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Compiled by B. A. Ward
York Republican, Steam Book and Job Printers, 1887
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Babel, Miss Anna wks G. W. Shidler's.
Babb, L. L. ass't princ pub schools bds Mrs. Chessman's.
Badger, Miss Blanche domestic.
Baer Bros. (C. & H.) furniture 122 e 5th st.
Baer, Chas. (Baer Bros) r 423 e 5th st.
Baer, Henry (Baer Bros) r 515 Iowa av.
Baer, Miss Lena domestic F. B. Daggy's.
Bagnell Bros. (W. H. & C. E.) druggists 102 e 5th st. (removed to 429 Lincoln ave per directory)
Bagnell, W. H. (Bagnell Bros) r 635 e 7th st.
Baggs, Oliver horseman bds S. C. Davis'.
Ball, Mrs. B. A. wid r ne cor Broadway and 6th st.
Bailey, Frank student bds J. W. Small's.
Bailey, L. wks M. B. Atkins r 211 e 6th st.
Baker, H. E. foreman Times r 714 Iowa av.
Baker, Benj. student bds Dormitory.
Baker, J. W. student r No 420 College Ave.
Baldwin, F. (Baldwin & Crapser) r No 505 Thomson Ave.
Baldwin & Randolph (C. L. Baldwin, A.. F. Randolph), barbers, under Savings bank.
Baldwin, C. L. Randolph & Baldwin, r 86 Burlington av
Baldwin & Crapser (F. Baldwin, A. P. Crapser), real estate 610 Lincoln av.
Ballard & Norton (F. C. Ballard, B. F. Norton), barbers 515 Lincoln av.
Baltzly J. carpenter r 914 Burlington av.
Ballard, F. C. (Ballard & Norton), bds St. Elmo house.
Banker, E. J. contractor and builder r 211 w 7th st.
Baptist church cor 6th st and Burlington av.
Barbee, Walter (Norton & Barbee), bds Wyoming house.
Barch, E. L. blacksmith 200 Lincoln av r 224 College av.
Barnes, J. W. pres citizens' state bank r Summit place.
Barnes, Chester D. medical student res J. W. Barnes.
Bartholomew, C. H. r cor 7th st and Blackburn av.
Barnes, Miss Maud res J. W. Barnes.
Bartlett E. O. carpenter r 521 w 8th st.
Bates, Edward attorney 610 Lincoln av up strs bds capital rest.
Bates, H. prop Delmonico rest 621 Lincoln av r same.
Bauer, Miss Josie student bds Geo. E. Marston's.
Baughman, Watson student bds Dormitory.
Beck, Geo. A. grocer 616 Lincoln av r near cor Academy av and w 5th st.
Beck, Miss Anna student resides same.
Beck, Wm. A. student resides same.
Becker, Prof. H. W. r 122 w 10th st.
Behling, Hermann retired merchant bds Waverly house.
Bekker, Peter teamster 4o6 Lincoln av.
Bell, Mrs. A. M. wid r w side Cedar bet Grand ave and 5th sts.
Bell, T. M. architect r 557 w 7th st.
Bell, Miss Mary resides same.
Bell, Wm. r 642 e 7th st.
Bell, Miss Francis L. resides same.
Bell, J. M. (Sedgw ic& Bell) resides same.
Bell, W. E. book keeper 1st nat bank resides same.
Bell, Geo. A. carpenter r 320 Iowa av.
Bell, Geo. B. printer resides same.
Bell, Mrs. Sarah wid res Geo. Hopkins.
Bell, F. O. pres 1st nat bank r 909 Lincoln av.
Bennett, Edward laborer w side Cedar bet Grand av and 5th st
Bennett, T. Eddy county judge res Kuns' block.
Benson, Frank laborer wks G. W. Wirt bds Waverly House
Benson, John bds iowa house.
Bergman, Miss Mary domestic C. C. Cobb's.
Bernstein, Wm. harness opp Carpenter's lumb yrd i ),res same
Beswick, Mrs. Hester wid res R. N. McKaig
Beveridge, J. R. Meat market 510 Grant av r 525 e 6th st.
Bick, John carpenter 410 Grant av r 503 East av.
Bick, Chas. carpenter res same.
Bick, Miss Lucy resides same.
Bick, Miss Bertha resides same.
Bickel, Geo. wks foundry r 515 w 6th st.
Bickley, L. R. grain buyer, for G. P. Chessman, r ne cor Grand ave and Plum Street.
Biggs, Miss Jennie domestic Waverly House.
Biggs, Miss Laura domestic, Waverlv House.
Biggs, Wm. laborer, r 117 Lincoln ave.
Biggs, I. N. laborer, res same.
Binger A. carpenter, r 409 e 4th st.
Bishop, John (Panter & Bishop) bds J. C. Panter's.
Bissell, Miss Nettie res D. E. Foristall's.
Blackburn, Rev. W. S. R 504 Blackburn ave.
Blackburn, Miss Lou student res, W. S. Blackburn.
Blackburn, Robert M. D., res same.
Blackmore, Mrs Dollie wid res L. N. McFall.
Blackford, M. J. brick moulder, bds Iowa house.
Blixt, Gust. clks J. J. Lohr, r ns Grand av bet Plum and Cherry
Blixt Chas. (Blixt & Fisher) r nw cor Grand av and Pine st.
Blixt & Fisher (C. Blixt and G. C. Fisher) hardware, e side Broadway nr B. & M Depot.
Blodgett, A. prop Blodgett House, 413-419 Lincoln ave
Blood, D. N. stock raiser, r near south line city limits.
