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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:
Mace Adam, Blue Valley.
Mace Morris, Blue Valley.
Mack Jacob, Henderson.
Mack Leopold, Henderson.
Magill S A, York.
Mahaffey A C, Gresham.
Malaney Lizzie, Benedict.
Mallady W H, McCool Junc.
Malloner A, Benedict.
Malmquist Gust, Charleston.
Malo Chas, Thayer.
Mank John A, Charleston.
Mann J, York.
Mann S A, York.
Mann S T, McCool Junction.
Mann Wm, Utica.
Manson M J, Benedict.
Mapes F, McCool Junction.
Mapes J, McCool Junction.
Mapps Jas W, York.
Mapps J B, York.
Mapps John, York.
Mapps John T, York.
Mapps John W, York.
Mapps Levi, York.
Mapps R H, York.
Mapps Saml T, York.
Mapps W E, York.
Mapps Wm, York.
Marande Fred, York.
Marble C E, Thayer.
Marble F V, York.
Marble O V, York.
Marcia J B, Charleston.
Marcia W F, Charleston.
Marcia Wm M, Charleston.
Markwell F C, Blue Valley.
Markwort A, McCool Junc.
Marquardt C H, Thayer.
Marquardt Emil, Thayer.
Marsden Arlo E, Gresham.
Marsden Thos W, Gresham.
Marsden Wm H, Gresham.
Marselus E D, York.
Marshall B F, York.
Martens Aug, Gresham.
Martens J M, Greshrm.
Martin Alfred J, York.
Martin C H, Benedict.
Martin Chas. York.
Martin Geo, York.
Martin J, McCool Junction.
Martin Leander, Benedict.
Martin Peter, Henderson
Martin P O, York.
Martin R L, York.
Marvel Ann N, Waco.
Marvel Winfield, Gresham.
Mason A C, Bradshaw.
Mason Chas W, Bradshaw.
Mason I, Bradshaw.
Mason Peter, Bradshaw.
Mason W J, Arborville.
Mastin Wm, Arborville.
Masteller Thos, Benedict.
Mathews C S, Waco.
Matthews Ernst, Bradshaw.
Matthews John, Exeter.
Matthews R, McCool Junc.
Matthews T G, Cordova.
Matticks Spencer, Utica.
Mattison G D, Exeter.
Mattox S O, Waco.
Matzner Chas, Gresham.
Matzner Wm, Gresham.
Maul Lewis, Lushton.
Maul Willis F, McCool Junc.
Maurer Ivan A, York.
Maxwell Alex, Benedict.
May J T, Utica.
Mayer Chas F, Thayer.

