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Wheeler Marriage Index, W

These are the ONLY marriage records available from Wheeler County, as of February 20, 1998, due to a fire in 1917. If the name you are searching for DOES NOT appear below, the records must be obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statics, Lincoln, NE . All names are listed in alphabetical order. Names are cross referenced: Bride, Groom; Groom, Bride. However, sometimes the names appear twice on the same index page. When this happens, there is more than one record with those names.

Name Spouse
Walters, Alvin E. Urban, Laura M.
Wanek, Agnes Clearance Webb
Wanek, Frank Marie Kasper
Warden, Nellie Perry Crum
Warford, Helen Ruth Richard W. Karre
Warm, Arlie G. Zulkoski, Maxine
Warner, Florence M. H. Glen A. Nelson
Warner, I. Dorothy William Stanley Buck
Warner, Mabel V. Albert W. Fredrick
Watson, Arliss L. Marvin Gydesin
Watts, Kenneth Emmery Lucille Marylin Maxson
Weaver, Grace C. Paul E. James
Webb, Clarence Agnes Wanek
Weber, Lee Jane Davlin
Weeder, Winford C. Vivian Miller
Weidenthale, Jack Paul Louise C. Peterson
Weike, Myrtle E. Leonard C. Witherwax
Welch, Clarence Francis Viola Griffith
Welch, Eugene Dean Gladys Marie Moss
Welch, Jr. Joseph, Jr. Miss Nelda R. Mentzer
Welch, Lonnie Charlotte Marker
Welch, Norma Lou Marvin Neal Fink
Wells, LaVern D. Leona I. Schwager
Welniak, Ted C. Betty J. Blaha
West, Helen B. Truzton R. Miner
Westcott, Dean Stewart Laura Carol Briggs
Westcott, Lyle Eugene Helena May Harris
Wetsell, Rhoda Bert Ledger
Wheeler, Charles F. Violet Ruth Blair
Wheeler, Deanna L. Robert L. Bittner
Wheeler, Lavogine H. Philo H. Kinnan
Wheeler, Percy R. Verna B. Porter
Wheeling, Wanda Clarence Peterson
Weyers, Charlotte Lea James C. Easter
White, Dolly Dot Dudley Ellsworth Foulk, Jr.
White, Jennie A. Lewis A. Scronce
White, Kathleen Violet Archie Wayne Craig
Whitman, Irene I. Henry D. Bopp
Wicks, Mavis Jean Robert Fletcher Barnes
Wietzki, Edward M. Lillian L. Foster
Wilkinson, Avis C. Frank V. Munson
Wilkinson, Doris Elmer Esan
Wilkinson, Raymond Leola Carey
Wilkinson, Reta Ben Otter
Willard, Bernice A. Duane A. Blair
Willard, Donna R. Mark E. Clevenger
Willard, Kenneth V. Mary Dwinell
Willard, Robert C. Marjorie B. Fleming
Williams, Harry E. Amy V. Ragland
Williams, Helen D. Lyle L. Taylor
Williams, Walter C. Esta La Fay Enterline
Wilson, Shirley Rolland Hansen
Wilson, Stewart Phyllis Hamilton
Wilson, Willis I. Ethel Lingel
Winslow, Gerald LeRoy Irene Ruth Fitzgibbons
Wisong, Mary E. Clarence A. Roberts
Witherwax, Leonard C. Myrtle E. Weike
Witt, Lloyd F. Marie Elizabeth Jones
Witthuhn, Margaret Harold Hyde
Woeppell, Evertt R. Marie Van Cleave
Wolfe, Alice Walter Miller
Wolfe, Eileen Betty Paul William Johnson
Wolfe, Joseph H. Veda B. Courtney
Woods, Leon Ray Eva Josephine Miska
Woodward, John F. Retta M. Sexton
Worden, Helen F. Donald C. Marguard
Worden, Maxine Dennis Rickard
Wonders, Nina Belle Floyd B. Emmerson
Wright, Donald D. Jeanette A. Johnson
Wright, Eva Herman Davis
Wright, Howard C. Anna Eberle
Wright, Lucille M. Charles V. Elkins
Wright, William Earnest Leona Kieter
Wyman, Lillian Edith Kenneth Leroy Martin
Wyman, Vera E. Guy H. Timmerman

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