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Elmer B. ABEL, b. 16 Aug 1898 Keokuk Co, Iowa - d. Aug 1965 Nebraska (son of Christopher Columbus ABEL & Elizabeth Emiline KIRBY). Widower of both Fern & Freda LOCKE (sisters) from Keokuk Co, Iowa. Want to know if he remarried and place of burial.
Dianne Underwood <> 15 Apr 2001 (additional info & email change done in Mar 2005)


I am seeking information on the George M. ANNABLE family who were in Nebraska 1893-1897. Wife was Elizabeth POWEL, b. Wales, abt. 1857. George M. ANNABLE was b. 23 Sept 1867 in Hillsdale, Michigan.
Parents: Cornelius J. ANNABLE and Emma Calista VAN SICLEN ANNABLE.
Children: Clarence, b. Jan. 1892; Myrtle E. ANNABLE b. May 1894; Minnie C.ANNABLE b. Jan. 1896. Any information regarding the location of this family in Nebraska, or other pertinent information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
Rose Higgins <> 16 Jan 2001

Would appreciate information on John BAGGOTT, b 1849, m Kate NOONAN, and Joseph BAGGOTT, b 1856 m Edith HENSE. John and Joseph are sons of Edmund and Margaret BAGGOTT, who settled in Jewell Co, KS, in 1870's. Have info to share.
Kent Bailey <> 11 Apr 2001

Belknap: A Belknap Genealogy by E. Clinton Belknap - Lincoln, Nebraska 1974. I think that this book has some of my "Belknap" family ancestry. Am also searching for a copy of this book.
Belknap, Samuel/Mary Dickinson m. 1723
Belknap, Samuel/Mary Newton m. 1754
Belknap, Jonas/Esther Parker m. 1783
Belknap, Jonas/Mary Garlinghouse m. 1813
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maego Wicker  <>  15 Nov 2001
Response: Write to NE State Historical Society. All Family Histories donated to them have been catalogued.


BITTERS *** Redirected to Hamilton County
Frederick L. BITTERS, born July, 1873 in Nebraska. Married Minnie (Hall nee Hedges?) in 1897, probably in IL. His Father was born in New Jersey & Mother was born in Ohio. Lived in Fulton County, Illinois in 1900. Would appreciate any information at all and will share information as well. Thanks so much, Pam Wegner <> 24 Apr 2001
1 May response from Bill Wever in Lincoln:  1880 Census, Hamilton Co. NE Valley Pct.
ED 103 p1 line 44 - Bitters, Harry, 53, bn NJ; Bitters, Harriet, wife, 47, bn Ohio; Bice, Armindes L, s d, 13, bn IA; Bice, Johnny L, s, 11, bn IA; Bitters, Frederick, s, 6, bn NE; Bitters, Charles, n r, 25, IL; Bitters, Margaret, wife, 22, bn IN; Bitters, Clarinda, 1/24, NE.

BLAKE, FLICKINGER *** Redirected to Keya Paha County
Looking for information on parents of Eugene E. BLAKE, b. March 5, 1874 in Nebraska. Married Phoebe Ann FLICKINGER 1893. Siblings of Eugene were Hugh, Earl, Fannie, and Ruby. Eugene moved to Pennsylvania but his parents remained in Nebraska.
Nancy Black  <> 24 Mar 2001
28 Mar 2001 from Bill Wever
Dakota county, NE 1880 census -St. John's Summit and Regions Pct ED 67 p7 line 10
William Blake, 31, b VT; Annette 28 WI; Fanny 8 NE; Eugene 6 NE
Keya Paha county, 1900 census - Garfield Pct ED 139 Sht 4 line 47
William Blake b Apr 1849, 51 VT; Annette Dec 1891, 48 WI; Hugh Sept 1880, 19 NE; Earl Jul 1883, 16 NE; Ruby Sept 1885, 14 NE.
Per 1920 Census: Hugh was in Keya Paha county, Earl in Ainsworth, Brown county.
Recent history of Keha Paya County incls a BLAKE family history - please write to local library or historical society to secure a copy. Recommend posting your query to Keya Paha County.

Wilberforce BOGGS b.1839 OH to James & Sarah ORR BOGGS m 1834 in Washinton Co. PA; father & son were Presbyterian ministers. W. was living in NE in 1903 when his brother Theodore died in SE Iowa. His mother & sister survived in NJ. Other siblings James R. B. 1838 PA; Mary M. b. 1843 OH; Caroline b. 1846 OH; and Theodore b. 1849 OH Seeking deathdate and burial of W. and siblings.
Pat Sincox <> 11 Sep 2000

BRADWAY, MOORE, plus LITTEN/LITTON - *** Redirected to Saline, & Lancaster Counties
Looking for Stephen BRADWAY and his wife, Margaret MOORE who came to Nebraska about 1896 from Illinois. They came with their daughter, Margaret and her husband, Pete.
Nancy Yeakel Bender <> 16 Mar 2001
17 Mar 2001: Bill was not able to locate any BRADWAYs in 1900 or 1920 Census, or in other resources consulted at NSHS Library.
18 Mar 2001: Additional info from Nancy - According to LDS - IGI - Daughter Margaret was married to Silas Dayton LITTEN/LITTON in IL. Mr. LITTEN died in 1945 at Weeping Water, NE.
19 Mar 2001: Bill says, No LITTEN/LITTON in burial records of Cass County. Newspaper for Weeping Water was NOT microfilmed 1941-1949. Recommend attempt to get death certificate from NE State Vitals. Further info 21 March from Bill -
>Per the 1900 Census the Silas Litten family was living in Brush Creek Pct of Saline Co, NE ... ED 106, Sht 3, Line 50. 7 children in the household age ranging 1 mo. old to 15 years...
>Per the 1920 census the Silas Litten family was living in Lancaster county, Lincoln, 2415 Garfield Street .... ED 77, Sht 8, Line 36. There were 4 children in the household under 20 yrs of age.
>I have looked at 2 obits of Margaret who died in Sep 1952...a resident of Lincoln, she was buried in Saline Co. Widow. One of the obits carried a picture.
>Obit of a son......Wm N. states he was born in 1887, Devalon, IL. His death was Sep 27, 1970 - a farmer in the Bennet, NE area, a short distance SE of Lincoln.