Mayo Bruce T, Arborville.
Mayo D D, Arborville.
Mayo Geo W, Bradshaw.
Mayo J A, Arborville.
Mayo J L, Benedict.
Mead A J, Arborville.
Mead Jas, Waco.
Mead Michael, Waco.
Meagher John, York.
Meehan L, Waco.
Meek T J, Exeter.
Melkeljohn D E, Waco.
Melkle Danl, Waco.
Meiner Gerhard, Utica.
Meiran Jacob, Bradshaw.
Mellott Hiram, Arborville.
Meloy David, York.
Melton Harvey H, Waco.
Melton W G, Utica.
Menke Henry, Bradshaw.
Meradith B C, York.
Meradith Geo R, York.
Meradith James, York.
Meradith Wm, York.
Merchant C E, Arborville.
Meredith G D, Thayer.
Merkel Jacob, Bradshaw.
Merkel J B, Bradshaw.
Merkel John A, Bradshaw.
Merrill Edwin, McCool Junc.
Merrill O V, Lushton.
Merritt Geo W, Gresham.
Messplay J E, York.
Metcalf L, York.
Meyers Geo, Bradshaw.
Michant L T, York
Michant T A, York.
Michener D H, Gresham.
Michener Kinsey, Gresham.
Mick Chas, Hampton.
Middlekauf S C, Gresham.
Mierau J J, Bradshaw.
Mierau Peter, Bradshaw.
Miller A, Bradshaw.
Miller Alfred, Gresham.
Miller Alfred, Bradshaw.
Miller Andrew, Benedict.
Miller A P, McCool Junction
Miller Balthaser, Waco.
Miller Chas, Waco.
Miller F H, York.
Miller F L, McCool Junction
Miller Gaines, Charleston.
Miller G W, McCool Junction.
Miller G W, York.
Miller Henry, Waco.
Miller James, Thayer.
Miller Jas P, York.
Miller J C, York.
Miller J E, Waco.
Miller Jno W, York.
Miller John E, York.
Miller John W, Cordova.
Miller Jos, Bradshaw.
Miller Lyman M, York.
Miller Milo F, York.
Miller O M, York.
Miller Robt H, Bradshaw.
Miller Thos P, Bradshaw.
Miller W A, Charleston.
Miller W L, Thayere.
Miller Wm, York.
Miller Wm, Bradshaw.
Miller Wm H, York.
Miller Wm J, Charleston.
Mills T E, McCool Junc.
Miltner Aug, Waco.
Mincks B F, Benedict.
Miner John, Waco.
Minnick J B, York.
Minor James, York.

Misener Alva, Hampton.
Misener Leonard, Bradshaw.
Mitchell G W, Arborville.
Mitchell James, Bradshaw.
Mitchell Wm, Bradshaw.
Moberly L, Gresham.
Moberly L B, McCool Junc.
Moffett O J, McCool Junc.
Moist Jos, Arborville.
Moline Gust, Charleston.
Moneysmith H, Bradshaw.
Monnier S, York.
Monson C J, York.
Montgomery Jos R, York.
Moore A J, York.
Moora Douglas, Cordova.
Moore Edward, York.
Moore H J, Waco.
Moore Isaac, Waco.
Moore Joel, Arborville.
Moore John, Waco.
Moore L H, Benedict.
Moore Milton, Benedict.
Moore S V, Bradshaw.
Moore Wm, York.
Morehouse J R, McCool Junc
Morgan Bros, Bradshaw.
Morgan J F, Bradshaw.
Morgan John, Cordova.
Morgan Wm jr, Cordova.
Morgan W E, York.
Morner Andrew, Waco.
Morris Alonzo, Waco.
Morris Edward, Waco.
Morris F S, McCool Junc.
Morris L D, McCool Junc.
Morrison E W, Bradshaw.
Morrison F W, Bradshaw.
Morrison J E, Bradshaw.
Morrison J R, York.
Morrison Wm B, York.
Morrison Wm F, Bradshaw.
Mortemore L P, Cordova.
Mosgrove Jasper, Bradshaw
Moslander W, McCool Junc.
Moul Clarence, Lushton.
Moul R S, Lushton.
Moul Chas L, York.
Moulton F W, York.
Moulton O J, York.
Moulton Otis, York.
Moyer C M, Thayer.
Moyer Harmon, York.
Moyer Peter, Utica.
Muchmore Wm N, York.
Muffly S F, Arborville.
Muihead David, York.
Mulig Chas Waco.
Mulliner L R, Thayer.
Mulliner M A, Thayer.
Mumma Elias, Waco.
Muncaster John, Utica.
Munday F M, Lushton.
Munson Giles W, York.
Murphy Henry A, Bradshaw
Murphy Jas, Cordova.
Murphy W R, Arborville.
Murray Jesse, Waco.
Murray Thompson, Waco.
Musselman Hy, McCool Jc.
Mutton R B, Bradshaw.
Myers B F, Benedict.
Myers James, Benedict.
Myers J W, Charleston.
Myers S A, Benedict.
Myers Wm, Gresham.
Myers L W, McCool Junc.
Myrick W M, York.
Myrde Frank, Waco.

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