn) ESTES migrated from Jefferson or Keokuk Co. IA sometime after Jun 1865. Note Estes may be spelled Eastes (writing unclear). Thank you Harmon L. Orsborn <> 17 Jul 1999

Looking for information on Harry Walter EWING. Moved to Nebraska around 1899. Attended Tablerock elementary schools. Played football for the Cornhuskers, 1906-1910. Graduated from Law School, University of Nebraska, about 1910. Married Irma May FRANKLIN 1911, in Aurora, Nebraska.
Bobbi Hawk <> Billings, MT 24 Feb 1999

Looking for information on Guy Franklin EWING, moved to Nebraska around 1899. Married Iva May HARRIS. Graduated from the Lincoln Medical College in 1904. Moved to Colorado then.
Bobbi Hawk <> Billings, MT 24 Feb 1999

Looking for family of Dora FORD, b.2 Jan 1873 (4) in Neb. Parents, we think, are Absalom Duncan FORD and Eliza FERGUSON.
Nicci Renouard <> 21 Jan 1999
23 Jan 1999 response from Bill: searched the soundex for 1880. The only Dora FORD found was a mother herself. Very few female FORD children in 1880 NE of right age. No parents fit these names. Sorry.

FORD, McMUNN ***Redirected to Brown Co.
I would greatly appreciate any information regarding my great grandparents, Henry and Martha Ann (Mc MUNN) FORD, who were living in Avondale [now Bruno], Perry County, Thorn Township, OH when my grandmother, Clemmie May FORD, was born on 9 January 1869. Clemmie was still a young girl when the family traveled by wagon train from Missouri to NE, where she grew up and became a school teacher. Prior to 14 April 1900 Clemmie moved to Florida, where she met and married Howard Clinton LEWIS in Jacksonville. Best regards & many thanks
Dorothy M. Lewis <> Fri 25 Feb 1999
Fri 25 Feb 1999 - Henry & family were found using the 1886 Gazetteer that had an H Ford living in Brown County. A search of the Brown county census in Ainsworth Pct turned up the family.
The family was not found on the 1890 Gazetteer nor the 1900 census.....Bill W.----------
1885 Census Ainsworth Pct, Brown county, NE - ED 44 Page 7 Line 21
Henry Ford, 47 b Ohio; Martha, 37 b Ohio; Clemmie, 16 Ohio; Theron, 14 KS; Thadukesk, 10 KS


Aaron A. GARNER died in Nebraska about 25 April 1885 at age 51. Newspaper account at his home of Bates Co., MO stated he had gone to Nebraska to help his son get set up on a new place. His probate record in Bates Co., MO did not state where or exactly when he died just that a man was paid to bring his team (horses?) home from Nebraska. Aaron evidently was buried in Nebraska. His wife died in 1913 and he is not listed as being buried in Bates Co. Where did Aaron die and where is he buried?
PS: The newspaper article did not name his son but I know of 3 sons: Lewis E. Garner born 1859, married Joann Beckett; Grant M. or G.M. Garner born 1865 married 1912 to Mrs. Rhoda Terry and Elmer E. Garner born 1870. Aaron had a sister who was at Dawson Co.--Margaret (Garner) McCance but no guarantee that he went to Dawson Co. NE. I'm still checking in Dawson for her.
Carol Kirkpatrick <> 28 June 1999 (email changed Oct 2003)
Response - McCance family has article in local history & I found a Dawson Cemetery book, so should be able to find sister's obit if viewer is interested. - BW

Looking for a Earl HALL and his family. He married a Maude L COOK, somehow ended up in Iowa, raised ten children.
Claudia Groh <> 6 Mar 1999

Looking for information on the two children of Herbert Herman HANSSEN. Herbert was born January 20, 1923, the youngest child of Seede and Anna Herman Hanssen in Niagara, North Dakota. Herbert moved to Nebraska as a young man. He was divorced from the mother of these children (she raised them) and he remarried. The first names of these children may (or may not) be Susanne and Frederick. Will share info.
LaDonna Hanssen Worsing <> 25 Apr 1999
Recommend trying Switchboard to find descendents, this spelling not so common. Another possibility - try the SS Death Index at RootsWeb .


