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Abstract by Janet Finley and Rose Marie Hulse
Compiled by Rose Marie Hulse
Published by the Nebraska State Genealogical Society (NSGS)


This is a listing of the surnames that appear in the above publication. We thank them for permission to do this abreviated index. Instructions for ordering a copy of the 29-page booklet, with complete listings, can be found by clicking on the link to their Web site. This valuable resource contains the legal description of the homesteader's land, the book and page number where the patent is filed at the York County Courthouse, and instructions for requesting the Final Proof of Homestead" packet from the National Archives.

This book is copyrighted. We cannot mail copies of pages from the book. We will, however, gladly help you in locating the property your ancestor's homesteaded if you e-mail us with your request.

Good luck, and enjoy the search!

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How To Order A Final Proof of Homestead Packet/ What's In It
Understanding Land Descriptions

Remeber, that quite often in these early records the names were written phonetically. Those "close, but not quite right" spellings may be just what you are looking for. For example, Gocke and Goke are the same families.

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