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Wheeler Marriage Index, R

These are the ONLY marriage records available from Wheeler County, as of February 20, 1998, due to a fire in 1917. If the name you are searching for DOES NOT appear below, the records must be obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statics, Lincoln, NE . All names are listed in alphabetical order. Names are cross referenced: Bride, Groom; Groom, Bride. However, sometimes the names appear twice on the same index page. When this happens, there is more than one record with those names.

Name Spouse
Raber, Diana E. William L. Bishop
Ragland, Amy V. Harry E. Williams
Rannau, Marie William H. Garska
Raymond, Sarah C. Frank A. Vinson
Redinbaugh, Keith D. Harlene E. Hoefener
Reed, Frances Ann John Phleet Hash
Reeves, Leroy J. Elsie M. Springer
Rehder, Ruth Charles F. Lenker
Reid, Harold Howard Audrey Josei Slone
Reineke, Millie Charles Edward Boyles
Reiss, Violet R. Peter Moller
Reiter, Donald J. Shirley Ann Plugge
Reiter, Opal Robert Bairn
Rickard, Carolyn J. Howard D. Banks
Rickard, Dorothy J. Harold McKay
Rieck, Amelia Henry Haden
Riley, Margaret Thomas Kelly
Ringlein, Clarence Delores Huhmann
Risley, Henry E. Irene M. Bruner
Ritchey, Lila May Lynn M. Briggs
Roberts, Clarence A. Mary E. Wisong
Robinson, Lynetta Delbert N. Harsin
Robinson, Sandra Kay Raymond E. Havel, Jr.
Rock, Irene Eva Leonard R. McWilliams
Roerich, Adolph Cressie McMahon
Rosso, Robert Eugene LaVonne Leona Landgren
Roth, Virginia Harold Hoerle
Rouse, Floyd E. Lila L. Hoppes
Rowlett, Ilene George A. Stall
Roy, Martha M. Henry M. Smith
Rudolph, Juanita Vern McCain
Ruzovski, Bernice Richard Hughes

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