Ester (Ellie) May HUNTER born 1880s in Nebraska. I'm looking for information on my Grandmother. She (as well as my father) died when I was very young and there is no one to ask information about. I found a 1910 census with some information. She married John Webb SCOTT and they moved into Idaho around 1900-1905 (my uncle was born in Idaho in 1905). They had 2 sons, Jesse Marion Scott and Tom Webb Scott (my dad). Anybody have any possible information please drop me a line
Ricky Scott <> 21 Jun 1999
Could not find Ester Hunter or John & Ester Scott in 1900 NE Census. Perhaps they were enroute, somewhere between NE & ID? - BW


JOHNSTON, ANDREW *** Redirected to Adams Co.
I'm trying to locate information or decendants of Harman and Mary ANDREW JOHNSTON. Mary was born in Clinton Co KY about 1863.This family moved to an unknown location in Nebraska.Their children: Clark, Edna and Myrta.
Barbara Brinkley <> 20 Aug 1999
31 Aug 1999 from BW: 1900 Census Nebraska, Adams Co., Denver Pct, ED 4 Sht 5 Line 37
Johnston, Mary b Nov 1861 Kentucky, Myrtie b Apr 1880 KY, Edna F b Jul 1892 NE
This is from the soundex. A look at the actual census indicated that Mary's marital status was married. A check of the 1920 census turned up nothing. Recommend posting new query to Adams Co.

I am looking for an Ambrose Vincent KEARNS, b. March 29, 1899, in New York. His parents are listed on his Social Security application as Ambrose John Kearns and Agnes Mary Scott. We believe that he may have come to Nebraska on the orphan train. Also looking for information on the orphan train or any orphan train survivors.
Scott Montgomery <> 10 Feb 1999

Searching for infomation on Raymond Ernest KRAKE b. 22 July 1896 and Ira Leo KRAKE b. 23 July 1899.  Father: Eldee Krake b.2 April 1857   Mother: Sophia Ellen Wilks b. 22 September 1865, Richmond Twp, Shawano Co., Wisconsin
Donald R. Schoenfeld <> 4 May 1999
5 May 1999 - No persons of this surname in 1900 census soundex or NSHS master index. Sorry - BW.

Searching for a MARLOW family that was supposed to have been there in the early 1900's. County unknown. Carl Edgar Marlow, James Calloway "Callie" Marlow. Thank you for your help.
Elsie Arcuri <> 9 Feb 1999

I am searching for any clues to the MATTISON family.There were six children born to the union one of which was Hattie MATTISON, born 11 Nov 1895 She is my grandmother by marriage.
Barbara S. Burke <> 4 Feb 1999
9 Jan 1999 Response from BW: Could not find Hattie in the 1900 NE census; could not find a female child surnamed Mattison & born in Nov 1895 with any given name. Sorry.

I am looking for information on the Merrihew family in Nebraska. I know that there are currently members of the family living there, but I have very little information on their ancestors. Any available information would be appreciated.
Harry Merrihew <> 9 Oct 1999
9 Oct from BW: Check Merrihew name in the Box Butte and Grant County archives.

John W. MICKLE b.10/13/1853 d.12/18/1894 m? had the following children:
Mary Ellen b.3/25/1882 d.10/27/1942
Twin brother - Charlie
Jim b? d? (had daughter named Hilda who married a Bramlett)
Will b? d?
Possibly had one or two other sons. When John left Nebraska he went to Arkansas taking the boys with him. Left Ellen there with foster parents but when he went to get her he couldn't find her. Died trying. Would like any information
Freda Carpenter <> 15 Jul 1999
16 Jul 1999 - Found one John Mickle located in Buffalo county with a post office of Sweetwater. Looking at the Nebraska map you will see that is very close to Ravenna in the northern section of the county. This was discovered on the 1885/86 Business Gazetteer but I could not find them on the 1885 census. I looked in three townships hoping to find the child as a 2/3 yr old. Sorry, BW (Note: 1885 census is not indexed.)

