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Compiled by B. A. Ward
York Republican, Steam Book and Job Printers, 1887
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Wagner, S. F. stock dealer, r ne cor Broadway and 5th St.
Wagner, Gordon r same as above.
Wagner, Miss Sidonia student, bds W. E. Morgan's.
Wah Sing, Kung laundry 707 Lincoln ave.
Wakefield, T, C. student, bds W. S. Blackburn's.
Waldrip, H. C. foreman Democrat, res Kuns' blk.
Waldrip, Mrs. H. C. compositor Democrat, res same as above.
Walker, G. bds Iowa house.
Walker, Z. laborer, bds Iowa house.
Walker, J. M. carpenter, r nw cor Broadway and 7th st.
Walker, John gardner, r ss Grand av bet Plum and Cherry.
Wall, C. B. res W. K. Williams'.
Walkup, A. E. clks Woods Bros.' bds H. Reader's.
Wallander, Chas. G. laborer, r 416 Burlington ave.
Ward, B. A. Publisher Directories and General Advertising agent, r 205 Burlington ave.
Ward, H. F. bridge contracter and builder, res Blodgett house.
Ward, A. C. chattel loans, 107 w 6th st. r 419 e 6th st.
Waring, Miss Lou cook, Wyoming house.
Warner, E. P. asst cashier Citizens State bank, r se cor 2nd st. and College ave.
Warner, E. A. coal and ice, 124 w 6th st. r 715 York ave.
Washburn, C. U. farmer, r 659 w 6th st.
Washburn, O. carpenter, r 310 Iowa ave.
Webber, S. H. stone mason, bds City dining hall.
Webber, A. C. stone mason, bds same as above.
Webber, E. H. stone mason, bds same as above.
Weeks & Plummer (L. P. Weeks, E. R. Plummer) city sprinklers and teamsters.
Weeks, L. P. Weeks & Plummer, r 603 York ave.
Wehn, Rev. G. H. r 814 Burlington ave.
Wells, H. E. Wells & Co. r 543 w 5th st.
Wells, S. M. stone mason, res 815 Lincoln ave.
Wells, John carpenter, r nw cor city limits.
Wells & Co. (H. E. Wells, J. Talbott,) millinery, Little Store, 627 Lincoln ave.
Welch, J. jailor, and night policeman, res Co. jail 510 Neb. ave.
Wendell, J. H. teamster, r 521 Neb. ave.
West, Mrs. Mattie r 425 e 10th st.
Westervelt, Peter shoemaker, 723 Lincoln ave. r 523 e 7th st.
Westervelt, B. H. Westervelt Bros. r 305 College ave
Westervelt & Fisher (M. Westervelt, A. R. Fisher), Ten cent store 723 Lincoln ave.
Westervelt Bros. B. H. and E. M., jewelers, 107 e 6th st.
Whedon, F. L. postmaster, r 708 Burlington ave.
Whedon, Mrs. Jane wid res same as above
Whedon, W. L. jeweler, 606 Lincoln ave. r 718 Burlington ave.
Wheeler, A. B. painter, r 101 Nebraska ave.
Wheeler, Geo. A. bus driver Commercial hotel
Whitcomb, E. F. farmer, r 622 e 4th st.
White, J. E. nurseryman, r 542 w 5th st.
White, J. D. book-keeper, F. F. Mead, r 824 Elmer ave.
Wickman, Chas. farmer, res 411 w 11th st.
Wier, Lewis agent, bds Geo. Cheney's.
Wightman, Prof. A. R. r 619 e 10th st.
Wightman, Miss Grace assistant P. M. res same as above.
Wightman, E. J. Ass't cashier York Nat. bank, r 821 Burlington avenue.
Wilcox, C. O. Cash. Long Island (Kas.) bank, r 810 Iowa ave.
Wilde, Miss Carrie student bds C. Mullihan.
Wildman, M. M. attorney, r 549 w 7th st.
Wilkins, A. J. clk W. H. Lacy, r 422 Burlington ave.
Wilkins, Mrs. H. P. wid r 717 Iowa ave.
Wilkins, Miss Mary res same as above.
Wilkins, Miss Sue res same as above.
Williams, W. K. clothier, 106 e 5th st. r 614 Burlington ave.
Williams, B. J. clk, res same as above.
Williams, John hostler, Southworth & F. bds City dining hall.
Wilson, J. A. mail carrier, r ws Cherry bet 5th and 6th st.
Wilson, J. E. student, bds John Frew's.
Wineinger, Miss Bella domestic, Jas. Craske's.
Wing, W. C. r 404 e 6th st.
Wing, Miss Bessie teacher, res same as above.
Wirt, Mrs. Jane wid, nurse, r 215 Grant ave.
Wistler, Miss Anna res R. N. McKaig's.
Witt, Fred miller, roller mills, r 97 Lincoln ave.
Wohlgamuth, J. carpet weaver, r sw cor Cherry and 6th st.
Wohlgamuth, Wm. gardner, r bet 5th st. and Walnut.
Wollard, W. S. attorney, York Nat. bank, r 622 Burlington av.
Wood, W. G. musical instruments, r w s Plum st bet Grand ave and 5th st.
Wood, Miss Gertie R. wid r 306 Thompson ave.
Woodley, J. C. harness maker, r 410 Neb. ave.
Woods Bros. (J. W. and E. B. dry goods.) 622-624 Lincoln av.
Woods, J. W. Woods Bros. r 1017 Beaver ave.
Woods, E. B. Woods Bros. bds Blodgett house.
Woodworth, B. stone mason, bds City Dining Hall.
Woolley, Miss Fannie C res nw cor Walnut and Grand ave.
Woolley, Miss Hattie teacher, res same as above.
Worley, J. C. res 322 Blackburn ave.
Worley, Miss Emma res same as above.
Worley, Geo. res same as above
Worley, Prof. D. B. music teacher, r 924 Burlington ave.
Wortrnan, Mrs, Phoebe wid res 602 Grant ave up stairs.
Wortman, Geo. brick mason, res same as above.
Wray & Johnson (Wm. Wray, J. A. Johnson), blacksmiths 114-116 w 5th st.
Wray, S. S. carpenter, r Cedar bet 5th and 6th st.
Wray, Wm. Wray & Johnson r 617 College ave.
Wright, E. O. prop. Red Lion Mills, r 827 Grant ave.
Wright, Isaac gardner, r n terminus Cherry st.
Wright, Ed. laborer r same as above.
Wright, H. Q. clks Ewen & Butler bds City Dining Hall.
Wright, Jas. S. harness maker, r 323, w 3rd st.
Wright, Rev. R. res 633 w 6th st.
Wruck, G. F. clk's C. L. Meissner, bds Blodgett House.
Wutke, Otto harness maker, bds E. Stache.
Wyckoff, W. W. Wyckoff & Knapp r 728 Burlington ave.
Wyckoff & Knapp (W. W. Wyckoff, W. R. Knapp), druggists, 103 e 6th st.
Wyckoff, A. D. druggists, r 626 York ave.
Wyckoff, Miss Flora teacher, res same as above.
Wyckoff, Miss Helen teacher, res same as above.
Wyckoff, Ite laborer, bds C. Durham's.

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