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Compiled by B. A. Ward
York Republican, Steam Book and Job Printers, 1887
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Daggy, F. B. real estate, 104 w 6th st, up stairs, r 626 e 7th st
Dale, Peter confectioner, 115 e 6th st, r 401 Lincoln ave.
Dale, Miss Mertie student, res same.
Dale, L. H. wks Harrison Nursery Co., res same.
Daniels, A. M. fruit grower, r near south line city limits.
Daniels, C. loan broker, 618 Lincoln ave up stairs, r 643 e 7th st
Darling, Henry tinner, res A. S. Harlan.
Dart, Wilson carpenter, r 203, Iowa ave.
Dart, Carl clerk Chilcote & Co, res same as above.
Dart, J. A. engineer, K. C. & O. R. R., bds Blodgett House.
Darter, Mrs. Margaret wid res H. Reader's.
David & Kildow (J. M. David, J. N. Kildow) marble works, 114 west 6th street.
David, J. M. David & Kildow, bds Wyoming Hotel.
Davidson, J. M. grain dealer, r 909 York ave.
Davis, Rev. H. T. presiding elder M. E. church, r 606 e 4th st
Davis, Miss Allie res same.
Davis, W. C student, bds D. S. Davis.
Davis, Miss Emma student, res Dr. B. F. Farley.
Davis, J. N. physician, e s Broadway, r nw cor Walnut and 5th
Davis, S. C. painter, r se cor Plum and 6th st.
Dayton & Frank (W. E. Dayton, M. C. Frank) York Republican 609 Platte ave.
Dayton, W. E. (Dayton & Frank) r 527 w 5th st.
Dean, N. A. speculator, r 705, York ave.
Dever, J. L. confectioner, w s Broadway.
Dever, S. K. barber, w s Broadway, bds S. C. Davis.
Dibble, Miss J. D. Hall & Dibble, r city dining hall.
Dibble, Jabez res city dining hall.
Dibble, H. B. manager canning factory, r 717 Platte ave.
Dibble, Mrs. H. B. milliner, 625 Lincoln ave., r 717 Platte
Dieffenbacher, J. A. dentist, 107 e 6th st. up stairs bds J. B. Thompson's.
Dillon, Mrs. P. wid, res C. U. Washburn.
Dillon, F. M. jeweler, 427 Lincoln ave r 555 w 6th st. (removed to 511 Lincoln Avenue)
Doak, Jos. carpenter, r 542 w 5th st.
Doak, Miss Nannie teacher, res same.
Doak, John wks Weeks & Plummer bds same.
Dobbins, Mrs. M. L. wid r 109 e 6th st up stairs.
Doerffel, Edw. cigar manufacturer 501-1/2 Lincoln ave r 210 e 7th.
Doerffel, Miss Amelia res same.
Doney, Samuel laborer res 507 Lincoln ave up stairs.
Donaldson, M. r 415 Grant ave.
Donaldson, Miss Laura res same.
Doran, John carpenter bds,Wyoming.
Dorr, E. H. druggist w side Broadway r 2 blks n 7th & B'dw'y.
Doty, O. M. painter r 910 Lincoln ave.
Doty, Mark P. O. clerk bds same.
Doughty, Wm. laborer r Cedar bet 5th & 6th.
Douglas, J. D. tinner r 523 Beaver ave.
Dowd, Miss Mary waiter Wyoming.
Downie, G. F. machinest York foundry r nw cor 7th & Pine.
Drake, Miss Emma domestic Waverly house.
Duffey, Miles laborer 821 Nebraska ave.
Duffey, Thos. laborer bds same.
Duffey, Patsey laborer bds same.
Duley, E. E. (Linch & Duley) bds Mrs. Hannis'.
Duncanson, Miss Carrie student bds dormitory.
Dunham, J. R. bds Commercial
Durham, Church laborer r 902 Grant ave.
Durham, Fred wks A. F. Bloomer's r 1002 Lincoln ave.
Durmer, J. C. carpenter r nw cor Broadway & Grand ave.

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