Searching for information on Gustave F. MIEHE. According to his marriage license he was born in NE. on Febuary 25, 1886 to Bertha and Gustave/Guston Miehe. Gustave married Lynda Bell SHUSTER in Philadelphia, PA. on July 28, 1919. His parents came from Germany. Would like any info. Thanks,
Debbie <> 29 Mar 1999
personal genealogy page:
2 Apr 1999: The name MIEHE was not on the 1900 census....Bill W.

MISAK *** Redirected to Saline Co.
I am looking for the children of Adolph & Josephine MISAK. Names are
1. Louis Misak born: February 1875
2. Joseph J. Misak born: August 1876
3. Emma Misak born: November 1880
4. Edward Misak born: October 1882
5. Mary H. Misak born: November 1884
6. Charles H. Misak born: November 1886
These 6 children were born in Nebraska. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your help.
Bradley Johnson <> 10 Oct 1999
13 Oct 1999 Reply from BW in Lincoln - This is the only thing that I could come up with ...
1880 census, Saline Co., NE. Big Blue District. ED 220, Sheet 3, Line 32
Alois Misak 39 Bohemia; Josephine 26 Bohemia; John 7 IL; Alois 5 NE; Joseph 4 NE; Frank 2 NE
Family was not on 1900 census. Recommend check of cemetery records on Saline Co. You could arrange for NSHS to search same area for this family in 1885 Census. It is not indexed, there would be a fee for services.

MUCHMORE, HAMILTON *** Redirected to Kearney Co.
I am looking for information for my half sister. Her father's name was Ray Leroy MUCHMORE. He was born on Sept. 13, 1888 some where in Neb. He and our mother Bessie HAMILTON were married in 1925. They got divorced sometime later. My sister was 3 when he left and she would like to find out about her father, she is 70 now. If any one can help her with any information about this family please do. Thank you.
Mary Hogue <>
18 Sep 1999 - Response from Bill Wever
Kearney Co., NE  Logan Township 1900 census Ed 115 Sheet 3 line 50

Martha Brooks

Sept 1864




John Muchmore

Oct 1884




James T

Sept 1886




Ray L

Sept 1888




Emma J Brooks

Feb 1891




Henry H Brooks

June 1895




Martha was a widow...mother of 6 of which 5 are living ...

James Allen BROOKS (b. abt 1845-1855 Penobscot, Maine died 1902 Idaho). In abt 1868 NE he married Sarah Jane PATTON (b. 6-13-1848 Indiana died 1928 Idaho). Her parents were Ephraim PATTON b.abt 1817 Virginia and Sarah READ PATTON b. abt 1821 KY.There were other siblings George M. PATTON b abt 1843 Indiana; Elvira E. PATTON b. abt 1846 Indiana; Ephraim L. PATTON b. Clay Co, IN abt 1855; Catherine E. PATTON b. 1858 Clay Co, IN; Robert Harvey PATTON b. abt June 1861 Bloomington, Monroe Co, IN; Mary PATTON b. 1864 Indiana. This family would probably be on some census in Nebraska in 1870, but I cannot find them. Is there someone who might be able to help me find this 1868 Nebraska marriage and give a clue as to where her parents died, etc? Thanks.
Trudy Spanier <> 10 Oct 1999

PEAKE, GUIETTI *** Redirected to Adams Co.
I am seeking any information on the Peake's & Guietti's of Nebraska. My mother was Evelyn Guietti Peake. She was born January 3, 1917. A copy of her Form SS-5 shows her place of birth as Loistown, Nebraska. Her father's name was Abner Joshua Peake and her mother's name was Josephine Guietti (Josephine Guietti Peake or Josephine Lillian Peake ). I had NE do a search for a birth cetificate for my mother, but they were not able to find one. They said this was not uncommon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tammy Denstad <> 30 Jun 1999
8 Jul 1999 - Response from Bill Wever:
1920 Nebraska Census ED 10 Sheet 13 Line 39 Hastings, Adams Co, NE; Hewitt Ave 905

Peak, Abner J








Middleton, Sophia

step dau-in-law




step dau



Peak, Abner










2 yr, 11 mos.


