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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:
Earl Ellen, Waco.
Eastman Wm G, York.
Ebbeke L H, McCool Junc.
Ebbeke L, McCool Junction.
Ebbeke W H, McCool Junc.
Eberhardt A C, Bradshaw.
Eberhardt J H, Waco.
Eberhardt Thos D, York.
Eberle Chris, Benedict.
Eberle David, Bradshaw.
Eckles Edwin, Arborville.
Eckles J A, Benedict.
Eckles J H, Lushton.
Edgehill Henry A, Exeter.
Edwards C N, McCool Junc.
Edwards F J, Utica.
Edwards W H, Utica.
Egan John, McCool Junc.
Egelhoff John, Gresham.
Egelhoff Wm, Gresham.
Egerblad A G, Bradshaw.
Egley Adolph, Lushton.
Egly Christian, Exeter.
Ehlers Peter, Thayer.
Ehlers Wm, Thayer.
Eichhorn Aug, Arborville.
Eisenbass A, Lushton.
Ekdol Andrew, Benedict.
Elfeldt E H, Waco.
Ellinger N B, Benedict.
Elliott Abram O, Gresham.
Elliott Hezekiah, Utica.
Elliott Jos S, Benedict.
Elliott N, Thayer.
Elliott O A, York.
Elliott Wm W, Benedict.
Ellis Chas, York.
Ellis Chas, McCool Junc.
Ellis C L, McCool Junc.
Ellis Frank, Waco.
Ellis Geo R, York.
Ellis Hammon, McCool Junc
Ellis Jos, Exeter.
Ellis M W, McCool Junc.
Ellis Silas M, McCool Junc.
Ellis W H, McCool Junc.
Ellis Wm, York.
Ellison E P, Bradshaw.
Ells John G, York.
Elrod F, Thayer.
Elwood Saml H, Gresahm.
Emdee B F, Waco.
Enisel M D, Waco.
Enderle J, Henderson.
Eugblom Aug, Houston.
Ensign L P, Arborville.
Ensign Saml, Arborville.
Enterline John Lushton.
Epp C C, Bradshaw.
Epp Cornelius, Lushton.
Epp Cornelius P, Lushton..
Epp C W, Lushton.
Epp Gerhard, Henderson.
Epp H jr, Henderson.
Epp H C, Henderson.
Epp H H, Henderson.
Epp H P, Henderson.
Epp Jacob jr, Lushton.
Epp Johann, Henderson.
Epp Peter P, Lushton.
Epp P P, Henderson.
Erb David, York.
Erb John, Arborville.
Erickson C A, York.
Erickson James, Bradshaw.
Erthum Nich, Charleston.
Erthum Peter, Charleston.
Eerwine J B, Waco.
Evans B F, York.
Evans Ezekiel, Waco.
Evans J J, Waco.
Everts G D, Waco.
Everts G K, Waco.
Everts J B, Waco.
Everts Sophia, Waco.
Ewing M A, Benedict.

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