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Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 (Omaha, NE)

Entered according to act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co.
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Farmer's List:

Waber John, Henderson.
Waddell C E, Waco.
Wagner J W, McCool Junc.
Wagner Saml J, Lushton.
Wagner Silas F, York.
Wagoner Chas, Bradshaw.
Wagoner E L, Bradshaw.
Walbrecht C jr, Charleston.
Walbrecht John, Charleston.
Walbrecht L, Charleston.
Waldron John, York.
Walk C, Arborville.
Walker H P, Benedict.
Walker H P, York.
Walker John, York.
Walker Jos, York.
Walkup David, York.
Walkup John, York.
Wall C C, Bradshaw.
Wall C sr, Bradshaw.
Wall Cornelius, Henderson.
Wall Gerhard, Charleston.
Wall Isaac, Henderson.
Wall Jacob, Lushton.
Wall Jacob M, Lushton.
Wall Johann, Charleston.
Wallace A, Beaver Crossing.
Wallace C L, McCool Junc.
Wallace J, Beaver Crossing.
Wallin A R,McCool Junction.
Walrod Allen, Bradshaw.
Walrod S E, Bradshaw.
Walrod W M, Bradshaw.
Walrod Wm H, Bradshaw.
Walters C A, Gresham.
Walters C D, Lushton.
Walters Chas, Lushton.
Walters E L, Utica.
Walters E P, Lushton.
Walters Harvey L, Lushton.
Walters Joseph, Lushton.
Walters Wm Lushton.
Ward J J, Waco.
Ward John T, York.
Ward Saml A, Lushton.
Warkintine K, Henderson.
Warner David, Waco.
Warner E P, York.
Warr W W, Utica.
Warren C T, Arborville.
Warren C Y, Lushton.
Warren D C, Arborville.
Waring Thos, McCool Junc.
Washburn A H, York.
Washburn Frank, York.
Washburn Silas, York.
Wason C M, Benedict.
Watson Curtis, McCool Jct.
Watson H R, Exeter.
Watts E E, Benedict.
Watts I W, York.
Wank John, Arborville.
Weaver A R, Cordova.
Weaver John G, York.
Weber J, Henderson.
Weber Peter, Lushton.
Webster Abner, Thayer.
Weever G, Lushton.
Weldman A, McCool Junc.
Weimer Wm, Waco.
Weiner Gerhard, Utica.
Weiniker Frederick, Waco.
Weins Abraham, Henderson.
Weins C, Bradshaw.
Weins Franz, Bradshaw.
Weins Franz, Charleston.
Weins Franz G, Bradshaw.
Weins Jacob, Bradshaw.
Weins Peter, Bradshaw.