PECK, WHITE, CARY *** Redirected to Webster Co.
Looking for ancestor Albert PECK, Amanda PECK (CARY), Nora WHITE (PECK). Nora married Thomas White 2 Feb 1893, Redcloud, Webster, NE. Albert & Amanda were born in Alabama but I have no information for them except for their marriage in 1871 in Madison Co., AL. Apparently, they immigrated to NE but I have no other information.
Jennifer Wolverton <> 21 Nov 1999
Response from BW, 23 Nov 1999 - Found in 1900 census, Webster Co. Red Cloud ED 174 p 19 Line 94
White Thomas b Nov 1870 IA, Nora b Feb 1874 AL, Ella b July 1893 NE, Terressa b Feb 1895 NE, Paul b Jan 1895 NE. This family not on 1920 census in Webster Co. I did not find anything on wife's parents.

Evelyn PETERSON: Born in Holstein, NE in approx. 1911-1913 time frame. Parents names were Andrew & Mary PETERSON. Evelyn had other siblings, names unknown. Parents were farmers and eventually went to Holyoke, CO. They were located there in 1933. It is possible & probable that this family lived in other NE counties on their way to Colorado. Please help! Thanks,
Erin Proctor, CO <> 28 Mar 1999
2 Apr 1999 from BW: Nowhere on the 1920 census did I find any Andrew and Mary Peterson with or without a daughter Evelyn. I looked at 1910 Holstein and didn't find the family there. Maybe he didn't use the name Andrew?

Am looking for descendants of August PETERSON who emigrated to the US in the 1880's from Skaraborg, Sweden. His father's name was Carl PETERSON. August had brothers named Oscar PETERSON(who changed his name to George CARLSON), (Carl) Herman PETERSON, and a sister named Mathilda Sophia PETERSON. Mathilda married Charles T. SWANSON and they lived in St. Hilaire, MN in northwestern MN. (Carl) Herman lived near there also. August had 9 sons. I am not sure of where he lived in NE maybe near Norfolk???
Linda Swanson <> 06 Aug 1999
Added 8 Aug - August Peterson was born about 1855-1865, was living in NE in early 1880's. Had nine boys. That's all that is known for now!

I am searching for information about James Herbert POLLAND from Scotland. His wife was Francis KAY from England. She was the daughter of Samuel KAY. I know they lived in NE during the years of 1869-1870 and maybe longer. They have a son who was born in NE. James Samuel POLLAND b 1/15/1869. They moved to CA sometime before 1876. Any information would be helpful. Thank You.
Jeanie McKoy <> 12 Apr 1999
14 Apr 1999 Response from BW: No occurrance of surname Polland in 1870 NE census. Sorry.

REED, EVANS *** Redirected to Polk Co.
My Grandmother, Carrie E. REED was born 14 Mar 1892 "at Silver Creek, NE" according to her Social Security application. A check of the 1900 Merrick County census does NOT find her family there. Her Father was L. John REED or John L. REED (born c1851 in IL) & her Mother Lillie C EVANS REED (born c1859 in Iowa). It is believed that Carrie was one of seven children. Family Tree Maker World Family Tree # 1876 has a Carry REED with parents L. John Reed and Lillian C. Evans - says they are in 1900 Census "V33 ED 103 Sheet 5 Line 81." That ED is not in Merrick County. Would appreciate assistance in finding my Grandmother & her parents.....
Sandy Musser <> 22 Nov 1999
24 Nov 1999 from BW: 1900 Census Valley Pct, Polk Co, NE - ED 103 Sheet 5 Line 81
L John Reed b 2/1851 IL, Lillian b 7/1859 IA, Lora b 3/1884, Lotta b 3 /1884 , Harry b 5/1886, Hattie b 7 /1889, Cary b 3/1892, Dail b 3/1895, Della b 3/1895. All children born NE. Two sets of twins.....All girls except for Harry.

