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Wheeler Marriage Index, L

These are the ONLY marriage records available from Wheeler County, as of February 20, 1998, due to a fire in 1917. If the name you are searching for DOES NOT appear below, the records must be obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statics, Lincoln, NE . All names are listed in alphabetical order. Names are cross referenced: Bride, Groom; Groom, Bride. However, sometimes the names appear twice on the same index page. When this happens, there is more than one record with those names.

Name Spouse
Lamphere, Margaret Rodney A. Peterson
Landen, Oscar Elaine Marie Hittler
Landgren, Mary Ann La Vern G. Summers
Lantz, Margurite Harold Andrews
Larsen, Chris Opal Christoffersen
Larsen, Glenn Hubert Emily Julia Dwinell
Larson, LaVerne Adlene Frank LeRoy O'Neill
Larson, Marie Charles A. Barnhart
Larson, Wallace L. Maxine E. Friend
Lashmett, Donald W. Audrey L. Colby
Lashmett, Everett H. Eva P. Adenek
Latel, Whillet Larra Steenson
Lawrence Loris S. Pearl M. Thayer
Lawrence, Lulu C. John R. McMahon
LeClaire, Helen Werts John W. Good
Ledger, Bert Rhoda Wetsell
Lee, Wilma B. Frant W. Mott
Leetch, Kenneth D. Mary Jalaine Kugler
Lenker, Charles F. Ruth Rehder
Lewis, Kathalene Dowe R. Dixson
Libby, Fern Marie Pleasant F. Cunningham
Libby, L. Ruth T. H. Slack, Sr.
Lichtenberg, Diana Steven K. Lock
Lingle, Alice M. Ernest Edward Meyer
Lingel, Ethel Willis Wilson
Linhartsen, Ogden Mary Gilroy
Livingston, Elmer L. Loraine Maud Totten
Lock, Steven K. Diana Lichtenberg
Lombard, Richard Helen Johnson
Long, Geraldine Glee Darrel Dean Stone
Long, Owen W. Marianne Kizer
Longbine, Jean Jim Tichota
Lukesh, Minnie Marie Alfred C. Gizinski
Lyon, Lillian M. Leal F. Peterson

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