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County Commissioners

N. H. Wilber M. D. Bartlett, Neb.

Headquarters, Wheeler County, Neb.

29 Dec 2000
"I stopped by the Wheeler County GenWeb page today to find you folks and see if you could identify this building. I deal in historical paper ephemera, postcards and photographs. Being that I live in Nebraska (McCook) and collect Nebr images - I of course am very interested in Nebraska history. On a trip to Pennsylvania in November I came across a real photo postcard of a building which is identified as Headquarters of Wheeler County. It was mailed to New Jersey from Bartlett, NE in 1910. Do you know if this building was the court house and how long or "if" it is still the Court House?

Feel free to use the scan for your pages if you desire. Hope to hear back from you.

Best regards,

Nathan Huegel


30 Dec 2000: Mr. Huegel found a photo on the NSHS National Register website and believes his postcard is probably a different view of "A.T. Ranch Headquarters". Take a look and compare!

You will find a photo of the Wheeler County Courthouse on that same page.


2002 Photograph -
     "This old house was built in 1906 by Chicago millionaire, Samuel W. Allerton. This was "Headquarters" for a 35,000 plus acre ranch managed by his two nephews Nels and Ace Thompson.
          It is now a historical site ... that is in the process of being restored. ... The chimneys need some work after being hit by lightning. The back balcony railing in gone after a tree fell on it. Notice the front balcony has no door to get onto it. This was the owner's balcony and he did not want anyone else on it so there was no door installed. When he went out there he just climbed out a window. "
     Thomas Risinger, NEGenWeb volunteer.

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