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1890-91 Business Directory of the Nebraska Gazetteer

   BARTLETT (linked to list)
      BUFFALO, a post office in the northwestern part of Wheeler
county, 12 miles from Bartlett, the county seat.
   CUMMINSVILLE, a postoffice in the central part of Wheeler county.
The nearest railway station is Harrington, on the B&M RR eight miles
distant.  Population, 10.
   Bowler, H R, postmaster, justice
   Daubendiek, F W, blacksmith, hardware, agl implts
   Wolf, J G, genl mdse
   ERICSON, the terminus of a branch of the B&M RR, from Greeley Center,
is in the southwestern part of Wheeler county, 17 miles north of
Greeley Center.  As the probabilities are that the railroad will not be
built beyond this point for a number of years, it will result in the
village increasing to a town of considerable importance.  Quite a large
trade is now transacted here.
   Dall, A, sta agt B&M RR
   Erickson Bros, lumber and coal
   Erickson, P, genl mdse, postmaster
   Kendall & Smith, E L Taylor mgr, grain and coal
   Peterson, Swen, blacksmith
   Staple, C F, agl implts
   Taylor, E L, hotel, hardware, drugs, livery and live stock
   Wanser & Co, hardware and drugs
   FRANCIS, a postoffice in the extreme nothwestern part of
Wheeler county, 20 miles from Harrington, the county seat.
Population, 200
   MORAN, a postoffice in the southern part of Wheeler county, 14 miles
from Harrington, the county seat.
     Patterson, George W, propr Moran Roller Mills, postmaster
     Marlow, M E, blacksmith
   ONO, a postoffice in the southeastern part of Wheeler County,
eight miles from Bartlett.
   WHEELER, a postoffice located in the northeastern part of Wheeler
county.  The nearest railway station is Petersburg on the F. E. & M. V.
R. R. in Antelope county.  Population, 100.
     Bishop, G W, justice
     Daire, C R, genl mdse
     Hads, J Jr, postmaster
     Morris, M F, agl implts
     Nelson, Henry, blacksmith
     Wheeler, P M, flour mill

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