Joseph and Samuel BOOTHBY: brief family story relates they were murdered in Nebraska sometime after 1880's. Circumstances unknown. Last known to be in the Woodbury, Plymouth Co.area of Iowa in 1880. Would appreciate any leads to information.
Phyllis Dearborn <> 30 Mar 2001


Searching for a great-granddaughter of S.K. and Sadie (FARNAM?) BROWN, early pioneers in NE. Family moved to Colorado, county unknown in 1930's. Have information for descendants.
Betty Hoppe-Stevens <> 16 Sep 2000

I am researching Emmer D. Carman, I believe he is the father of Agnes Hannah Carman, who married James Marker in Nodaway County, MO in 1879. Emmer D. Carman died in Johnson County, NE in 1884. He had three children born in NE between 1869-1874. I need to find him in 1870 to prove he is the father of Agnes Hannah Carman. I appreciate any help
Clara Rolen <> 31 Mar 2000

CARROLL *** redirected to Dawson, Lincoln, & Fillmore Cos.
Seeking my gr-gr grandparents Lawrence and Anne CARROLL, born in Ireland 1815 and 1819. They came to Nebraska between 1870 and 1877 with sons Lawrence and Hubert and possibly William and Wilson. I would like to know the date of death and place of burial and also the marriage of Lawrence Dunlap Carroll. Thanks.
Doris Dilbone <> 11 Mar 2000
     Additional info: Lawrence Dunlap Carroll is buried in Brady, Lincoln Co., NE and Hubert was married in Fairmont, Fillmore Co., NE. Have not been able to learn where family first settled. Have checked through cemetery lists and cannot find any listing for the parents - they do not appear in areas where the two sons are known to have lived. Doris is going to try "best match" by NE State Vitals office for death certificates. (See NE Records page for credit card ordering link.)
15 Mar 2000 response from BW:
     2 Oct. 1890 Lawrence Carroll age 46 resident of Frontier county, NE bn VT, son of Larence Carroll and Ann Bantuff was married in Lincoln county, NE. This man and his family was on the 1900 census in Lincoln county.
     A family history of George Dewey Carroll, son of Lawrence & Alma Johnson Carroll was found in a Brady, NE history book. Another short history of Dale Carroll, the son of George Dewey Carroll was also in the book.
     Therefore, we have Dale Carroll, George Dewey Carroll, Lawrence Carroll, Lawrence Carroll .... and Frontier Co is thrown into the mix.
     It seems like Hubert was a long time resident of Fillmore county as he was there as a 26 yr old married man on the 1880 census.
    I did not find either Lawrence or Ann Carroll on the 1900 census. Nothing located on William and Wilson Carroll.
26 & 27 Mar 2000: Doris was contacted by another researcher, & has learned there were a dozen children in the CARROLL family. The parents & 7 children went to NE, one went to KS, one died and three stayed in OH. In NE they were found in Dawson, Lincoln and Fillmore Cos., "although some of them kept bouncing back and forth to Kansas, I think".

Searching Dowden/Dowland surname dates abt 1880-1910. Were Baptists. Surnames connected maybe CARTER, HUGHS, PENNER, SIMPSON, WILLIAMS.
Betty <>  26 Apr 2000


CRANDELL, PRAWL *** redirected to Adams County
Looking for my father's sister Viola M. CRANDELL PRAWL. Born 2 May 1911 in Neb. My father was Harley O. CRANDELL. Thier parents were Orland CRANDELL and Viola CAMPBELL CRANDELL . Believe she was in NE in 1960 when my father died.
Helen Wilson <> 27 Jan 2000
8 Feb 2000: Jan. 11, 1935 Edgar Sun had the obit of Orland Crandell. Surviving children are Frank of Ogallala, Joe of Bushwell, Albert of Oak and Harley of Edgemont, OR, and three daughters ...May, Merl and Marie ...all of Hastings, NE. Two sons and 3 daughters were deceased. One of these daughters must be Viola M who married a PRAWL. Check for marriage records in Clay & Adams County. Groom's residence may give clue to later location. BW.

John CRAWFORD and Alice FITCH parents of George L. CRAWFORD,who was born 1-17-1887 in NE, location unknown. George moved to Toledo, married Nellie G. Krout, first child born, Nellie Elizabeth Crawford on 7-20-1916, brother Vinton, and sister Edna Alice ... please help in my search for family in Nebraska
Deborah S. Stanley <> 4 Dec 2000
Response from BW: Not found in 1900 Census, will try something else.
8 Dec 2000 - Think research should be focused on Custer, Pawnee & Holt Counties - check 1890 Gazetteer (which is posted on-line).


Amelia DERRY married Nathan PARKER 1 July 1859 in Fontanelle, Washington Co., NE. They were on the 1860 census in Washington Co. ... I lost track of them after that. She is said to have died 1873 in Madison Co., NE but I can't find this. I don't know when or where Nathan died. I would like to find them and their deaths. Thank you for your help, you have been of great help to me in the past.
Linda Hedlund <> 4 Feb 2001
Response: Search of newly published (book) 1870 NE census - these people not found. Not found in published cemetery extracts of Madison Co., or obit files at NSHS Library. Sorry - BW


Found in 1860 census of Shelby Co, Indiana: Elias C. DRAKE (age 50), Harriet (SMITH) DRAKE (age 48), Clarissa and Martha Drake (18 yrs); Diantha Drake (14 yrs) and Elias A. DRAKE (11 yrs). They moved to NE thereafter. Looking for: Clarissa Drake PIGG, Martha Drake WHARTON, Diantha Drake PIGG and Elias Alexander DRAKE. I would be pleased to know where they lived. Thanks.
Dorcas Beaver <> 06 Jan 2001
10 Jan 2001: Bill searched the newly published index to the 1870 Census of NE and found only "Jonathan Drake - Indiana", none of the people named in your query appeared. Sorry!
You might try NEGenWeb Project Search Engine which includes a number of data files scattered about on NEGenWeb Project.

EGBERT, Walter O. and Nettie S. TURNER/EGBERT left Bourbon Co., KS after 1887 when son Claude was born and were in NE by September 1889 when daughter Eluro (spelling?) was born. They then left NE and went to Springfield, MO in time for daughter Jessie Olive to be born July 1894.
   Nettie had TURNER siblings: Charles, Ella, Dell, Orson, Joseph, and Silas. Her parents were Orson A. TURNER and Sarilda Jane ANDERSON.
   Nettie was born 1871 in Illinois and Walter was born 1866 in Ohio.
Michelle Roberts <> 5 Feb 2000
9 Feb 2000: Check of surnames list on CoUnk shows records for this surname available in half a dozen counties. The Nance census for 1880 is wrong time frame & not a match. Recommend checking the other county records listed. Another recommendation, check farmer's & business lists in 1890 NE State Gazetteer.