Looking for all members of FLT 3235/3691BMTS that took boot camp at Sampson during Apr-Jun 1954. Donald Mumley <> 19 Jun 1999

Peter Joseph SCHILLER -- Looking for his citizenship papers. Lived in Nebraska at least 1887-? Was naturalized in 1896. Born Rheinbreitbach, Germany, 24 Sept. 1866. Came to U.S. about 1886. Was in El Reno, Oklahoma by 1900 and after that I know all about him. Searching for the declaration & naturalization, hope to learn the port of embarkation, date. Thanks,
LaVonne Aldag <> 9 Oct 1999
13 Oct 1999 from BW: I can confirm that Peter Joseph Schiller did NOT show up on the Western Iowa and Nebraska naturalization records collection at NSHS. Please try NARA branch at Kansas City.


Edgar Alivador SHADBOLT says on sons record of funeral, Edgar born in NE 9-6-1876. Parents were William and Dora (GARDNER) SHADBOLT. Thank you.
John W. Shadbolt <> 30 Mar 1999
2 Apr 1999 from BW: Bio in Compendium...Western NE. In short , info about Hubert & George SHADBOLT,who bought interest in a ranch in Cherry Co Jan.1, 1886. The two brothers were born in Sheboygan Co, WI. Hubert, the older of the two moved to Emmetsburg, IA...nothing more stated. George left home about 1876-77 & made his way west spending 4 years in Colorado....went furthur west - as far as Oregon; returned to NE and ranching in Cherry Co. He was single in 1900; married in 1904 and would have been 45 years of age....Nothing about this being anything other then a first marriage. No mention of other family members.


I am looking for someone who can put me in touch with a person who went by "Pinky", his last name is possibly Skibinski. His mothers name is Laverne and she married a Virgil Holloway in Omaha, Ne in 1943-45 at this time Pinky was about 3 years old.
Bonnie Blaine <> 15 Jan 1999
Recommendation: Try using one of the on-line telephone directories to seek persons with this surname in Omaha.

SMELSER, SMELTZER *** Redirected to Pawnee Co.
Solomon SMELSER b ca 1845 in Carroll Co, MD, m Henrietta Kretzer of Jefferson Co, VA ca 1867; and subsequently lived in IO before he lived in NE ca 1880-1900. He d 1907 in Meade Co, KS. He is listed as being a member [SMELTZER] in the NE GAR, without a post #; family hx says he worked 'part time' on the Rock Island RR; there are Smelsers in the resource references for Nemaha, Polk, Clay and Richardson Cos in NE, but none of these specifically name him. His ch were born 1870-1881, none of these died in NE.
   He is not related to the C. W., or Ephraim SMELSER of Osceola and Stromsburg, NE. Can anyone help with where he lived?
trudie davis-long <>7 Aug 1999
10 Aug 1999 from B Wever: S S Smeltzer.... husband of the former Miss Henrietta Kretzer was a resident of Plains, KS. Mr. Smeltzer died June 18, 1904 at a hospital in Leavenworth, KS. He was a former resident of Steinauer, NE moving to Plains, KS two years earlier. He was indeed connected with the Rock Island RR. Have his obit from the Steinauer newspaper.

I am looking for any information on the SPARKS family.The only first name I know is the mother Jane Mary born in 1915.The father, born in 1909 was/is? a factory foreman by trade. They had at least 7 children . The oldest a son born 1940 probably became a catholic priest.Then births 1941, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1951, 1954. Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
Alicia Olson Lamb <> 8 Jun 1999
18 Jun 1999 - Have sent address for Catholic office that may be able to help locate the eldest son. BW.

STEELE **** Lancaster Co in 1900
Dr. Patrick H. Steele, born 1844 Ohio. Looking for location of Dr. Steele circa 1890 to 1900 (no NE census data in my area). From 1873 to 1886 he was town doctor of Beaver Crossing, Seward Co., Nebr.; then he disappears for 24 years. Believe he remained in NE, possibly Kearney or University Place. He served in Union army in Civil war and may be in the 1890 Special Census of Union war veterans.
Robert M. White <> 21 May 1999
22 May 1999 Response from BW - Dr. & Mrs. Steele at University Place (near Lincoln, Lancaster County) in 1900 Census, but not there in 1910.

