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Abbreviations - Definitions e-mail Acronyms - Beginner's Guide To Net Jargon And Computerese - Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words. - free online dictionary of computing - Acronyms Used in the Computer Community - abbreviated terms part 1 - abbreviated terms part 2 - Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms -a searchable and categorized directory of glossaries - online computing dictionary - Unofficial Smilie Dictionary and Emoticons - animated dictionary paid site - IT (information technology) term encyclopedia - Beginner's Guide to Email Acronyms and Jargon - online dictionary and search engine

Beginners - How Tos - basic tasks explained - Internet Tutorials - site has a lot to offer - written in plain English especially for those over 50 - Internet for Beginners - many tutorials some free some not - Web Tech University has several free courses available - sign up for newsletter - donations requested - Free Computer Help - helpful resources online - basic computing - varied computer online instructions and classes - PC Clinic†† "The MD for your PC" - the Mysteries of your PC and the Internet Explained - in Plain English - troubleshooting remedies - many questions answered here - spy ware info and removal - Outlook Express Keyboard Shortcuts - web page tutorials - tips and newsletters


Browsers Plus

Internet Explorer

My Bookmarks - free Internet service for access from anywhere.

Netscape faster loading browser - an alternative to Netscape and Internet Explorer

QuickTime - plugin for Netscape Comparison of Mozilla and IE


CD Info

CD Check - free utility to check/compare data burned on CD - define CD types - Vinyl Records to MP3 files and Audio CDs - wonderful how to site - nice site to better understand CDs and their operation


Computer Building / Components - Learn to build your own computer - the AMD site should give you the differences in the chipsets - build your own computer, server, network - free advice

Computer Diagnostic/ Repair and Information

Anti Spy Tools - many different ones

BeLarc Advisor - provides details of installed software and hardware

Ewido - anti malware and trojan finder

Housecall - you can get a free scan

SiSoftware Sandra - award winning benchmarking software

Speed Fan - fan and temperature monitor.Not all motherboards respond

Spy Audit - online free scan for spyware - an ER for your computer - identify parasites - bandwidth speed modem test - for your XP nightmares - on line virus diagnostic - test speed of computer internet connection - track address or URL - dll library - find new drivers easier - cleanup and maint instructions - test the security of your email system - tech support - clear, accurate and easy to understand info regarding Win 95/98/2K/XP†††††††††††††††† - subscription service web-based maintenance and repair site with guarantee - explanation of Scandisk and Defrag - misc topics - trouble shooting and resource guide - find the latest versions of "drivers"and software applications - multifaceted computer, driver, virus information & more - latest computer news


Computer Graphics

Cam2pc - transfer pictures from digital camera to PC

CleanSkinFX - professionally retouch faces

CompuPic - easier digital imaging tasks

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

IrfanView - freeware - be sure to use the latest ver and plugins

Paperport Viewer - view and print .max files created by Paperport

Paint.Net - photo and image editing tool

Paint Shop Pro - graphic editor

Panorama Facotry - stitch several pictures together with seamless results

Photo Access -more pictures than Webshots - photos downloaded or fee printed

Picture Tray - resizing and rotating pictures

Ulead, PhotoImpact 8 - highly recommended graphics program

Ultimate Paint - for image creation, viewing and manipulation

Webshots - picture inserts - paid clip art site - several graphic program trial


Computer Hoax / Virus - virus and hoax descriptions considered industry standard - understand today's computer viruses and assist in cleaning your own system - get current virus information - urban legend reference page - alphabetical search - site to check if it is a virus or a hoax - can also subscribe for early notification - computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hysteria alphabetical listing Instructions - they also have a nice newsletter - covers just about any topic - start up tutorial - excel tutorial - information on common Internet and computer facts and occurrences


Computer Miscellaneous - tools, calendars, and converters - AlphaSmart3000 - a computer companion keyboard - wireless instant phone jack - microfilm reader - security test - computer security


Computer Memory

MaxMem - set it for aggressive cleanup. - find out what kind of memory your computer requires

Computer Software


Adobe Acrobat Reader

Ad Aware - - alternative is Spybot Search & Destroy

Adsubtract - some like it better than popup killer

Auto Spell - integration into many popular applications

Auto Sizer - automatically resizes any window you specify

AVG - free virus protection program

AZZ Cardfile - - address book plus other uses

BOClean - detects and eliminates trojan horses

Bookmark Wizzard - Scroll Down - other software as well - free

Crossword Compiler - make your own crossword puzzles

Direct X - utilizes features in games more efficiently

Diskeeper Lite - a defrag solution

Easy Uninstall - an Aladdin Systems program for safe uninstalls

EasyZip 2000 - easy to use, and completely FREE

Email Stripper - removes all the <<<< from an email

EMS Free Surfer mk II - surfer companion - has both ver 1 and ver 2 as well as many others

EndItAll 2 - ver 1 better for beginners

Excel, Powerpoint and other Microsoft Viewers

Fentun - mime attachment decoder

Fineprint - Control your printing and create PDF documents

FolderMatch -folder comparison and synchronization software

Folder Watch - will back up to a local or network drive

File Sync - synchronizing data between two hard drives

GetRight - download manager that doesn't have spyware, will resume if disconnected

GuruNet Free - spellchecker +

ieSpell - free IE spell checker if you donít have MS Office or Word

Incredimail - email enhancement program - can sometimes cause problems

K-9 - spam control through email filtering - pup learns fast

Mail Washer - wonderful program that helps screen out and bounce back spam

Notable - paid program to assist you in writing your lifeís journal Info Manager - can be used without a Palm just turn off Hotsync Stopper ††††††† - check out review at