EVANS, WRIGHT *** Redirected to Thomas County
Looking for Robert Evans and Lulu Wright Evans. Their daughter Aida Jeanette Evans was born in NE in 1891. Would like location and birth record. Robert was a NY Civil War Veteran, died at Soldier's & Sailor's Home, in 1934... Thank You.
Robin Krebs <> 01 May 2001
5 May 2001 from Bill Wever - There is a Robert Evans with two terms of service in the Civil War according to the 1890 census. He was living in Thedford, Thomas, NE. The first enlistment was in Company A, 56 Regiment PA ... The second was Sgt. Company D, NY enlisted Aug 16, 1863 and discharged Aug 16, 1865. I could find nothing on the 1900 census.

Oliver LOOMIS married Eliza FARAGHER in late 1880 in Jones Co., IA. They moved to NE. In 1900, Eliza FARAGHER is back with her father in Jones Co., IA. Our assumption is that Oliver LOOMIS died between 1895 and 1900 in NE. There is a 1895 state census in Iowa and Eliza is not listed with her father. Since there is no 1890 census that survived, is there another way to determine where Oliver and Eliza (FARAGHER) Loomis lived?
Joanne Wilken <> 28 Jul 2000


FOWLKES *** Redirected to Otoe County
FOWLKES, Dr. Richard Blunt (Blount). Died between 1911 and 1920, possibly 1915. born 8 Jan. 1856, Hickman Co., TN. Dr. FOWLKES and a son Dewey lived in NE and it was reported that Dr. Fowlkes was in very poor health at that time. Looking for date and place of death, place of burial. Any reference to Richard Blunt (Blount) Fowlkes or Dewey Fowlkes would be most appreciated.
Martha Stewart Geyer <> 09 Nov 2000
17 Nov 2000 Response from BW: A search was made of 1900 and 1920 census. Neither name was found. At the Nebraska State Historical Society Library Archives in hallway card file was mention of cemetery in Otoe county known as the Fowlkes cemetery.
   The cemetery is located in a field near Nebraska City. In the 1950s, this cemetery (which had been neglected) is noted by article in the Nebraska City Newspress as restored by descendents of William Fowlkes who came from IA after the Civil War. Article mentioned that a local historian told a family member that he recalled being told by William years before that he (William) had been born in Hickman, KY (lots of info about William, he died 1880 in Otoe Co).

FYE, ZETTLE *** Redirected to Hamilton and/or Butler Counties.
I'm searching for information my ggg-grandfather, John Fye, b.mid-1820's in Centre Co., PA. John Fye had a sister, Rebecca m'd to George Zettle and a sister, Sarah m'd to John Zettle. Both sisters were m'd in Centre Co., PA. John, Rebecca & Sarah are believed to also have had a brother, David Fye. It is believed that the above were the children of David Fye, b. in Centre Co., PA, d. in IL. John and Sarah (Fye) Zettle and Sarah's brother John Fye, supposedly left IL and went to Nebraska thereafter.
Beverly K. Brooks <> 31 Mar 2001
12 Sep 2002: Lori Laird (coordinator for Gage County) found two families headed by "John Fye" in the 1880 census and provided extracts which were forwarded to Beverly. One family was at Grant, Hamilton County and the other at Reading, Butler County. Both families PA and IL connections.

Seeking William H. GORDON family who lived in NE in 1885, county unknown. William H. was born in GA in 1839/49. He served in the Civil War, Confederate. He married Margaret May LOHR (date, place unknown) in the 1880's. She had children LuLu Lohr and George Lohr. William H. and Margaret had son Huston William born in NE March 1885. It is not known how long they lived in NE prior to 1885. Place of birth for Huston is listed on family sheet as both "near Loup City" and "near Hastings". William H. was likely a farmer. The Gordon's moved to the Black Hills in a covered wagon in 1886. Did William and Margaret marry in NE? Where in NE was Huston born? Seeking any information re: this family. Thank you.
Margaret Gordon Reed <> 14 Jun 2000

GOUNDIE *** redirected to Thayer Co.
Looking for any information. Possibly settled in Thayer Co, NE from Germany around 1870. Also GOUNDIE noted in PA and TX.
Linda Goundie Laine <> 20 Feb 2000
21 Feb 2000: Two Goundies appear in 1890 NE State Gazetteer farmer's list for Thayer County. Please post a query there, and check through the other data files.

GRAVATT *** redirected to Pawnee Co.
GRAVATT, Mary Elizabeth. Looking for any information on my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Gravatt born about 1870 in Freece Mill, Nebraska. Anyone know where Freece Mill was or anything about this family?
Jean Muhleman  ( 17 Dec 2000
19 Dec 2000 Response - Bill found the Gravatt family in a 1870 census, living in Pawnee County near a man named "John Fries" that owned a mill. PO address: Pawnee City. Henry Gravatt age 41 b TN, wife Nancy age 35 b VA - with 6 children ranging in age from 2 to 17 born in four states...the last NE. (4 yr old twins). Note child Elizabeth, 15 b KY. No Gravatt found in 1880 Census.

Looking for any information on the following persons. GRIFFIN, Charles H. father b.abt.July 1846, GRIFFIN, Eliza A. mother, b.abt.April 1845, 7 children, GRIFFIN, Hattie, daughter, b.abt April 1884,b. NE GRIFFIN, Ruby, daughter, b.abt March 1885,b. NE, GRIFFIN, Egbert, son, b abt July 1887,b.NE
Scott Griffen <> 21 Mar 2001
25 Mar 2001 - All I could find was a C H Griffin in Gage county in the 1885/86 Wolfe's Business Gazetteer. This person was a farmer with Beatrice, NE as his mailing address. He was .... not found on the 1890 gazetteer for same location. I did spend some time searching the 1885 State census, Beatrice precinct, no luck. - BW
Note: To check 1890 for other counties:

My gr-gr-grandparents, Wencl & Theresia HABERMAN, immigrated from Ceska Trebova, Bohemia in 1870. On the ship's manifest, they stated that NE was their destination. It is likely that they chose NE as a result of letters from relatives or friends who had previously settled there as well as the availability of 'cheap' land. I am looking for the location(s) where they would have most likely been headed in 1870. I am also searching for links to relatives who might have settled in NE. In advance, thanks.
John Haberman  <> 20 Oct 2000
Recommend starting with "History of Czechs (Bohemians) in Nebraska" by Rose Rosicky.
Please see NEGenWeb Project Ethnic page for link.

