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York County, Nebraska York Homepage

1889 Atlas of York County, Nebraska
From Official Records and Surveys
Under the Direction of B. N. Griffing, C.E.
Published in 1889 by Griffing, Dixon & Co. - Philadelphia, PA for J. H. Ruhl

Name Township
Post Office
Occupation Nativity Year Settled
In County
Carnahan, J. C. New York
Attorney-at-Law Pennsylvania 1880
Carnahan, J. C. City of York Attorney-at-Law Mercer Co., Pennsylvania 1880
Carpenter, C. N. City of York Lumber and Coal Wisconsin 1882
Carroll, T. H. New York
Farmer and Stock Raiser Missouri 1864
Carscadden, R. City of York Physician and Surgeon Wisconsin 1879
Chessman, G. P. City of York Grain Merchant New Jersey 1872
Clark, H. R. City of York York Steam Laundry Kentucky 1885
Clark, W. L. City of York Liveryman Michigan 1880
Clithero, C. B. Hays
Farmer Ohio 1875
Codding, A. B. City of York County Surveyor New York 1873
Coleman, Wm. H. Bradshaw
Farmer Pennsylvania 1870
Conrad, Jacob Hays
Farmer Ohio 1885
Conroy, Frank Hays
Farmer Iowa 1884
Conway, J. F. Stewart
Farmer Ohio 1873
Conway, J. F. Thayer
Farmer Ohio 1873
Cook, J. P. Beaver
Farmer and Stock Dealer Iowa 1870
Cook & Ryan Stewart
Liveryman Indiana 1880
Coon, Geo. W. S. Baker
Farmer and Merchant Illinois 1871
Copsey, E. D. Henderson
Farmer and Stock Raiser Wisconsin 1867
Corcoran, Geo. F. City of York Editor "Democrat" Illinos 1879
Cowell, J. H. City of York Real Estate Illinois 1885
Cowell, W. M. City of York Real Estate Illinois 1886
Crabb, B. City of York Hotel Proprietor Ohio 1878
Crapser (See Baldwin & Crapser)  
Crownover, B. B. Morton
Cashier Commercial State Bank Illinois 1874

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