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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:
Babcock E E, Bradshaw.
Babcock J S, Bradshaw.
Babcock Wm M, Lushton.
Babel Emanuel, York.
Backus Wm, Waco.
Bader Gustav, Gresham.
Baer F M, Waco.
Bagg John H, York.
Baggs Oliver, York.
Bagg R A, York.
Bailey Thos W, Exeter.
Bailey W L, Benedict.
Bailey W R, Exeter.
Baker D W, Benedict.
Baker F A, Benedict.
Baker Francis, Exeter.
Baldwin F H, York.
Ballard H A, Arborville.
Ballard H S, Arborville.
Ballard R, Gresham.
Ballard W M, York.
Baugh R L, Benedict.
Banks S, Henderson.
Barbee T S, Gresham.
Barber S A, Gresham.
Barber Thomas, Benedict.
Barger Jasper, Lushton.
Barker C B, McCool Junc.
Barker F H, McCool Junc.
Barnett D F, Thayer.
Barnett Jas W, York.
Barnum H, Arborville.
Barnum J L, Arborville.
Barr Jas A, York.
Barr John H, York.
Barrett Anderson, Lushton.
Barrett M, Lushton.
Bartholomew D, Benedict.
Bartholomew G, Charleston.
Bartholomew H E, Arborville.
Bass A A, McCool Junction.
Bates H, Arborville.
Bates L A, Arborville.
Bauer Christ, Henderson.
Bauer Frank, Benedict.
Bauer Henry, McCool Junc.
Bauer James, York.
Bauer John, Benedict.
Baugh C M, Benedict.
Baum J, Benedict.
Beaublossom G W, Benedict.
Beard John P, York.
Beattie I J, Bradshaw.
Beattie Wm J, Houston.
Beattie Wm J, York.
Beatly Benj F, Thayer.
Beatly P, Houston.
Beaver C N, Waco.
Betz John, York.
Bechtel W L, Benedict.
Beckord Fritz, Utica.
Beckord Robert, Waco.
Bedient Chas H, Arborville.
Bedient F L, Arborville.
Bedient L A, Arborville.
Bedient M E, Arborville.
Beebe J C, Benedict.
Beebe R M, Bradshaw.
Behm Freerick, Gresham.
Beishline Danl, Bradshaw.
Beishline S L, Bradshaw.
Belding A M, Benedict.
Bell J H, Benedict.
Bell J N, Waco.
Bell John W, Exeter.
Bellows F, McCool Junction.
Bellows J, McCool Junction.
Bellows L H, McCool Junc.
Benedict D C, Bradshaw.
Benner Absolom, York.
Bennett A B, Waco.
Bennett A E, Benedict.
Bennett Douglas, Gresham.
Bennett D W, Benedict.
Bennett H E, Waco.
Bennett Joe, Gresham.
Bennett J W, Waco.
Bennett M F, Waco.
Benson H N, Bradshaw.
Benson Jno A, Bradshaw.
Benson L H, Bradshaw.
Benterbaugh L, Blue Valley.
Benton T B, Waco.
Berenter Chas, Utica.
Bergen Isaac, Bradshaw.
Berhl Henry, Utica.
Berry T S, Utica.
Berryhill F E, Gresham.
Bevard E C Utica.
Bidwel F A, York.
Bickle Chas A, Exeter.
Bicknell C J, York.
Biede Fred, York.
Biggard Louis, Utica.
Biggs J P, Benedict.
Billington F E, Lushton.
Billington Isaac C, Lushton.
Bingham, Geo, Arborville.
Bishop D H, Waco.
Bishop John sr, York.
Bishop R A, McCool Junc.
Bishop Wm C, York.
Bittinger David, Benedict.
Bittinger Fred Benedict.
Bittinger G I, Benedict.
Bittinger J F, Benedict.
Bittinger J I, Benedict.
Bittinger John, Benedict.
Bittinger Saml, Benedict.
Bittner Emanuel, Benedict.
Blackmore G McCool Junc.
Blair Cyrus, Thayer.
Blair John, Arborville.
Blake Jno, York.
Blazing Albert, Gresham.
Blazing August, Gresham.
Blazing Wm, Gresham.
Blender Edw. Benedict.
Blincow F H, McCool Junc.
Blixt Chas, Bradshaw.
Blodgett Jao J, Gresham.
Blood D N jr, York.
Bloohmkrantz C G, Benedict
Blum Henry, Waco.
Blum Julius, Waco.
Bodman Robt, Gresham.
Boehr Jno, Henderson.
Bogart A G, Benedict.
Bohl N, Benedict.
Bohl Phillip Benedict.
Bohn Frederick, Utica.
Bohn Peter, Henderson.
Bohn Peter, York.
Bohner Geo W, Bradshaw.
Bollman Robt, Gresham.
Bolsby Wm, Waco.
Bolte Heinrich, Utica.
Bond O E, Gresham.
Bonser Uriah, York.
Boone J A, Utica.
Boone Jas R, Utica.
Boorman A, Gresham.
Boren J W, Waco.
Boren W I, Waco.
Borer H D, Gresham.
Bose A A, York.
Bose Abraham, York.