HAUSSER, SCHLECHT *** redirected to Platte County
The only information I have is a Johan Jacob HAUSSER born in 1822 in Wuertemberg, Germany settled somewhere in Nebraska. Wife's name was Anna Catharina GRAF, daughters name was Christine Catharina HAUSER, who married a Johannes SCHLECHT. If any one knows of these families would like to correspond.
Harold Simpson <> 28 Jan 2000
Response: These surnames occur in Platte County, NE. Please check with the county coordinator there.

Looking for Julius A. Herman, born abt 1875, NE. Not sure what county. Married & moved to Idaho bef. 1914. Have land patent. May have been related to an Emil and Minnie Herman. Both from NE. Can not seem to locate any info on either family. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS.
Deanna Grimes <> 27 Jun 2000


My GGrandfather, Shelby Grant Hill, was reported to have been born in Owen Station, NE on October 24, 1891. He was born to William J and Mary Ellen Hill. Later, he moved to Colorado where he married Lulu May Laudeman in Colorado Springs, CO on July 1, 1914. Would anyone know in what county Owen Station is? I cannot seem to find it on any map. Any info would be appreciated.
Dawn Johnson <> 1 May 2001
Response 7 May 2001: Could not find Owen Station in "Perkey's Nebraska Place Names" or 1895 Atlas posted by Pam Rietsch <>. Bill Wever could not find any info about this location either. He did not find the family in the 1900 Census. Sorry!

HOMPES / HUMPES *** redirected to Lancaster County
I am researching the Hompes/Humpes family. Joe J. HUMPES was a Doctor educated in Germany and practiced medicine in Nebraska. He donated his estate to the State of Nebraska. I am searching for information on him and family. He married Elma Marie Chambers sister of Maranda Jane (Chambers) Muse who was my Great Grandmother. The only evidence I have is a family reunion photo of the Muse-Humpes families circa 1920, Sparks Kansas. Any help would be Greatly appreciated.
Mitchell K. Muse <> 18 Feb 2000
Reply: Dr. Hompes was eye surgeon that lived in Lincoln. Best documentation is probably available through the local genealogy society and the Lincoln Library.

HURD, HIGH - *** Redirected to Cheyenne County
HIGH, Robert and HURD, Helen. Married around 1916 in Nebraska. Robert was born between 1880-1882 in Illinois, and Helen was born between 1884-1885 in Nebraska. Any information about either individual would be helpful.
Deanne <> 08 Apr 2001
14 Apr 2001 from Bill Wever:
1920 Census Cheyenne County, NE City of Sidney - ED 72, Sht 29 Line 35
High, Robert  40 b IL
High, Helen   25 b NE
Please post query on Cheyenne Co website to continue your research.

Looking for information on my great-grandparents. Jackson A. WITTENMYER died somewhere in NE on April 27, 1894; and his wife, Martha HOOPER WITTENMYER died on Feb.16, 1893 somewhere in Nebraska. Would like to find a copy of their obits and/or death certificates if possible.
Darla Knights <> 10 Aug 2000


HUNTER *** redirected (by own research!) to Clay County
I'm having trouble finding my Grandmothers line, Esther May HUNTER. I know she was born 1888-1889 in NE, but I don't know where or the exact date. I have a copy of the 1910 census in Idaho, and its very limited for info. It shows her as Ellie May but my brother was sure it was Esther May. Shows age as 21 & 1/2. So I'm guessing 1888/89 for birth year. She married John Web SCOTT in 1906/7. But, he was born in Missouri so I'm assuming they met in Idaho. I'm looking for her grave now and can update the info later.
Ricky Scott <> 14 Jun 2000
21 Jun 2000 Additions - The 1910 Census was incorrect as to age. Her name was Esther H. May Hunter. Born 7 April 1891. Died 3 Sept 1966. According to the obituary at the age of 2 she traveled to Twisp, WA on a Covered with her family. Now here is where its weird. The obit gave her dads name as John SWAN and her Mother as Rosella Rhineheart. Plus her two brothers Elmer Hunter and William Hunter. Divorce/Death ???? I did a SSDI search & nothing is there. Since she was a housewife, she may not have had one.
More: Thanks for recommendation to get obits - got Grandmother's and others. Now know about additional children (some confusion in some obits about names & places). Three children were born at Harvard, Clay Co, NE. Turns out the Father's name was John Swan HUNTER.

Joy Edward JAMISON. Looking for information on my grandfather who migrated to California. Born Nebraska late 1800's; married Bessie Alice Stump from Kansas. They had three children, Relna (later changed to Wray), Warren William, and Gordon Levi (later changed to Lee Gordon). Joy worked for the railroad and died from injuries sustained while working. Joy or his father were said to have had some involvement in the discovery of the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.
Joan Jamison Kerr <> 8 Apr 2001
Note: Recommended reviewing the history of Carlsbad Caverns for clues.


I am searching for the birthplace of Roscoe Virgil Jones ... all I know is that he was born in NE & married in CA...worked for the railroad. Related to Jones family with migration pattern: Wales> Virginia> Pennsylvania> Illinois> Nebraska> (Some say Texas) >California ....His date of birth: 11 June 1901. Mother's maiden name: SANDY. Died in Los Angeles 21 Aug 1944, age 44 yrs. SSN: 700-09-0586. He married Edna Mae Trebilcock in CA 2 Apr 1926. Thank you for taking time to respond
Susan <> 1 Sep 2000

Searching for information on William Clark KENNERLY (CSA) of St. Louis, MO. Have three birthplaces on him, one as Ft. Atkinson, Neb., Nov. 2, 1824. Searching for confirmation and informaiton on Ft. Atkinson. Jean Moore <> 23 Mar 2000
Response 31 Mar 2000: From a book review at NSHS - "Persimmon Hill: A Narrative of Old St Louis and the Far West." By William Clark Kennerly as told to Elizabeth Russell. (Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1949. 273 pp. Introduction, illustations, appendices and Index. $3.75) First line of 2nd paragraph....."William Clark Kennerly was born in 1824 at Fort Atkinson, first military post west of the Missouri where his father James Kennerly, was sutler for several years." Trying to find a copy of book. - BW

KODES and URIDILOVA from Ostruzno. World wide anytime. Josef KODES married Mercilie URIDILOVA; son Josef KODES married Marie KOLAROVA. He was a farmer in Ostruzno at No. 13. KOLARS and URIDILS were known to have migrated to Nebraska. Please contact, will be happy to share information on URIDIL lines.
Thank you, Bev Aylor <> 04 Sep 2001
Recommend "The History of the Czech's in Nebraska" by Rose Rosicky.
See Ethnic Page for link to this book & other material related to Czech research.


