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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:
Hagemeister F, Bradshaw.
Hager Calvin C, Lushton.
Hager John, Lushton.
Hager O P, Lushton.
Hager Wm P, Lushton.
Hagerman Chas, Utica.
Haines Arthur T, Greshaw.
Haines P E, Thayer.
Haines Wm P, Gresham.
Haines W P, Gresham.
Hale Samuel, Cordova.
Hall Samuel, York.
Hall W A, Lushton.
Hallaway L, Benedict.
Halach C, McCool Junction.
Halstead Allen, Thayer.
Halstead Hartzel, Gresham.
Hamilton L H, Charleston.
Hammond Geo W, York.
Hammond Wm, York.
Hampton Frank, Lushton.
Hampton J N, Bradshaw.
Hampton J N, Lushton.
Hampton John, Lushton.
Hancler A, McCool Junction
Hand Noah, Gresham.
Haney H, Utica.
Haney J H, Beaver Crossing
Haney Patrick, Bradshaw.
Haney P J, Bradshaw.
Hankins H S, Bradshaw.
Hannah Geo A, Blue Valley.
Hannaman Wm, Waco.
Hannen J F, Bradshaw.
Hansel John, Exeter.
Hansen E P, Beaver Crossing
Hansen E P, Blue Valley.
Hansen L P, Waco.
Hanson Andrew, York.
Hanson Nicholas, Waco.
Happer Robt W, Thayer.
Harden D G, Utica.
Harden Pierce, York.
Hardy F E, Benedict.
Hardy J W, Lushton.
Harger Johan, Henderson.
Hargleroad C, Blue Valley.
Hargleroad W B,Blue Valley
Harlan Elihu Waco.
Harnan F H, Charleston.
Harper M R, York.
Harper Richard, York.
Harris E L, Waco.
Harris Henry, York.
Harris Wm B, York.
Harris Wm A, Benedict.
Harrison John T, York.
Harrington A F, Benedict.
Harrington H, Benedict.
Harters T B, Arborville.
Hartman J D, Waco.
Harvey G W, York.
Hasbrouck I C, Bradshaw.
Hasbrouck Isaiah, Bradshaw.
Hasbrouck Wm, Bradshaw.
Haskell H H, Arborville.
Haslip W B, Charleston.
Hasselberth C A, McCool Jc.
Hastings A, Arborville.
Hastings D A, Arborville.
Hastings H S, York.
Hathaway N E, York.
Hathaway Wm, Waco.
Hawes James A, Lushton.
Hawley A A, Gresham.
Hawley B L, Gresham.
Hawley Frank P, Gresham.
Hawley Geo H, Benedict.
Hawley Judd, Gresham.
Hawley P S, Gresham.
Hawley Wm C, Gresham.
Hayworth Geo, Exeter.
Hazlett V C, Cordova.
Heath A Z, Bradshaw.
Heath Felix, Charleston.
Heath Osborn, Charleston.
Heaton, C. H. Waco.
Heaton Danl, Waco.
Heaton Ed M,Benedict.
Heaton Nelson, Waco.
Heaton R H, Benedict.
Heaton S A, Waco.
Hecht F H, Lushton.
Hecht Henry C, Lushton.
Hecht J H, Lushton.
Hecht Wm, Lushton.
Heckeroth Adam, Waco.
Hedrick John, Waco.
Hedrick S, McCool Junc.
Herman M N, Bradshaw.
Hegarty Patrick, York.
Heiden Carl, Thayer.
Heiden Wilhelm, Thayer.
Heidtmann C F, Utica.
Heighney Bernard, Lushton.
Heiner J L, Exeter.
Heiney Dan B, McCool Junc.
Heiney J N, McCool Junc.
Heinrich Jacob, Henderson.
Heinzman J C, Waco.
Heller Peter, York.
Helmar C F, Beaver Crossing
Helmers A D, Fairmont.
Helms Wm, Waco.
Helms Wm C, Blue Valley.
Henahan Thos, Exeter.
Henderson Robt, Lushton.
Hendrick E W, Lushton.
Hendrick Nathan, Lushton.
Hendrick S C, Lushton.
