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York, Nebraska

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    Marjorie Mae Blackwell
  • Born on August 14, 1909 at York County, Nebraska
  • Father was John W. DeBoer; mother was Cora Ann Martin
  • Marriage fields were blank
  • Died on September 16, 1989 at York General Hospital, York, Nebraska; age 80
  • Residence at death was 639 East 10th, York, Nebraska
  • Funeral was held at the Arbor Drive Baptist Church, York, Nebraska
  • Burial was at Greenwood Cemetery, York, Nebraska; lot M-65, space 6
  • Survivors included Janet & Kenneth Morner
    Sarah Jane Blackwell
  • Born on August 17, 1855 at Ontario, Canada
  • Father was John Blackwell; mother was Susan Hopkins
  • Marriage fields were blank
  • Died on October 3, 1931 at York, Nebraska; age 76
  • Residence at death was not recorded
  • Funeral was held at York, Nebraska; location was not recorded
  • Burial was at Toronto, Canada; cemetery name was not recorded
  • Survivors were not recorded

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