LAUDEMAN - see Hill

Looking for my Half-Sister. Father was LeRoy L. Lawrence b: 8/9/1913, d:9/8/1971. My half sister's name was Judy or Judith (I think) would have been born about 1931-1940. The family lived around Clinton, IA. Grandparents names were Leo Lawrence and Mable Grace Provin Lawrence. Judy or Judith, if you are out there you have two younger brothers and a younger sister. Dad left us too - at a very young age. please contact me. Jimmy Lawrence <> 01 Aug 2001

I am looking for information on Alice Mary (Mary Alice) LEE, who was born in IN, moved with her parents to Grinnell, Poweshiek Co., IA in 1870. In 1923, she was listed in her mother's obit, as living in Nebraska--probably married, so would like to know if anyone had her married into their families? No county or town was mentioned in her mother's obit and she was listed only as a daughter, Alice in Nebraska. She was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson LEE and Mary Jane Lucas Lee. Would appreciate anything that may help. Thanks,
Dee Naughton <> 08 Mar 2000
15 Mar 2000 Response from BW: Nothing found, sorry.



Oliver LOOMIS married Eliza FARAGHER in late 1880 in Jones Co., IA. They moved to NE. In 1900, Eliza FARAGHER is back with her father in Jones Co., IA. Our assumption is that Oliver LOOMIS died between 1895 and 1900 in NE. There is a 1895 state census in Iowa and Eliza is not listed with her father. Since there is no 1890 census that survived, is there another way to determine where Oliver and Eliza (FARAGHER) Loomis lived?
Joanne Wilken <> 28 Jul 2000
Response: It will be time consuming to search - but there is a NE State Gazetteer for 1890-1891. Please see:
1890 NE State Gaz (county listings) Each county has a "business list" and a "farmers list". Think we are still not finished with the farmer's lists for Lancaster & Douglas Counties, but volunteers are working on those. Warning - these lists aren't in perfect alpha order! In fact, there is sometimes a name simply "stuck in any old which way"! Recommend you use the "find" feature of your browser. T&C

MACKEY, BIRD *** Redirected to Otoe County
I am looking for information on Abner MACKEY. Believed to have married Nancy Ann BIRD in NE c1865. First child, Charles, born in NE c 1866.
Roger McCumber <> 20 May 2001
Response: Please check the "odd" territorial census extracts found in NE & Midwest Genealogical Record (old journals of defunct society). There is a hot-linked special index.
23 May 2001: I located Abner & Nancy in the 1865 census of Otoe Co. Thanks.

I am trying to track down a family "legend" that my great great uncle Charles Mackie (Mackey) was killed in a tornado in Nebraska. Charles, the son of Mathew D. and Mary E. Hughes Mackie, was born in Illinois in 1878 and I know he was dead by the 1900 census when I found the family in Pennsylvania. Are there any sources listing deaths caused by tornados in Nebraska during this time period?
Gayle Thorpe Baar <> 15 Jun 2001
20 Jun - Cannot find them in 1870 index. "I looked at all of the newspaper indexes I could today and didn't find this name mentioned in any of them." Sorry, BW.


MATSON, DARBY, McALPIN *** Redirected to Thayer Co.
Looking for city of birth for Vera MATSON (MATSON was her maiden name). Her 1994 Death Certificate states she was born in Neb. on July 23, 1909; the 'Soc. Sec. Death Index' corroborates July 23, 1909 as the birthdate. If it helps to trace her birthplace, she was married (1932) to Ken Darby, who was born in Hebron, Neb. (he, too, is now deceased). A sincere 'thank you' to anyone who can help.
MICHAEL D. BRIGHT <> 15 Jun 2000
Additional info: From the CA death index on RootsWeb - Last name: DARBY; First name: VERA; Middle: ALMEDA; D.O.B.: 7-23-1909; Father: MATSON; Mother: McALPIN; State of birth: NE; D.O.D.: 11-09-1994; Place of death: home, Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Age: 85. From other sources, her husband, Kenneth DARBY, was born in Hebron (13 May 1909).
18 Jun 2000 Responses from BW: Vera Matson could not be found in 1920 NE census. Possible she adopted "Vera" as given name as an adult. Her marriage did NOT occur in Thayer County. Mr. Bright will post a query on Thayer Co because he knows Mr. Darby was born there.

13 August 2005 - Vera's parents were John W. Matson and "Nettie" McAlpin.  Found living in Calif. in the 1930 census. Still don't know specific birthplace in NE for Vera.  Michael D. Bright <>

James P. MATSON/Elizabeth ROTHERHAM family 1890-1900 several children were born in Nebraska, counties unknown. Children included Earl William, Emma Maye, Florence Elizabeth. Family later migrated to Kansas, with several children living in Alfafa County, Oklahoma. I am descended thru their son, Samuel Louis. Would like more info about family, am willing to share all info that I have.
Michelle Whitnah <> 18 Aug 2001
Response from Bill Wever: Cannot find them in 1900 Census or 1890 Gazetteer. Sorry.
ADD. Note: Rotherham family found in 1880 Madison County census, widow with several children, but names don't match up. One son turns up in Platte County records at later date. Using
NEGenWeb Project search engine, get 2 pages of Rotherham (mostly Platte Co.), and several pages of links to MATSON (scattered all over the state).

MATTSON - *** Redirected to Dodge County
I am looking for information regarding my geat grandpa John Mattson. He was born in Sweden in 1876 and came to the US with his parents in 1886. They settled in Nebraska at this point before moving to Superior, WI. I am curious about his time in Nebraska; where he lived, how long there, his parents names, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lisa Knuth <> 22 Jul 2001
Additional info: Father of John identified as Perr Mattson. Three sisters: Anna, Cecelia & Hilda. Grandmother states they mentioned Lyons, NE.
2 Aug Response from Bill Wever: Couldn't find them in 1900 Census. Check of newspaper extracts on Burt website, found mention in Dodge County. 1890 Gazetteer shows Matt & John Mattson in Dodge County. Suggest further research focus there.


