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York County, Nebraska York Homepage

1889 Atlas of York County, Nebraska
From Official Records and Surveys
Under the Direction of B. N. Griffing, C.E.
Published in 1889 by Griffing, Dixon & Co. - Philadelphia, PA for J. H. Ruhl

Name Township
Post Office
Occupation Nativity Year Settled
In County
Maguire (See Gierens & Maguire)  
Marcellus, E. D. New York
Farmer and Stock Raiser Montgomery 1887
Marshall, B. F. Lockridge
Farmer and Stockman Ontario 1869
Martin, H. L. City of York Liveryman Wisconsin 1868
Mason, Gardner Arborville
Farmer Illinois 1872
Mason, L. H. Morton
Farmer Pennsylvania 1880
Mayland, J. B. Baker
Grain Dealer England 1884
McClelland, T. C. City of York Principal of City Schools Pennsylvania 1888
McCollough, A. G. Arborville
Farmer Iowa 1888
Mead's State Bank City of York Banking
Meradith, G. R. Beaver
Farmer Iowa 1879
Merchant, C. E. Arborville
Farmer Iowa 1873
Miller, Alex. Bradshaw
Real Estate and Justice of Peace Indiana 1879
Miller, Wm. City of York Merchant and Pawn Broker Ohio 1873
Minnick, John B. Hays
Farmer Pennsylvania 1880
Moffett, Oliver J. McFadden
Farmer New York 1884
Montgomery, A. C. City of York Attorney-at-Law Pennsylvania 1870
Moore, A. F. City of York Hotel and Liveryman Illinois 1874
Morgan, Wm. West Blue
Farmer Ireland 1875
Morrison, W. F. Bradshaw
Farmer and Stock Raiser Pennsylvania 1870
Mosher (See Stark & Mosher)  

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