Powermarks - for organizing bookmarks

Primopdf - Free PDF Converter Folder - prints list of file names in a specific folder

Quick Tools - quick access to useful tools

Registry First Aid - correct registry errors

Screen Grab Pro - screen capture tool To - program that will allow you to edit the send to menu

Shred 2,4149,273,00.asp - secure and sure delete program

Spam Sleuth - anti spam software

Spy Sweeper - detects and removes spyware and trojans

SpywareGuard - prevents spyware from loading††††††

Spyware Blaster

ThumbsPlus customizable image database fully searchable

Trillian - generic version of instant messaging - works with them all

URL Organizer

Weather Bug - weather alert

Webshots - web display software

Window washer eliminates online and offline tracks to protect your privacy

Win Zip - free zip program

WordWeb - thesaurus and dictionary

X-Fonter -will identify, repair, or uninstall fonts on your system.

Zip Wrangler - Free zipping/unzipping program

Zone Alarm - a free firewall - lots of mostly free software - has various software - many kinds of calculators - wide variety of software - software you donít want and how to get rid of them - lots of software - lots of software and a whole lot more - various downloads and lots of software information


Computer Utility

Add/Remove Plus - better way to uninstall programs

AllChars - program to handle special characters on your keyboard

BCWipe - securely deletes your files

Click Book - easy-to-use printing utility

FavOrg,4149,108438,00.asp- PC Magazine utility

Fresh Download - - free utilities

Get Right download manager if youíre disconnected during a download

Google Toolbar - only for MS Windows and Internet Explorer Ver 5 or later

HD Valet - performs similar to Window Washer - site lists many utilities

K9 - spam filtering program - said it takes some training, but works great

McAfee Uninstaller - safely removed unwanted programs

Pdf995 - converts a file to the pdf format

PowerArchiver - archive utility supports zips

Printkey 2000 - Screen Capture Utility

Real One - replaces Real Player

Spam Weasel - junkmail-busting freeware utility

Stay Connected - keeps you from being cut off while online

System Information - view system information w/out risk

Tweak Manager - easily edit the registry



Privacy Companion - tells who is putting a cookie on your computer

Desktop Publishing - deals with desktop publishing issues†††††††


Digital cameras - recover deleted pictures from data chip if not reused.


Download Tests - many tests


Email - view full headers on email to see real author - eliminate junk mail - check any email account from any computer - sending blind copies in various email programs


Email Address Locator - worldwide email directory


Email Forwarding - allows forwarding of email when you change ISP - Change of Email Address Directory - allows forwarding of email when you change ISP


Email Netiquette


Email Programs



Mozilla - utilizes the gecko engine of Netscape, but without AOL strings attached.

Pegasus Mail - Pegasus Mail is a free, standards-based electronic mail client

Pocomail - award-winning e-mail application

The Bat - powerful, highly configurable, yet easy to use email client.


Extension - extensions listed alphabetically - extensions listed alphabetically - extensions listed alphabetically

Gedcom file

GENViewer - used to view and clean up any GEDCOM files and others.

Tree Draw - will draw charts directly from a GEDCOM file - other software as well - making genealogy cd - applies to any cd creation - how to make a gedcom - define gedcom


Genealogy Software

Ancestral Quest - researchers can work on the same files via Internet in real time.

Ancestry Family Tree - integrates nicely with's online genealogy databases

Brothers Keeper by John Steed - leading shareware genealogy program

Clooz - electronic filing cabinet for genealogical records

Cumberland Family Tree - many features, multi-lingual, easy-to-use

Family Historian - program from England uses a GEDCOM file as its database

Family Tree Legends - has real time Internet Backup

Family Tree Maker - popular program, although not the most powerful

FTM viewer - not really needed unless it is an older program

Generations Grande Suite - link shows cd contents

GedStar - genealogy viewer for palms

GedWise - genealogy database viewer for palms - best-selling genealogy program in France also available elsewhere

Legacy - best free program also has commercial version

Personal Ancestral File PAF - free - Order/Download Products at the top of the page

Pocket Genealogist - for the PocketPC, Palm-Size PC, Handhelds

Reunion - probably the best Mac program - all others are Windows programs

RootsMagic - author and creator is Bruce Buzbee who wrote Family Origins. RootsMagic made its debut in February of 2003.New, easy-to-use program with excellent credentials.This one is my personal recommendation.

The Master Genealogist powerful program but has a steep learning curve - Louis Kessler's Genealogy Program Links - good reviews

Internet Service Providers (ISP) - free email providers - list of all in your area ISP Directory CNET ComputerUser's ISP - Web Hosting Directory


Mailing Lists one is set up for announcements only. - collection of different mailing lists - find one and join†† - good mailing list for help with either computers or genealogy


Newsletters - mostly genealogy - Kim Komando - mostly computer related - Fred Langaís Langalist - mostly computer related - Dick Eastman - mostly genealogy - mostly computer related



Password Recovery XP - works automatically on Web pages - good place to check all rootsweb lists & info


Kinkos File Prep Tool - for printing wall charts


Scanners - how scanners work - Docupen scanner,1874,7497,00.asp - tips

Web Page - Free Rootsweb Accounts / Family Webpage - Ancestry Family Free WebPage - alphabetized list


Windows - Windows support center create your own Win CD from the manufacturers Recovery Disk


Word Processor

602 Suite -

Abi Word -

Easy Office - small and fast download

Open Office - word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program capture Microsoft Office's look and some of the most popular features without the $479 price tag and anti-piracy measures. Office -