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Chapel's Cove McAlpine's Directory 1898
Harbour Main District  


Corbett Michl sr farmer
Conran Michl do
Crawley Nicholas do
Conran Jas do
Conran Jas (Patk) do
Corbett Michl jr laborer
Corbett Edw do
Corbett Walter farmer
Corbett Patk (Pat do
Corbett Edw (Thos do
Corbett John farmer
Crobett Patk (Edw laborer
Corbett Stephen fisherman
Corbett Patk (Michl do
Crawley Patk farmer
Crawley Edw do
Crawley Humphrey do
Crawley Wm do
Crawley Jas sr do
Crawley Jas jr laborer
Conran Patk general dealer
Conran Nicholas do
Conran Joseph farmer
Conran Michl (Jos laborer
Duggan Wm farmer
Duggan John laborer
Duggan Thos do
Dwyer Edw do
Corbett Patk (Pat laborer
Flynn Stephen farmer
Fewer Thos (Thos laborer
Fewer Michl do
Fardy Mortimer farmer
Fardy Jas laborer
Fardy Patk laborer
Fewer John do
Fardy John jr do
Fardy John sr fisherman
Fardy Laurence do
Fewer Wm (Thos do
Fewer Denis farmer
Fewer Martin (Denis) laborer
Fewer Wm (Denis) do
Fewer Wm (Jno farmer
Fewer Martin (Jno fisherman
Fewer Edw (Wat do
Fewer Jas do
Farrell John do
Fewer Edw (Wm do
Fewer Edw (John do
Flynn Patk,Ridge Rd farmer
Flynn Thos do
Hawco Philip (Thos fisherman
Hawco Thos (Philip do
Hawco Moses do
Hawco Francis do
Hawco John (John do
Hawco Thos sr (Thos farmer
Hawco Thos sr (John do
Hawco Jas genl dealer & PM
Hawco Thos (Jas fisherman
Hickey John farmer
Hickey Patk do
Hickey Peter sr do
Hickey Pater jr fisherman
Hawco John (Thos do
Hawco Thos jr (John do
Hawco Edw farmer
Hawco Patk sr do
Hawco Paul do
Hawco Jas (John fisherman
Hawco John (Peter do
Hawco Wm (Phil do
Hawco Thos (Phil do
Hawco Jas (Thos do
Hawco Patk jr do
Hawco John (Wm do
Hawco Thos jr (Thos do
Hawco Peter (Wm do
Hawco Thos (Wm do
Hawco Wm (Thos do
Hawco Philip John do
Hawco John (Philip do
Kennedy Jas sr do
Kennedy Laurence do
Kelly Edw do
Kennedy Jas do
Lannan John do
Murphy Thos fisherman
Murphy John do
Murphy Jas do
Morrissey Chas school teacher
Myres Thos sr farmer
Myres Thos jr fisherman
Myres Martin (Thos do
Myres Jas (Thos do
Myres Martin (Jas do
Myres Wm do
Myres Patk (Jas do
Myres John (John do
Myres John (Patk do
Myres Patk (John do
Myres Jas (Jas do
Sullivan Danl farmer
Sanchez Wm do
Sullivan John do
Sullivan Timothy do
Slyney Thos fisherman
Slyney Jas do
Sullivan Patk farmer
Walsh Martin do
Walsh John jr fisherman
Walsh Walter do
Walsh Peter do
Walsh John sr farmer
Wall Michl do
Wall Patk sr do
Wall Patk jr fisherman
Walsh Patk farmer
Walsh Denis do
Walsh John (Denis fisherman
Walsh Michl do
Whelan Philip farmer
Contributed by Bonnie Hickey
Transcribed by Vi Smith June 1999

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