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Wheeler Marriage Index, C

These are the ONLY marriage records available from Wheeler County, as of February 20, 1998, due to a fire in 1917. If the name you are searching for DOES NOT appear below, the records must be obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statics, Lincoln, NE . All names are listed in alphabetical order. Names are cross referenced: Bride, Groom; Groom, Bride. However, sometimes the names appear twice on the same index page. When this happens, there is more than one record with those names.

Name Spouse
Cadwell, Jerome H. Patricia Viola Bradley
Calhoun, Jack W. Nida Cappozzo
Calkins, Charles A. Violette A. Taylor
Callipust, Helen Rose Martin Fuss
Cappozzo, Nida Calhoun, Jack W.
Carder, Warren G. Terri S. Summers
Carey, Leola Raymond Wilkinson
Carlisle, Jean M. Mellard Rethwisch
Carr, Ruby Ann Brown, Garath Eugene
Carr, Wanita Rae Elmer J. Eddie
Carrakes, Catherine Eileen Wallace Martin
Carson, Hugh Tamar Gruber
Carter, Dorothy James W. Hutchison
Case, James E. Dorine Crockett
Childers, Kenneth Vicky Sheldon
Childers, Michael L. Debra L. Summers
Chipps, Margret Aileen Richard Jensen Scott
Christensen, Robert L. Esther Engel
Christoffersen, Opal Chris Larsen
Clair, Gerald E. Kathryn E. Kennedy
Clark, Alton Gerald Audrey June Couch
Clark, Edna Lois James Armand Pratt
Clark, George Anna Marie Peterson
Clark, Guy R. Ida Cruggs
Clark, Leland Carl Mildred F. Manson
Clark, William D. Loretta Jenkinson
Clason, Rufus F. Esther Saunders
Clay, Ralph R. Avis Arlene Headley
Cleaver, Richard B. Emily Thorpe
Clement, Jennie J. John B. Sheldon
Clevenger, Mark E. Donna R. Willard
Clifton, Lorraine Richard Dunnaway
Cloesters, Martha E. Don E. Sanford
Clouse, Clarice Quentin Scheffler
Clouse, Leo Anna Harris
Colby, Audrey L. Donald W. Lashmett
Colgan, Agatha Dale Edward McCumber
Cook, Leona Mary Julius Pfeifer
Cook, Marie Clarence R. Brickel
Cook, Viola Orville D. Galland
Cook, Zetha Claribel Tracy Edward Rathbun (Possibly Rathburn)
Cooksley, Howard Emma Goldman
Cooley, Muriel Mae John L. Dertien
Cottrell, Florence May Alfred Jay Daily
Couch, Audrey June Alton Gerald Clark
Couch, S. L. L. R. Tucker
Courtney, Veda B. Joseph H. Wolfe
Cox, Grace L. William H. Scains
Coyner, Eva Harley Sennett
Craig, Archie Wayne Kathleen Violet White
Craig, Harry E. Meyborg, Erma L.
Criss, Helen Walter R. Bopp
Crockett, Dorine James E. Case
Cronk, Doris Nora James M. Hansen
Cropp, Ruby E. Lloyd F. Hilliard
Crosby, Floyd C. Wilma M. Smith
Crosby, Paul Wayne Marylyn Jean Auserod
Crouch, Velma Howard F. Manchester
Cruggs, Ida J. Guy R. Clark
Crum, Perry Nellie Warden
Crumrine, Gertrude Iona Guy Erwin Schoonover
Cunningham, Duane Luella Nelson
Cunningham, Elmer Laura Smith
Cunningham, John Nora May Sanford
Cunningham, Lily Leo Smith
Cunningham, Pleasant F. Fern Marie Libby
Custard, Sarah Joseph A. Ziegler

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