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Wheeler Marriage Index, Y, Z

These are the ONLY marriage records available from Wheeler County, as of February 20, 1998, due to a fire in 1917. If the name you are searching for DOES NOT appear below, the records must be obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statics, Lincoln, NE . All names are listed in alphabetical order. Names are cross referenced: Bride, Groom; Groom, Bride. However, sometimes the names appear twice on the same index page. When this happens, there is more than one record with those names.

Name Spouse
Yenne, Madeen Harry Zimmerman
Young, A. Marvin Marylin S. Kasselder
Youngs, Everett K. Marguerite E. Sterner
Youngs, Howard Katherine M. Porkarney
Zabka, Edith Charles J. Blafsky
Ziegler, Joseph A. Sarah Custard
Zeigler, Keith Lillian Ferguson
Ziettlow, Elsie Andrew D. Seybolt
Zikemund, Chester Geo Murl May Bartlett
Zimmerman, Florence M. Seth M. Mason
Zimmerman, Harry Madeen Yenne
Zimmerman Patricia Carl Leland Nichols
Zimmerman, Robert Fred Violet L. Hoffman
Zlomke, Augusta Jay Heminway
Zuerlein, Joseph C. Cynthia A. Krzycki
Zulkoski, Esther Milton L. Bergland
Zulkoski, Maxine Warm, Arlie G.
Zwierner, Elizabeth Louise Kay Earl Barritt

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