I am searching for 1860 census information on the family of Henry McAuley, or McCauley. In 1880 AR census data, one of their children is said to have been born abt 1858 in NB and one is said to have been born about 1859 in UTtry (Utah Territory?). The surname has been spelled variously as the above, McCauly, McAllay, etc. Any assistance in locating them in 1860 will be appreciated.
Paul Sabin <> 10 Feb 2001
Response: The extract of the entire 1860 census for NE Territory is posted in the USGenWeb Archives. For links, please see:

I have their marriage date! Nov 28, 1876. John Richard McDonald married Susan A Parsons, en route from Kansas to Colorado. But I don't know the county! Do you have a marriage index for the state? Some other reference that would help me? Thanks a bundle
Cindi Meyer <> 24 Apr 2001 Family genealogy: (website no longer active - 6/30/02)
Response: There is no statewide index to marriages. Each county kept their own records. Migration trails were located along the Platte River - both banks!


Looking for bibles for the following names wigg, mesenbrink, messenbrink, messinbrink,brady, olson, christensen, johnson, zenor, turner.
Cedar Falls, Ia <> 21 Jan 2000
Response: Some bible records have been published in NSGS (NE State Genealogical Society) "Ancestree" (website under construction). NSHS (NE State Historical Society) has index of all bible record extracts deposted with them - see their "genealogy by mail" page.

I have information that my ggg-grandfather died in Union City NE in 1874 at the age of 80 years. For some reason I can't seem to find any information regaurding this or to support this information. Could you please tell me where I could find this information? I can tell you that he was married to Marilla (Belden) MONGAR (have no information on her). I have tried all the archives in Nebraska with no luck. Our soundex code for MONGAR is M526. Any help in locating Josiah MONGAR would be wonderful. I do know that he was born in New York in 1794 and was an early settler of Darke County, Ohio then moved to Union City and died in Nebraska. Thanks for any help that you can give me!
Annette Mongar <> 14 May 2000
Response: There was/is a Union City in Ohio. Review of records led Annette to believe it may have been his wife & children that removed to NE - after his death. She would still like to know where the MONGAR family went in NE.


MORRIS *** Redirected to Butler Co.
I am looking for descendants of "Morgan MORRIS," who lived in Illinois in the 1870s, but relocated to NE. Morgan Morris was born in Ireland in approximately 1852-1853. I am not sure where he located in Nebraska, but he may have descendants in Butler County, David City area. He was a farmer. I am a descendant of his brother. Thank you very much.
John Agricola <> 15 Jan 2000
21 Jan 2000 - reply from Bill Wever
Found in 1880 Census - Butler Co, NE Oak Creek Precinct
M Morris, 36 b Ireland; Mary Morris, 38 b Ireland;
Thomas, 14 b IL; William, 12 b IL; Mary A, 10 b IL; Allace, 8 b IL; Sena, 4 b IL
James, 2 b NE; Joseph, 1 b NE
Not found on 1900 census.

Adam MOSTY born about 1859 in Greensburgh, Summit Co., Ohio. Looking for any information on his family in NE. I have much information to share.
Cerelle H. Hammond <> 16 Feb 2000

NEVLUD *** Found in 1910 Kansas (Jackson County)
August Isidor NEVLUD was born in Czechoslovakia 28 March, 1877 and came to the United States in 1903. I believe he settled in Nebraska because in 1916 he came to Clover City, Idaho, near the town of Buhl in south-central part of the state. Newspaper accounts talked of the many Czechs from Nebraska who were settling on the area's newly-opened farmland. Nevlud farmed until retiring and moving into Buhl in the 1960s. He never married. He died 01 November, 1966 and was survived only by a neice in Marysville, Missouri. He might be listed in the 1910 census, but I have no ready access to index it. If anyone can tell where he lived while in Nebraska, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
John Mutch <> 14 Aug 2001
Note: There is no index to 1910 Census for the state of NE.
3 Feb 2003: from Lori Laird, CC of Gage County, NEGenWeb Project
Found in 1910 Kansas, Jackson County, Washington Twp ED 63 Sheet 8A
"145 146 Nevlud, August, head, m, w, 33, s, Aust, Aust, Aust, 1903, cook in restaurant".

NEWMAN *** redirected to Thayer Co.
Hello, I am looking for a needle in a haystack. I am looking for information on Dr. A. H. NEWMAN (he was a dentist). He was born c 1843 in NY, moved to Porter County IN where he married & had two daughters: Daisy and Neva. He divorced & moved to Nebraska between 1880 and 1883. In 1883 his daughter Neva went to live with him. She was back in Porter County IN by 1891. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Sharlene Boevingloh <> 27 Mar 2000
28 Mar 2000 response from Bill Wever: Check the Hebron page of 1890 Gazetteer on the Thayer County website. Please check other data files, post query there.


I would like to make contact with decendents of Thea OLSON/Victor ANDREASON. Thea was born Jan 7, 1896 in St. James, MN. Their children are Verden, Lorraine, Yvonne and Leonard.
Eugene Beckius <> 27 Mar 2000
28 Mar 2000 from BW: Did not find Victor Andreason on the index to 1920 census. He is not in the 1940 "Who's Who in NE". Sorry. Recommend you check index to 1930 census as soon as it is available (2003)


I am looking for information on Augustus OSBORN(E). (The brother of my gggrandfather William O. OSBORN(E).)  The last I know of him was he was enumerated on the 1870 Douglas County, NE census with P.O. of Valley. He was born about 1843 in IA. On the 1850 Benton Co., IA census, he & his brother William & sister Jerusha were enumerated with James & Sarah CHAMBERS. We think that Sarah was his mother, we don't know their parents. If anyone knows or can tell me anymore on Augustus OSBORN(E), or Jerusha OSBORN(E), please e-mail me. Thanks, all help would be appreciated.
Linda Hedlund <> 22 May 2000


I would like to know if there are families of the Parker and Pitts surnames who are originally from Carter or Greenup Counties, KY.
NJ Horsley  <> 19 Sep 2000


RAUSCH *** Redirected to Platte/Merrick Co.
I am looking for decendants of the RAUSCH family which had buildings, possibly a business in Nebraska. I have several pictures from my great grandmothers collection which say Rausch on the back. Looks like a large farm and another photograph is of some sort of office with typewriters and a telephone. The calendar in this picture appears to say January 1903. There are three people pictured in this photograph. If anyone knows of a business or farm owned by the RAUSCH family, please email me.
Stacy Moorhead <> 16 Jul 2000
On-line records known for this surname:
Platte Co website
1900 Census, Platte Co, St. Bernard Twp, Lindsay - John & Minnie (Owen) Rausch.
"Who's Who in NE", 1940, Platte Co Chapter - George Rausch.
If this is correct family, Platte Valley Kinseekers have published cemetery & marriage extracts which are available through
NSGS Publications list.
Minnie (Owen) Rausch was daughter of Daniel & Catherine Owen found at Clarks, Clarksville, Merrick County in 1900 Census.

