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The York County Historical Association is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1967. It is funded by the residents of York County through a small mill levy, along with donations, book sales, and membership dues.

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Mission Statement 

The York County Historical Association is the county's primary institution with responsibility to preserve, research, and interpret materials relating to our county's heritage.

Purpose and Responsibilities

These independent functions collectively define the purpose of the Association in safeguarding York County's history for the understanding and enjoyment of its people.

Preservation is the primary purpose of the Association. It is their responsibility to preserve documents, photographs, published materials and artifacts significant to an understanding of influences contributing to the county's development. The Association will encourage, assist, and support collecting by other qualified institutions leading to the common goal of preserving York County's historic legacy.

The second responsibility of the Association is research. The Association will encourage research by its members to further its purpose, and to support independent research to the extent its resources will allow.

The third responsibility of the Association is interpretation. The Association will perform its role as an educational institution by disseminating and interpreting the results of its work through publications, displays, research projects, and educational programs. The Association will encourage public interest and participation in its activities through special-purpose programs, publications, and news media. The Association will provide interpretive assistance to individuals or other institutions to the extent its resources will allow.

Becoming A Member

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The association's archives/library collection is open to the public, with no admittance fee. Membership is not required to use the association's collections for independent research.

Dues are used exclusively for operational expenses. Volunteers staff the office and assist researchers; there are not any paid staff members. All dues are for the calendar year of January through December, with the exception of lifetime members.

  • Individual, $10 annually
  • Lifetime, $100

Dues should be mailed to the York County Historical Association, P. O. Box 81, York, NE 68467.

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