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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:
Dahlgren Jno Benedict.
Daily S F, Lushton.
Dainton Isaac, Blue Valley.
Dale J H, Gresham.
Dale O H, York.
Dalke Abraham, Henderson
Dalke Heinrich, Henderson.
Dalke John, Henderson.
Damon L H, York.
Daniels Merritt, Arborville
Darling David, Brdshaw.
Darling O H, Lushton.
Darling Wm, Arborville.
Dart E C, Waco.
Dart Wilson, York.
Darvin Peter, Gresham.
Dasher Geo, Gresham.
Dasher Geo C, Gresham.
Dasher Lewis, Gresham.
Daugherty Jas, York.
Daugherty John, York.
Daugherty Patk, York.
Daugherty R T, Gresham.
Davidson J S, Gresham.
Davies T L, Thayer.
Davis D B, Benedict.
Davis D F, Benedict.
Davis D S, Gresham.
Davis E E, Lushton.
Davis G W, Lushton.
Davis J C, Benedict.
Davis J J, Charleston.
Davis J L, Waco.
Davis V, York.
Davis W L, York.
Day A J, York.
Day Jas, York.
Day O F, York.
Dayton Wm, McCool Junc.
Dean J E, McCool Junc.
DeBois B F, Arborville.
DeBois Edna, Arborville.
DeBois F L, Arborville.
DeBois J F, Arborville.
Decious Chas, McCool Junc.
Decious W T, McCool Junc.
Decker Frank, Gresham.
Decker J A, Waco.
Deffenbaugh S S, B Valley.
Defontaine L, McCool Junc.
Delamarter M C, Charleston.
Deloye Jas, Bradshaw.
Demarco C S, Bradshaw.
Dempster Jas H, Lushton.
Deremer W J, Utica.
Dery L H, McCool Junction.
Detrick Jos C, York.
Dever S K, Benedict.
Devine C E, York.
Devine G E, York.
Devine John, York.
Devine W R, York.
DeWitt D M, Bradshaw.
DeWolf C B, Arborsville.
Dick Frank J, Bradshaw.
Dick Henry, Farmers Valley
Dick John, Charleston.
Dickey Cyrus, Blue Valley.
Dickey Grant, York.
Dickinson J A, Gresham.
Dickman H H, Henderson.
Dickson Wm H, Benedict.
Diehl Martin, Arborville.
Dill J N, Thayer.
Dilley W T, York.
Dillman F B, McCool Junc.
Dillon R McCool Junction.
Dillon W, McCool Junction.
Dixon A, McCool Junction.
Dixon T J, Waco.
Dixon Wm H, Benedict.
Doan David, Gresham.
Doan T E, Gresham.
Doan Thos E, Gresham.
Dodd P L, York.
Donaldson And, Stromsburg.
Donaldson L H, York.
Donaldson L O, York.
Donaldson Moses, York.
Donavan John, Bradshaw
Donavan J W, Thayer.
Donavan Patrick, Bradshaw
Doody Danl, Waco.
Doody Mary A, Waco.
Doran Andrew, Bradshaw.
Dorsey C N, Arborville.
Dorsey C W, Arborville.
Dorsey Geo V, Arborville.
Dorsey G L, Arborville.
Dorsey John L, Arborville.
Dorsey Jos H Arborville.
Dorsey N H, Bradshaw.
Doubleday Geo, Bradshaw.
Douglas G M, Benedict.
Douglas Jos W, Benedict.
Dovenbarger A, Benedict.
Dovenbarger C H, Benedict
Dovenbarger Danl, Benedict
Dovenbarger E H, Benedict
Downer E B, Benedict.
Downey Wm, Gresham.
Downing Annie, Waco.
Downing A R, Waco.
Downing J H, Waco.
Downing Jno R, Gresham.
Downing J W, Benedict.
Downing W O, Waco.
Doyle John, Bradshaw.
Doyle O B, Waco.
Doyle Peter, Hampton.
Doyle Peter, Bradshaw.
Doyle W H, Waco.
Drake F H, York.
Dreier A C, McCool Junc.
Driewer Henry, Bradshaw.
Due Christ Cordova.
Due Peter, Cordova.
Dueck Heinrich, Henderson
Duff J R, York.
Dullum Paul, Gresham.
Dumond Chas. Fairmont.
Dunlavy F M, York.
Dunn Chas, Gresham.
Dunn J F, Benedict.
Dunn John, Benedict.
Dunn Patrick, Benedict.
Dunn Wm H, Benedict.
Durham L W, York.
Durham Mark, York.
Dwelms, Christian, Waco.
Dyer C F, Gresham.
Dyer D N, Gresham.
Dyer W A, Gresham.

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