REUTZEL, MONROE *** redirected to Seward Co
I am searching for Katherine REUTZEL, bd circa 1860s; birthplace: Mendota, Lee, IL. Her parents were Georg and Katherine Schell REUTZEL of Sutton, Clay, NE. The 1880 Clay Co. US Census lists her as a resident along with her parents, but says she is "off teaching school". After that she disappears from Clay Co. The family says she married Robert MONROE, who was a "railroader". There is also some talk that she died of TB. I'd like any information about her and her husband.
Judy Berreth <> 2 Feb 2000
5 Feb 2000: BW found Robert H. Monroe, died 1938 - buried at Utica, Seward, NE. He had departed the area in 1898! 8 Feb 2000 - Further research: Robert Monroe was widower by 1900 census, which means Katherine was deceased by that date. Haven't been able to find cemetery record for her, buried in family plot without stone?
24 Mar 2000: I want to thank you so much for your help in locating my great aunt Katherine Reutzel Monroe. You were right on, Bill. I wrote for help on 2/2/00. Robert Monroe was her husband, and they are both buried in Utica, NE, in the Catholic Cemetery. I am going to write to the sexton there and get exact dates if possible. Again, thanks a million... - Judy


Seeking info on Ella Elizabeth Shellman whose death certificate shows she was born 1864 at Lone Pine, NE. She was the daughter of William & Delia (Butler?) Shellman. Thought the birthplace might be "Lone Tree" in Merrick County, but had no success there. Do not find this surname in list on CoUnk. Anybody have suggestions for finding birthplace? Appreciate any assistance.
Norma Clark  <> 14 Jul 2000


SPAFFORD *** redirected to Gage Co.
I am looking for any information regarding the family of Harry Evans SPAFFORD. He was born in Ohio in 1876 and moved to Nebraska in 1880's and then on to Missouri. He then moved back to Nebraska to practice law in Beatrice in the late 1890's - 1900's. Moved to Dallas Texas in 1913. Will share information. Thank you.
Chris Thomson <> 15 May 2000
16 May 2000 response from BW - extr of 1900 census in Beatrice, Gage, NE provided.
Name not found in 1891 Gaz in Gage. Recommend search of 1885 census (it is NOT indexed) if Mr. Thomson can secure it; also suggest inquiring at NSHS for possible death notices published in Beatrice for either Harry E. Evans or his Father, Irving - if query poster has death dates.

My Grandmother, Helen Catherine STROUD was born in Seward, NE on Oct. 1, 1909 and died Dec. 15, 1956 in Rockport, MO. Her married surname was JENNINGS. When she died my Grandfather moved his children away. They did not keep in contact with the mothers side of the family. I know my grandmother's parents lived in Seward, North Platte, and Lincoln, NE. I would appreciate if anyone could give me information on her parents. They are supposed to be buried in Nebraska. I think, but really not sure, that she may have died in 1938. Her father was Earnest C. STROUD, his wife's maiden name was Minnie McVEY. I would appreciate any help that any of you can give me. My grandmother only had one brother Dick STROUD. Brenda <> 12 Feb 2000
I am looking for my fathers grandmothers grave. Her name was Minnie Stroud that is what they called her. She was born Elsa Marie McVey (Minnie McVey) and married Ernest J.C. Stroud and died Elsa Marie Stroud (Minnie Stroud). She would have died between 1911 and 1920 and is buried some where in Nebraska. They lived in several towns in Nebraska. Minnie's youngest child was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. But they lived all over Nebraska. We would like to know where she is buried. I'd appreciate any help. In 1920 census she was already dead and her children then lived in Lincoln, Nebraska with their aunt and uncle. The children were Helen Katherine Stroud and Richard Gordon Stroud. The children lived in an orphanage also in Nebraska, but I am not sure when. So Minnie would have died between 1911 and 1920. I would appreciate someones help. Thank you very much. Brenda  <> 3 Jan 2001
7 Jan 2001 Response from BW: I looked at everything I could think of to find this woman including the Lincoln obit files. I did not find anything in Lancaster county . I was hoping to find something on the 1910 Lancaster county census, but nothing there. Neither Ernest nor she were in the Lincoln city directory for 1911 or 1912. Perhaps using Lincoln as a center point - she could check the cemetery pages for surrounding counties. I will look at Cass county. This is about all I could come up with. - Bill W.

TARPENNING *** redirected to Boyd County
I am trying to locate ancestors of the Donald J. Tarpenning family. The following is all I can determine at this time: Donald Tarpenning was born 21 July 1913 in Richey, MT to John D. & Geniveve Eldridge Tarpenning. John D. Tarpenning and Geniveve Tarpenning lived in a mud "soddy," house in NE. The story is that John ran a foot race against a local Indian & won. The Indian gave John his deer hide moccasins as a prize. These moccasins remained in the family for many years. The John D. Tarpenning family moved from Nebraska to Richey, MT, where Donald J. was born, to Anchorage, Alaska then to Roy, Washington. John D. was a carpenter and built many houses in the Roy, WA area. Donald married Moryne Christensen, 1936 in Tacoma, WA. He died 1954, in Portland, OR. Thank you in advance
Additional notes - I have no idea where the Tarpenning's were located in NE. It's my wife's family. Her mother mentioned before she died that the family was from NE prior to homesteading in Dawson Co., Montana. If I could just make some connection between John Tarpenning in Montana and Tarpenning's in Nebraska!
Bill Root <> 20 Oct 2000
21 Oct 2000 RESPONSE from BW: 1900 census John (age 25 born IA) and Genivive (age 19 born IA) were in Grace Pct, Boyd County, NE. They were married Dec. 24, 1899. His father was John Tarpenning and mother was Hannah Rhoades... There was also a another Tarpenning - Bessie age 16 born NE - on the soundex for Boyd county. I checked the 1900 census and there was Hubert Buffington and wife Hannah with step-dau Bessie Tarpenning .... couple had been married 13 years.
Other NOTES: Boyd Co. History mentions John Buffington arrived from Fayette Co., IA in 1900 and died in 1901. Possible relative of Hubert? That is about it for Boyd Co. info. I did look at some other Tarpenning names here in Nebraska 1900 Soundex. Five families in Saunders county, all with Iowa background - these should be kept in mind as possible additional relatives!

