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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:

Raach Fred, Utica.
Raach Julius, Utica.
Raach Robt, Utica.
Rachney Julius,Thayer.
Rae Patrick, York.
Rae Thomas, York.
Rafferty T, York.
Ragan Geo, Bradshaw.
Raiks E W, Gresham.
Ramsdal John, York.
Ramsey Wm H, Benedict.
Randall F W, Thayer.
Randall Richard, York.
Rantz Barnum, Waco.
Rardin F L, Waco.
Rasmussen Peter, Cordova.
Rasp John W, Gresham.
Ratzlaff A, Bradshaw.
Ratzlaff B, Bradshaw.
Ratzlaff Benj, Bradshaw.
Ratzlaff Chas, Thayer.
Ratzlaff Johann, Bradshaw.
Ratzlaff Peter, Henderson.
Ray G T, Benedict.
Raymond Chas E Lushton.
Read A M, Benedict.
Reager R M, Lushton.
Real H, McCool Junction.
Rearden Thos, York.
Rebbey Andrew, York.
Recknor F N, Arborville.
Recknor W B, Arborville.
Recknor Wm, Arborville.
Reeb Geo, Arborville.
Reeb Geo F, Arborville.
Reed A M, Benedict.
Reed F S, McCool Junction
Reed Josiah R, Benedict.
Reed M A, McCool Junction
Reed Robt W, Benedict.
Reed Thos B, York.
Reed W L, York.
Reed Wm H,Gresham.
Reel John M Charleston.
Reetz Carl, Thayer.
Reetz Henry, Thayer.
Reetz Herman, Thayer.
Reetz John, York.
Reetz Martin, Thayer.
Reetz Wm, Thayer.
Reeves A J, Charleston.
Reeves J F, Waco.
Regier Abraham, Henderson
Regier Bernh, Henderson.
Regeir Cornelius,Henderson
Regier Isaac, Henderson.
Regier Jacob, Henderson.
Regier J M, Henderson.
Regier Johann, Bradshaw.
Regier O, Bradshaw.
Regier Peter, Bradshaw.
Regier Peter, Henderson.
Reimer Jacob, Henderson.
Reimbeck J E, Lushton.
Rempel Gerhard, Lushton.

Rempel Henry, Henderson.
Renquist Alex, Benedict.
Renquist A W, Benedict.
Renquist John, Benedict.
Resinger G M, Lushton.
Resinger L C, Lushton.
Resinger S N, Lushton.
Reynolds F D, Bradshaw.
Reynolds Jonas, York.
Reynolds M J, Waco.
Rhoads A E, Bradshaw.
Rhoads Geo W, Bradshaw.
Rhoads Henry, Bradshaw.
Rhodes Albert, Cordova.
Rhodes Chas, Benedict.
Rhodes S R, Gresham.
Rhodes Sylvester, Gresham.
Rice A F, Waco.
Rice F P, Waco.
Rice Jas M, Thayer.
Rice Lou, Lushton.
Rich Fred, Henderson.
Richards Bert, York.
Richards J J, York.
Richards O R, Bradshaw.
Richarson A J, Thayer.
Richardson Geo, Benedict.
Richardson J B, York.
Richards O R, Bradshaw.
Ricxhardson A J, Thayer.
Richardson Geo, Benedict.
Richardson J B, York.
Richardson J L, York.
Richart J F, Charleston.
Richart Alice, Charleston.
Richmond Fred Utica.
Richmond H M, Bradshaw.
Richter Fred, Gresham.
Riddle D W, York.
Rider S P, Lushton.
Ridgway T J, McCool Junc.
Rigg Arthur, Benedict.
Rinehart A M, Waco.
Rinehart A W, McCool Junc.
Ring M M, Benedict.
Ritger Frank, Lushton.
Robbins H B, Gresham.
Robbins John, Gresham.
Robbins M, McCool Junction
Robbins Wesley, Cordova.
Roberts E J, Benedict.
Roberts J M, Waco.
Robertson Geo H, Thayer.
Robertson J B, Waco.
Robertson J B, Gresham.
Robertson J C, Waco.
Robertson Jos, Thayer.
Robertson M E, Thayer.
Robertson R H, Waco.
Robertson W B, Thayer.
Robertson Wm J, Thayer.
Robinson A F, York.
Robinson G, McCool Junc.
Robinson Harvey, Utica.
Robinson J H, McCool Junc.

Roblyer A J, Bradshaw.
Roblyer Louis, Bradshaw.
Robson A M, Benedict.
Robson Chas, Thayer.
Robson Frank, Thayer.
Robson Fred, Gresham.
Robson H, Thayer.
Roby S O, Blue Valley.
Rockwell James, York.
Rode E, York.
Roe M E, Benedict.
Roeder G, McCool Junction.
Rogers A H, Waco.
Rogers Frank, Charleston.
Rogers H J, Utica.
Rogers Leroy H, York.
Rogy Aug, Gresham.
Rohr Wm, Waco.
Rolls Henry, Arborville.
Rolls J W, Arborville.
Rolls S H, Arborville.
Rolls Warren, Arborville.
Rose G W, Bradshaw.
Rose W H, Waco.
Rosendahl Wm, York.
Rosenkranz H D, Exeter.
Rosenkranz John, Exeter.
Rosier P H, Waco.
Ross S A, Gresham.
Rossiter Geo, York.
Rotter Ben, Henderson.
Rotter Bernard, Henberson.
Rounds E A, Charleston.
Rowan E McCool Junction.
Ruch E F, Arborville.
Ruch P J, Arborville.
Ruhl Peter, Exeter.
Ruhl Tim, Exeter.
Runnell E J, Gresham.
Runnalls John, Lushton.
Runnalls J, McCool Junction.
Runnels G F, Waco.
Runner F H, Benedict.
Runner Lewis, York.
Runyan J B, Utica.
Runyan J W, Utica.
Runyan Saml, Utica.
Runyan S R, Utica.
Runyan T R, Blue Valley.
Rush John, York.
Rush J W, McCool Junction.
Rusler A, Henderson.
Rusler Chas, Henderson.
Rusler Chas, Charleston.
Rusler C J, Lushton.
Russell D M, York.
Russell Edward, York.
Russell Wm J, Charleston.
Rutenbeck G, Blue Valley.
Rutz John, Thayer.
Ryan G E, Gresham.
Ryan R R, Bradshaw.
Ryan S, Gresham.

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