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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:
Labart Jacob, Lushton.
Lackey J W, Arborville.
Laird Frank, Bradshaw.
Laird Geo, York.
Laird S J, Benedict.
Lake W H, Bradshaw.
Lammers B J, York.
Lamorex A E, Waco.
Lamphon F, Gresham.
Lamphon G J, Gresham.
Lamphon A S, Gresham.
Lamphon Newt, Gresham.
Lancaster Ed, Gresham.
Lancaster Eli, Waco.
Lance J B, Gresham.
Landerklos Alex, Gresham.
Laner Conrad, Utica.
Lang Bert, Benedict.
Lang David, Benedict.
Lang Geo, Benedict.
Langwell Daniel, York.
Langwell Ira G, York.
Lantz John, McCool Junc.
Lanyon Wm J, Gresham.
Large A J, Benedict.
Larkin Patrick, Benedict.
Larson John P, York.
Lash Chas A, Gresham.
Lash S P, Gresham.
Lash Theo F, Charleston.
Lassen Theo J, Cordova.
Latt F R, Gresham.
Laws N, York.
Layton J E, McCool Junc.
Leach R E, York.
Leaming J F, Bradshaw.
Leaming Wm S, Henderson.
Ledwell Aug, Blue Valley.
Lee Chas, Henderson.
Lee Geo L, Bradshaw.
Lee Wm L, York.
Lefler James H, York.
Leibl J V, Henderson.
Lemon Chas L, York.
Lennox John C, York.
Lepper A W, Charleston.
Lepper Geo, Charleston.
Lepper Lewis H, Charleston.
Lesh L S, Waco.
Lesh W R, Waco.
Leshy John, Arborville.
Lesseek S A, Waco.
Lett John, Benedict.
Levine John, Bradshaw.
Levine O, York.
Lewick Wm, McCool Junc.
Lewis Jas, Benedict.
Lewis John, Benedict.
Lichtenberger AS, Bradshaw.
LichtenbergerS R, Bradshaw.
Lichtenwalter J A, Arborville.
Liedtke H, Bradshaw.
Liedtke O B, Gresham.
Lienert Paul, Arborville.
Linch Wm J, York.
Lincoln E E, McCool Junc.
Lind C A, Bradshaw.
Lindberg Chas, Stromsburgh
Lindberg J G, Stromsburgh
Lindgren Aug, York.
Lindquist John, Thayer.
Lindquist John, Gresham.
Lindsey T B, Arborville.
Lindstrom Swan, Gresham.
Lingenfelter P, Bradshaw.
Link E E, McCool Junction.
Link Saml, McCool Junction
Linn H P, Waco.
Linn Wm H, Arborville.
Linn Wm S, York.
Linsley Austin, Bradshaw.
Linstrom A G, York.
Lintleman Wm, Gresham.
Linnville John W, Utica.
Linzy Thos, McCool Junc.
Littler T C, York.
Lloyd A A, Lushton.
Lloyd D R, Lushton.
Lloyd Jacob M, York.
Lloyd S E, Bradshaw.
Lloyd W F, Lushton.
Lockwood I H, Bradshaw.
Logan Harry, York.
Logan H N, Gresham.
Logan T T, Waco.
Long C, Exeter.
Long Eliza S, Benedict.
Long Luther, Bradshaw.
Long Wm, Cordova.
Lonsdale Ellis, Exeter.
Lansdale Jas E, Exeter.
Loomer Lewis S, Arborville.
Lord R F, McCool Junction.
Loreman Daniel, Benedict.
Loreman S E, Benedict.
Lorenz Christian, Gresham.
Love W M, Waco.
Lovett Geo A, Gresham.
Lovett P T, Gresham.
Lovett Wm, Gresham.
Lucas James, York.
Lucht Frank, Arborville.
Lund Adolph, Gresham.
Lund E A, Gresham.
Lund Elof, Thayer.
Lund J O, Gresham.
Lund John E, Gresham.
Lundenklas A, Gresham.
Lundgren Gust, Thayer.
Lundy S W, Blue Valley.
Lunford F D, Waco.
Lutz Oscar, Bradshaw.
Lutz Philip,Exeter.
Lyle J T, Waco.
Lynch A L, Lushton.
Lytle R M, York.

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