STINCHCOMB ****Saunders & Adams Counties
Any information on William Allen STINCHCOMB or Allen STINCHCOMB. Late 1800s. He worked for a newspaper. I heard from family my grandmother Marie Stinchcomb was born in Hastings. Cannot find record. Any information appreciated. Thanks.
Judy Hofstetter E-mail 7 Jun 1999
12 Jun 1999: Response from BW - Saunders County Independent Thursday Dec 19, 1878 Death of Major J W. Stinchcomb...well known newspaper writer and politician .. .death occurred in this city. His son Will arrived from Saunders county and will proceed to Adams county today for the burial. (Saunders paper copied notice from Lincoln Journal) This was the essence of the notice, not that many particulars. William Stinchcomb was not on the 1900 census.

I am trying to locate ancestors of the Donald J. Tarpenning family. The following is all I can determine at this time: Donald Tarpenning was born July 21, 1913 in Richey, Montana to John D. and Geniveve Eldridge Tarpenning. John D. Tarpenning and Geniveve Tarpenning had previously lived in a mud sod, "soddy," house in Nebraska. The story is that John ran a foot race against a local Indian and won. The Indian gave John his deer hide moccasins as a prize. These moccasins remained in the family for many years. The John D. Tarpenning family moved from Nebraska to Richey, Montana, where Donald J. was born, to Anchorage, Alaska then to Roy, Washington. John D. was a carpenter and built many houses in the Roy, WA area. Donald married Moryne Christensen, 1936 in Tacoma, WA. He died 1954, in Portland, Oregon.
Thank you in advance, Bill Root <> 18 Oct 2000

I am posting this query for a friend in Denmark. T Hansen
Seeking any information about Ivar TONNESEN, born Jan. 25, 1860, So. Stenderup parish, Denmark. Ivar Tonnesen gave his occupation as farm-hand, when he emigrated in mid-February, 1888 together with his brother, Claus. They went to Chicago first. Last known residence of Ivan was Nebraska. Additional info: In 1979 a couple in their 60'es from Nebraska visited a farm in Sdr. Stenderup, where there once were Tonnesen's, but the present owner did not know of our relation and the NE-people went off without result and without leaving an address.The couple had not the name Tonnesen (A daughter's child and his/her spouse?). Does anyone know of his descendants, his wife? All information is welcome. Please reply to:
H. Due-Hansen <> 11 May 1999
Response from BW: Sought name in census, Gazetteer, Sitler for NE. Two people with this surname in IA that filed for naturalization after 1900. Sorry - can't find Ivar in NE.


William Jackson WILLIAMS b Nov 17, 1872, NE; died Mar 23, 1925 in Shawnee, OK. Married Lydia Lanora Eddy from Arkansas. Family moved to Apache, Indian Territory by 1904. W.J. WILLIAMS had six siblings, Benjamin, Hiram, Ida Ellen, Myrtle, Minnie and Hattie. He had an Aunt named Annie BARTON. Have no other information on W.J. Williams.
Bernie Cooper <> 30 Apr 1999
4 May 1999, response from BW - Could not find W. J. Williams in soundex for 1880 or 1900 census of NE.

I am looking for any information on John Cleveland WILSON. Here is what I have already. I know he married a lady named Sarah Jane RIDGEWAY and that they had about 3 children maybe more. Also John Cleveland Wilson was killed in a windmill accident in either Nebraska or Kansas. I also know that one of his children, John Fred Wilson, my great-grandfather, was born in Wyoming. I wish I had more to go on but that is all. If anyone has any leads please e-mail. Thank you
Donna Wilson-Chism <> 2 Sep 1999

I just found that my great-grandfather had two sisters who married and moved to NE. Their names were: Emma WINK who married Henry MONSTERMAN.
Elizabeth WINK who married A. MILLER.
The sisters were from Iowa, the only brother I have found was born in 1871. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
Nola Fanger <> 28 May 1999
Response from BW at Lincoln - 1920 census: Emma Munsterman 59 born Iowa living in Norfolk, Madison Co NE. She was a widow. Her father born Hanover...mother born Mecklenberg.

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