Hendrickson Chas, Gresham
Hendrickson W E, Benedict.
Hennahan T, McCool Junc.
Hennings H G, Waco.
Henton Geo York.
Herbst Conrad,Exeter
Herzer J, Thayer.
Hertzog J P, Lushton.
Hesselgrave C E, Lushton
Hetrick J W, McCool Junc.
Hiatt W E, McCool Junction
Hibbard Chas, York.
Hibbs Henry, York.
Hicks A D, York.
Hiebert Klas, Henderson.
Hiebert Martin, Henderson.
Hiett I C, York.
Hiett Jas S, York.
Hiett L D, Benedict.
Hiett W R, McCool Junction
Higginbottom J N, McCool Jc
High S M, Bradshaw.
Hilbert J C, Waco.
Hill Caas, York.
Hill Ephraim,Cordova.
Hill Geo, Lushton.
Hine L C, Benedict.
Hirsch Robt S, Gresham.
Hirschfeld Ludwig, Utica.
Hise W P, Benedict.
Hitchcock A, Bradshaw.
Hitchcock D, Bradshaw.
Hitchcock E M, Bradshaw.
Hitchcock J F, Bradshaw.
Hitchcock Jos, Bradshaw.
Hitchcock W D, Bradshaw.
Hockom Nils, York.
Hofer Gottlob, York.
Hoffman A, Thayer.
Hoffmaster A W, Benedict.
Hoffmaster J W, Benedict.
Hoffschneider F, Utica.
Hoffschneider Hein, Utica.
Hoffschneider Herm, Utica.
Hofman Henry, Sutton.
Hofman Jacob, Sutton.
Hoggat R, Bradshaw.
Hohensee L A, Waco.
Hohensee Louis, Blue Valley
Hohnbaum C F, Waco.
Hohnbaum Wm, Waco.
Holbrook J L, Gresham.
Holman E B, Bradshaw.
Holmes Albert, Lushton.
Holmes Geo F, Benedict.
Holmes Geo W, York.
Holmes N G, Benedict.
Holmes W H, Benedict.
Holach Chas, McCool Junc.
Holoch Geo, McCool Junc.
Holoch Henry, McCool Junc
Holoch Wm McCool Junc.
Hood J A, Arborville.
Hoover Jos E, Benedict.
Hoover Wm C, Benedict.
Hopkins Fred, lue Valley.
Hopkins H G, Benedict.
Hopp Johann, Arborville.
Hopper C L, Thayer.
Horn Henry Cordova.
Horn S S, Cordova.
Hornbecker C, Lushton.
Horning John, McCool Junc.
Houser Nelson, York.
Houston Jas jr, York.
Houston Jas D, York.
Howard A, Thayer.
Howard J S, Benedict.
Howard O B, Exeter.
Howard Wm H, Thayer.
Howell C W, McCool Junc.
Howell John, McCool Junc.
Howell Mathew, McCool Jc.
Howell Philip, McCool Junc.
Howell S E, McCool Junc.
Howell U G, McCool Junc.
Hower, F P, Gresham.
Howerton J W, Utica.
Hoyt D W, York.
Hubbell C A, Bradshaw.
Hubbell Elmer, Bradshaw.
Hubbell S, Bradshaw.
Hubenbecker J J, Exeter.
Hudson V A, Arborville.
Hudson W J, Arborville.
Huebert John, Henderson.
Huff D, Thayer.
Huff J W, Benedict.
Huff P B, York.
Huffman S C, Waco.
Hugh M, Bradshaw.
Hugill E, McCool Junction.
Hull Edie, Thayer.
Hull Peter S, York.
Hull Stephen, York.
Hunt A H, Waco.
Hunt H H, Benedict.
Hunter D I, York.
Huntington O P, McCool Jc.
Hurlburt Geo J, York.
Hurlburt J P, Henderson.
Hurst O N, York.
Hurth N, Charleston.
Hutchinson Mary, Utica.
Hutchinson Otto, Charleston
Hyde Mary, Waco.
Hylton W N, Gresham.
Hymas D J, Utica.
Hymas D J, Charleston.


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