THAYER, WHITSON *** Redirected to Holt Co
My grandmother Kate was born Dec 1900 in NE, specific location not known. Her parents were supposedly Frank Thayer (b.abt.1858) & Harriett "Hattie" Stiles (b.abt. 1878). Kate married Wm. Henry Whitson in Nov 1917 - location possibly NE or Arkansas (they lived in Yellville, Arkansas at some time & he is buried there). I would DEEPLY appreciate ANY information on my grandmother, her parents, siblings, etc. Thanks
Karolyn Leslie <> 16 Feb 2000
18 Feb 2000, from Bill:  1900 census Holt county, NE Deloit Twp. ED 114 Sht 10 Line 33
Thayer , Franklin - b Jan 1858 Canada/England
Thayer, Harriet - b Mar 1872 New Jersey


Searching for the birth place in Nebraska for G-Aunt Blanche Troup b; 1885. Her parents are Calvin F. Troup and Sarah M. Orr Troup. They were living in Carroll County Iowa before moving to Nebraska. They left for Washington after the birth of Blanche, with five other children.
Judy Schoening <> 17 Jun 2001
20 Jun 2001: I looked at the 1880 soundex and the 1885/86 Wolfe Business gazetteer. I did not find the family listed in either source. I also looked in the Nebraska State Journal index and didn't find the family mentioned. Sorry, BW

Can anyone tell me where Cooksey, NE is?
Marilyn <> 30 Oct 2000
Response: No such location could be found!


VOGELI, VOEGELI *** Redirected to Pawnee Co., NE
VOGELI, Henry, and wife Catherine had four daughters, all b. NE; would like to find them in the Nebraska 1870 index. Henry Vogeli/Voegeli/Vogele/Vogely and other variants was b. March 1827 in Switzerland. Wife Catherine b. c. 1835 also in Switzerland. Children: Jane, b.c. 1866; Rosina, b. 22 Jan 1869/70; Catherine, b.c. 1871 and Elizabeth, b.c. 1875. They are in the 1880 Oregon (Jackson Co.) census. I'm querying for someone in California who would love to find out more about her Vogeli ancestors. Thank you very much. Elizabeth C <> 23 Oct 2001
15 Jul 2003: This time I found them! Lori Laird
1870 Twp 2N 9E, Tipps Branch PO, Pawnee Co., NE, pg 36A
Vogeli, H, 46, m, w, carpenter, 1500, 225, Switzerland
     Katrina, 35, f, w, keep house, Switzerland
     Wes, 14, m, w, MO
     Jane, 4, f, w, NE
     Rosina, 1, f, w, NE

Looking for the last doctor in Celeste, Texas--believe that he and his wife came from Nebraska, unknown city and county. His name was Kenneth Watkins. Her name was Norma. Their children were Jo Merrily Watkins and Mark Watkins. Jo Merrily was about ten when they were in Celeste around 1953-1954. Any clues? Sarah Roach <> 29 Mar 2001
3 Mar 2001 from Bill Wever - I was able to view many names of physicans in Nebraska from the 30s until the mid- forties.....The list were not alphabetized, I may have missed the name. Needing more info, was told by a staff member to contact the University of Nebraska Medical College at Omaha. It seems they are in the process of establishing an archives and would be vey eager to be of assistance to anyone researching the possibility of a past graduate. The list I was looking at had the year of the person applied for and passed the medical boards, the school they went to and the location they were from. The school at Omaha was the logical choice because the vast majority of new physicians were graduates of that school.

I am looking for information on my birth mother, Elinor WEBER born in NE in 1920, no month given. Her father was a minister, no church given. Both her father & mother were born in 1889. She gave birth to me in CA in 1946. Any information on my mother, or her father would be helpfull. Thank you.
Bruce Mc Dermott <> 10 May 2000

Riley Wescott served in the Nebraska 1st Company C 2/28/1865 thru 11/1/1865 Deserted at Alkali Ne. with a friend named Eugene Vincent . Can not find either after they deserted. Riley had a brother or cousin named Daniel Wescott he rode for the pony express. One of their mothers' name was Julia Wescott. Any help would be great.
J Bowman <> 3 Feb 2000
Response 11 Feb 2000 - No Wescott/Westcott in 1860 Census. One family in Dakota Co in 1870, but given name doesn't match. Nothing positive to report on this surname - BW
3 Mar 2003: Mr. Wescott appears in a roster posted in the veterans section of the Hall County, NEGenWeb
1890 G.A.R. Roster for Bradley Post, Wood River - Russ C. of Grand Island.



This is a long shot. I am looking for a Shawnee Indian woman. All I know about her is that her married name was Mary Jane Willey. She was born 8/16/1823, Marietta, Washington County, Ohio. She married Eli Willey, 5/10/1843 on a Indian Reservation, in Ohio. She was the mother to one son, born to the couple, John W. Willey. She left the family and went to Nebraska, but I have no idea where. She died 6/26/1898, which is information from another researcher. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated. Debbie Koch <> 9 May 2001


WILLIAMS, LAUER *** Redirected to Adams County
I'm looking for the names of my great-grandmother's parents. Her name was Alice A. Williams. She was born in 1876 in Nebraska. I know her parents were born in Iowa. I also know that she married John Nicholas Lauer in Kansas and had 4 children named Alice, Mary, Rose and Grace.
sherry hartmann <> 30 Aug 2001
5 Sep 2001 From Bill Wever in Lincoln - 1880 Census: Ayr, Adams Co, NE, ED 62 p1 line38
Williams, AK, 27, IA; .. Martha 21, IA; ..Alice 4, NE; ..Frank 2, NE; ..Hattie, 7 months, NE


WOLPH, CASE *** Redirected to Cass County
Catherine (Wolph) CASE, reportedly died Oct 3, 1854 in Three Groves, NE. Would like to know in which county Three Groves is located. Catherine was married to Milton Bell CASE May 16, 1843 in Richland Co., OH. They had 6 known children; John Wolph b. Apr 27, 1844, Samuel Younts, Dec 24, 1845, Winfield Scott, Feb 14, 1848, Arthur LeRoy, Nov 17, 1849, Mary Jane, Jan 29, 1852 and Clarinda Serepta, Apr 200, 1854. Information needed is what county so I can write to the appropriate library to find obituary and where she was buried.
Carlos D. "Monty" Montgomery <> 2 Mar 2001
Response: Three Groves, in Cass County, NE. Majority of towns/villages in NE can be found by using the "Nebraska features list" of CoUnk website. Recommend you also try using the 1895 Atlas by Pam Rietsch.


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