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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:
Cain Saml York.
Cain S E, Waco.
Caulkins C, Lushton.
Calkins David, Lushton.
Calkins Jas H, Charleston.
Calkins Jas V, Charleston.
Calkins M L, Lushton.
Callen H J, Thayer.
Callen J E, Exeter.
Cameron Elwood, Benedict.
Camp W D, Utica.
Campbell Arch, McCool Junc.
Campbell Benj, Cordova.
Campbell Elizabeth, Waco.
Campbell Jas, Blue Valley.
Campbell J E, Waco.
Campbell J H, Waco.
Campbell Jno F, Charleston.
Campbell L D, Gresham.
Campbell Y, Exeter.
Campbell N, McCool Junc.
Capsey Ed D, Henderson.
Card A G, Utica.
Cardat A, Bradshaw,
Carleen Godfrey, Houston.
Carlin S M, York.
Carlisle J B, Bradshaw.
Carlson Andrew J, Cordova.
Carlson Carl J, York.
Carlson I P, Bradshaw.
Carmody John, Arborville.
Carpenter John T, York.
Carpenter M, Bradshaw.
Carper A C, York.
Carper Chas, York.
Carper Edward, York.
Carr G D, Lushton.
Carr Geo C, Lushton.
Carrell Wm H, Arborville.
Carroll F H, Waco
Carroll Patrick, Lushton.
Carter Ernest, Henderson.
Carter Eugene, Lushton.
Carter Jas, York.
Carter J F, York.
Carter J M, York.
Carter J N, Gresham.
Carter S L, Thayer.
Casebeer L H, Bradshaw.
Cassen J R, Gresham.
Castile A A, York.
Castle M, York.
Cate N B, Cordova.
Cathcart Geo, Benedict.
Cathcart Jas C, Benedict.
Cathcart J W, Thayer.
Cattrell John, York.
Caywood Jas S, Lushton.
Chadd Willis, York.
Chaffell Henry, Houston.
Chaffell Joseph, Houston.
Chambers H E,Cordova.
Chambers J F, Exeter.
Chambers M D, Charleston.
Chambers Scott N, Exeter.
Chambers S W, Thayer.
Chambers W L, Exeter.
Chaney J A, Benedict.
Charske Ernest, Gresham.
Chatterton A B, Blue Valley.
Chattin Edward, York.
Chicken Daniel, Benedict.
Childs L, Bradshaw.
Christanson Christ, Lushton.
Christian A B, McCool Junc.
Christian J, Beaver Crossing
Church Phil, Arborville.
Churchill C W, York.
Churchill F M, McCool Junc.
Cites H C, York.
Clabby J B, York.
Clabby Jos, York.
Clark Geo W, Charleston.
Clark Jno W, Exeter.
Clark Pat, McCool Junct.
Clark R A, bradshaw.
Clark Thos, Waco.
Clark W D, Charleston.
Clauson Thos B, Lushton.
Clay F M, Waco.
Clay Mary, Waco.
Clay Wm L, Bradshaw.
Clayton Mary A, McCool Junc.
Clem Albert, Gresham.
Clem Noah, Gresham.
Clare Victor H, Houston.
Clifford H H, York.
Clifford Thos, York.
Cline Andrew Bradshaw.
Cline Lafayette, Bradshaw.
Cline P C, Bradshaw.
Cline Philip, Bradshaw.
Cline Saml, Bradshaw.
Clithero C B, Lushton.
Clithero Cyrus W, Lushton.
Clossen E M, Gresham.
Clover H W, Utica.
Coburn S G Bradshaw.
Cochran A B, York.
Cochran Eug, McCool Junc.
Cochran Geo H, York.
Cochran B, McCool Junc.
Colbe Eug, Bradshaw.
Colby G C, Arborville.
Colby P M, Bradshaw.
Colgan Geo, Lushton.
Collett Wm, Bradshaw.
Collingham J F, York.
Collingham J W, Utica.
Collingham Wm, York.
Collins Jno, McCool Junc.
Collins Wm E, McCool Junc.
Coltrain Zeb, Waco.
Conant F S, Benedict.
Conant John Benedict.
Conant R H, Benedict.
Conkle W C Benedict.
Conley D B, Waco.
Conley Geo, Waco.
Conner Wm, Lushton.
Connett J N, Arborville
Conrad J, McCool Junction.

Conrad Peter, Charleston.
Conrad Wilhelm, Benedict.
Conroy Frank, Fairmount
Conroy James, Fairmount.
Conray Pat, York.
Conry R D, McCool Junction
Conway J F, Thayer.
Conway W P, Gresham.
Cook C W, Benedict.
Cook E E, Benedict.
Cook Erwin, McCool Junc.
Cook Geo E, Charleston.
Cook Geo W, Benedict.
Cook John, Waco.
Cook J P, Waco.
Cook P W, Waco.
Cookus J H, Lushton.
Cookus V E, Lushton.
Cookus Wm P, Lushton.
Cool M, Waco.
Coombs John, Benedict.
Corbin T P, Waco.
Corcoran Patrick, York.
Corey A G, McCool Junction
Corner Spencer, Utica.
Cottrell A R, York.
Cottrell Jacob York.
Cottrell Robt A, York.
Couch C B, York.
Couch Dion, Benedict.
Couch J H, Gresham.
Couch Wm F, Benedict.
Covender R, Benedict.
Covender W P, Benedict.
Cox F M, Waco.
Cox Joshua, Hampton.
Craig Jos M, Arborville.
Cramm H L, Utica.
Craske James, York.
Craw Geo W, Gresham.
Crawford Bridget, York.
Crawford D W, York.
Crawford J H, Charleston.
Creighton J H, Benedict.
Critchlow L A, Benedict.
Croone T B, Waco.
Crosby Squire E, Arborville.
Cross W M, Utica.
Cross Wm H, York.
Crouse S, Bradshaw.
Crowder O, Beaver Crossing.
Crownover B B, Benedict.
Crownover E B, Benedict.
Crownover F L, Benedict.
Crumpacker L, Houston.
Cudaback E, McCool Junc.
Cudaback Jas, McCool Junc.
Cudaback Jno, McCool Junc.
Culver Irvin, Lushton.
Culver Jasper, Lushton.
Cunningham J, Blue Valley.
Cunningham M, Blue Valley.
Cunningham M, York.
Cunningham S S, Thayer.
Curry Arthur, York.
Custer C, York.

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