Rose Conrad, Gresham.
Rose John, Gresham.
Boston C C, York.
Boston Jas W, York.
Boswell Davis, Thayer.
Bott Adam, Bradshaw.
Bowe Andrew, York.
Boswell Davis, Thayer.
Bott Adam, Bradshaw.
Bowe Andrew, York.
Bowen Geo, Waco.
Bowen H, Blue Valley.
Bowers A G, Gresham.
Bowers Geo W, York.
Bowersock S H, Thayer.
Bowersock V H, Thayer.
Bowman Jno, McCool Junc.
Bowman Josiah, York.
Brabham E F, Bradshaw.
Brabham F M, Benedict.
Brabham H H, Bradshaw.
Brabham R B, Benedict.
Brachan Aug, Waco.
Brachan C C, Utica.
Bradley Elizabeth A, Waco.
Bradley J C, Exeter.
Bradley T C, Waco.
Bradley W H, Waco.
Bradway Levi, Gresham.
Brahmstadt Henry, York.
Brahmstadt John, York.
Brahmstadt L, McCool Junc.
Brahmstadt Wm jr, York.
Brahmstadt Wm sr, York.
Brakeman L D, York.
Brandenberg C F, Bradshaw.
Brandthoefer Adam, Waco.
Brandthoefer Xeno, Waco.
Branz Anna E, Gresham.
Branz Ernest, Gresham.
Branz John, Gresham.
Brechon, Pierre, York.
Brechtel Anton, York.
Brechtel Chas, Bradshaw.
Bremer J H C, York.
Brennan John, Fairmont.
Brewer A J, Bradshaw.
Brewer Jas A, Bradshaw.
Brewer S P, Bradshaw.

Brienski A, Henderson.
Brisbin Jas R, York.
Bristol Christian, Waco.
Bristol Curtis S, Gresham.
Bristol Harmon, Waco.
Brittenham F W, McCool Jc.
Brizendin J L, Gesham.
Broadwell David, York.
Broadwell John, York
Brobst Daniel, Gresham.
Brobst W E, Benedict.
Brock C P, Waco.
Brock P S, Waco.
Broehl Chas, Bradshaw.
Broehl Gottlieb, Bradshaw.
Broehl H, Bradshaw.
Broehl J M, Bradshaw.
Brooke R, York.
Brooke Wm, York.
Brooks Ed, McCool Junction.
Brooks J B, York.
Brooks Jos S, Benedict
Brooks J S, York.
Brooks L, McCool Junction.
Brooks Lydia A, Waco.
Brooks W S, York.
Brower H G, MCool Junc.
Browitt A, Bradshaw.
Browitt G H, Bradshaw.
Browitt Jos L, Bradshaw.
Brown A, Beaver Crossing.
Brown Benj, McCool Junc.
Brown C sr, Henderson.
Brown Chas, Cordova.
Brown C O, Benedict.
Brown E, Gresham.
Brown Edgar, Waco.
Brown Everett, Waco.
Brown F A R, McCool Junc.
Brown Henry, York.
Brown Jacob, Bradshaw.
Brown Jas M, Benedict.
Brown John, York.
Brown John, Gresham.
Brown John, Benedict.
Brown M M, York.
Brown Robt jr, Gresham.
Brown W C, McCool Junc.
Brown W L, York.
Brubaker A E, Waco.
Brubaker H C, McCool Junc.
Brubaker Jos, McCool Junc.
Brubaker W M, McCool Junc.
Bruffey J L, Thayer.
Bruks J, Bradshaw.
Brumbaugh I N, Bradshaw.
Brumbaugh R, Bradshaw.
Brumbaugh S Bradshaw.
Brumbaugh S D, Bradshaw.
Brumsey J A, Bradshaw.
Brundige P, Charleston.
Bruner I J, York.
Brunk A F, Waco.
Bruns Fred, Waco.
Bryan W P, Charleston.
Buchanan W C, Bradshaw.
Buck Jno, Bradshaw.
Buckley Johnson, Exeter.
Buckmaster G D, York.
Buckmaster J J, Bradshaw.
Buckmaster Jos, York.
Buckmaster T H, Bradshaw.
Buckner D N, Thayer.
Buell F L, York.
Bulgrin Albert, Blue Valley.
Bulgtrin Aug, Utica.
Bullard J M, York.
Buller David, Henderson.
Buller Jacob, Henderson.
Buller Peter, Bradshaw.
Burch F M, Benedict.
Burch H S, Waco.
Burgess Clayton, Arborville
Burgess H, McCool Junction.
Burgess Thos, McCool Junc.
Burhoop Henry, Waco.
Burke G F, York.
Burke Jeffrey jr, York.
Burke John, York.
Burke John A, York.
Burlew Aaron E, Exeter
Burnett Josiah, Gresham.
Burnett Wm, Waco.
Burnheimer J J Arborville.
Burr Wm C, York.
Burtch A J, Waco.
Burich Geo F, McCool Junc.
Bussard Wm O, Lushton.
Butterfield E A, York.
Butterfield G R, Thayer.
Byers Robt E, Gresham.
Byers A E, York.

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