Bloomer, A. F. lumber, 1028 Lincoln ave r 1103, Lincoln ave. (corrected per directory)
Bloomer, R. H. manufacturer combination fence, 610 Lincoln ave down stairs, bds St Elmo house.
Bly, Mrs Lucinda wid r w s Plum st bet 5th and 6th.
Bock, Miss Sadie student, bds Dormitory.
Bohn, Peter moulder r e s Cedar st bet Grand av and 5th st.
Boies, D. F. manager Nat. Lumber Co. r 628 Burlington ave.
Bolster A. J. manager Lininger Metcalf Co. r 1002 Burlington av
Bonser, Uriah gardner, r w s Cherry bet 5th and 6th.
Booker R. D. prop Iowa house 6o1 Platte ave.
Booker, Miss Minnie res same.
Bott, Adam farmer 1102 York ave.
Bott Miss C. seamstress, res same.
Bouslough, C. G. laborer, r se cor city limits.
Bowker, H. H. constable, r 615 Burlington ave.
Boyer & Troutman (J. A. Boyer, A. Troutman) druggists 521 Lincoln ave.
Boyer J. A. Boyer & Troutman, r 1103 Beaver ave.
Boynton F. A. insurance agent r 665 e 10th st.
Boynton Chas M. with G. P. Chessman, r 614 York ave.
Boynton Alex wks Dr. Farley.
Brabham, J. A. wks J. B. Frickey, bds same.
Brady J. A. brick mason, bds Wyoming Hotel.
Brady. Miss Jennie dressmaker, 619 Lincoln av up stairs r same.
Brakeman, L. D. farmer cor A st and Platte av.
Brakeman, David wks Jos. Morrison's r 914 Platte av.
Brakeman, H. L. horseman wks D. E. Foristall bds same.
Brasch, August butcher bds Wyoming hotel.
Brasch, H. F. carpenter r 6oo w 5th st.
Braucht, H. S. law student bds Mrs. Graves
Bray, Evan lab r east terminus 5th st north B. & M. railroad.
Bresman, John teamster bds Wyoming hotel.
Brewer, Henry laborer bds Iowa house.
Brigham, C. W. prop steam laundry 8o8 York av.
Brigham, A. J. gardner r 814 York av.
Briley, James pumps and pipe 426 Grant ave r 328 Bur av.
Broman, Mrs. Anna wid r 721 East av.
Broman, John laborer r 715 Burlington av.
Brooks, Geo. wks M. Richards' r 513 w 7th st.
Brooks, Miss Mary wks Iowa house.
Brooks, J. S. farmer r 1009 Burlington av.
Brossard, Mrs. Flora wid r rear 717 Lincoln av.
Brown & Seeley (J. C. Brown, Z. L. Seeley), painters 116 w 6th st.
Brown, Isaac carpenter bds Wyoming hotel.
Brown, John (colored) wks Blodgett house.
Brown, John M. laborer r 220 e 4th st.
Brown, J. C. (Brown & Seeley) r 406 Nebraska av.
Brown, G. S. carpenter r 527 York av.
Brown, Z. teamster 126 Grant av.
Brown, James laborer bds City Dining Hall.
Brown, John laborer wks John Ittner's r Grand av bet Plum & Cherry.
Brown, John L. farmer r east terminus 6th st north B. & M. R.
Brubaker, A. McCool Junc Lumber merch r 726 Beaver av.
Bruner, I. J. farmer r 226, Burlington av.
Bryan, Miss Jennie B. res J. Wohlgamuth's.
Bubach, Miss F. milliner with D. J. Colling bds Capital Rest.
Buchanan, T. D. clerk Geo. A. Beck res 110 w 6th st up stairs
Buckmaster & Knight (S. P. Buckmaster, O. N. Knight) abstracters Opera block.
Buckmaster, S. P. deputy county clerk, r 609 York ave.
Buffum, Miss H. A. milliner, 705 Lincoln av bds W. E. Morgan.
Bullar, Miss Francis domestic F. F. Mead's.
Bullock Sisters (Adda M, Calla L) dressmakers, 322 e 6th st.
Bullock, R. J. laborer, r 410 Burlington ave.
Bullock, Geo. A. tinner res same.
Bullock, Miss Irena res same.
Burgess, A. F. engineer K. C. & O. R R bds Blodgett House.
Burke, John boiler-maker, r rear 723 Lincoln ave.
Burkhardt, Frank butcher bds Waverly house.
Burns, S. F. teamster, 820 Elmer ave. (corrected per directory)
Burns, Oscar carpenter, r 120 Iowa ave.
Burns, M. loan agent, Masonic block r south Blackburn ave.
Burns, Riley student res same.
Burns, Miss Blanche wks clerks office, res S. F. Burns.
Burr & VanTuyl (G. F. Burr, A. H. Van Tuyl,) agricultural implements, 529 Grant ave.
Burr, G. F. Burr & Van Tuyl, r 415 w 7th st.
Burr, Mrs Louisa wid r n side Grand av bet Plum and Cherry
Burr, Wm. Sewing machine agent res same.
Burr, Miss Lucy res same.
Burr, Miss Helen res same.
Burton, Miss Orrie waiter Delmonico restaurant.
Burton, Rev. T. J. r ne cor 6th st and Walnut.
Burton, Miss Flora A. teacher, res same.
Burton, C. P. prop. shooting gallery 715 Lin ave bds St Elmo
Burton, G. F. clks same, bds same.
Butterfield, E. A. stock raiser, Kingsley ave Hillside.
Butts, Mrs. Arminda wid r es Cedar st bet 6th and 7th.

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