Weir Thos, Bradshaw.
Weiss Jos, Blue Valley.
Weitzel Fred, Gresham.
Welch Jacob Waco.
Wellington Horace, Waco.
Wellington Horatio, Waco.
Wellman Heinrich, Utica.
Wellman Herman, Utica.
Wells E A, Bradshaw.
Wells J E, Benedict.
Walls W H, Bradshaw.
Welman A W, Bradshaw.
Welton Frank, Blue Valley.
Weltz C E, Charleston.
Weman John, York.
Wendell J H, Charleston.
Wendell Uriah, York.
Wentz Fred W, Gresham.
Wentz Geo, Gresham.
Wenz Peter, McCool Junc.
Werthum John, Blue Valley.
Wertsbough M H, York.
Wentz Fred W, Gresham.
Wentz Geo, Gresham.
Wenz Peter, McCool Junc.
Werthum John, Blue Valley.
Wertsbough M H, York.
Wessenberry Ferd, Utica.
Westergren A J, Benedict.
Wetke Otto, Thayer.
Wetmore John, York.
Wheeler C F, Waco.
Wheeler Chas E, York.
Wheeler Conrad, Charleston.
Wheeler David, York.
Wheeler L S, York.
Wheelan Jas, Waco.
Whisler Jacob, Waco.
Whisler John, Waco.
Whitcomb E F, York.
White Abel, Gresham.
White Chas, Farmers Valley
White David A. Arborville.
White Frank, Waco.
White Frank, Gresham.
White James, McCool Junc.
White Jos F, York.
White P E, Arborville.
White R A, Benedict.
White R L, Bradshaw.
White W A, McCool Junc.
White W L, Waco.
White Wm F Gresham.
Whitel A T, Wadco.
Whitemore M K, McCool Junc
Whitmore Geo, Benedict.
Whittaker Paul, Blue Valley.
Whalsterhalm Jas, Exeter.
Whalsterhalm John, Exeter.
Whalsterhalm J W, Exeter.
Whalsterhalm Miles, Exeter.
Wicker J L, Exeter.
Wickman B J, York.
Widle C E, Beaver Crossing.
Widle Frank, Waco.
Widle Mary A, Waco.
Widle Reynold, Waco.
Widner Fred, Henderson.
Widup Jno B,Cordova.
Wigle Philip, Gresham.
Wikkiser Daniel, Lushton.
Wikkiser Jas, Lushton.
Wikkiser Saml, Lushton.
Wilcox A A, Arborville.
Wilcox Frank C, Arborville.
Wilcox W R, Arborville.
Wildman David, York.
Wiley Jas W, York.
Wilk Wm, Arborville.
Wilkins F, Arborville.
Wilkins F E, Benedict.
Wilkins Henry, York.
Wilkens M E, Benedict.
Wilkinson Geo, Benedict.
Wilkinson H, Benedict.
Wilks W A, Lushton.
Wilkson John, Utica.
Will N B Bradshaw.
Willey Thos, Benedict.
Williams C M Charleston.
Williams E O, York.
Williams J A, McCool Junc.
Williams J D, York.
Williams John, Gresham.
Williams J W, McCool Junc.
Williams O W, York.
Williams R A, York.
Williams R R, Waco.
Williams S A, Charleston.
Williams Samuel, York.
Williams W W, York.
Williams W Y, McCool Junc.
Willis B F, Gresham.
Willlis Chas, Waco.
Willis H A, Gresham.
Willis Jos, Gresham.
Willis Wm H, Gresham.
Willson Niles, Waco.
Wilson C C, Gresham.
Wilson Chas B, Waco.
Wilson E W, Waco.
Wilson J L, Waco.
Wilson Milo A, Gresham.
Wilson Wm H, Gresham.
Wind B P, Bradshaw.
Winfield N B, Thayer.
Wingard Abraham, Waco.
Wirt D H, Benedict.
Wirt T D, Benedict.
Wiseman Frank, Henderson
Wiseman John, Henderson.
Wiswell Chas, Gresham.
Wiswell F H, Gresham.
Wiswell Wm H, Gresham.
Witte Wm, Waco.
Witters J L, Waco.
Witters John sr, Waco.
Witters Millie, Waco.
Woelfel N, Bradshaw.
Wolf Peter, Henderson.
Wolford Henry, Waco.
Wolford L E, York.
Wonderly C A, Benedict.
Wood A H, Benedict.
Wood Jas H, York.
Wood Saml F, York.
Wooodard W E, Waco.
Woodruff A, York.
Wooodruff J A, Yark.
Woodruff W B, York.
Woods B F, York.
Woolbridge Geo, Benedict.
Worden I I, Gresham.
Workentine C H, Henderson.
Workentine Frank, Lushton.
Worthington J P, Waco.
Wright S C, Waco.
Wulff Anton, Utica.
Wullbrandt C C, Exeter.
Wullbrandt C H, Blue Valley
Wullbrandt J C, Blue Valley.
Wullbrandt J J, Blue Valley.
Wullbrandt John A, Exeter.
Wyatt Geo, McCool Junc.
Wyble Wm, Arborville.
Wyman A O, Bradshaw.
Wynkoop J W, Lushton.

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