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1935 NF Census, Reel #8060, pages 358-362


HICKEY, Stephen Head Male Married 48
HICKEY, Gertrude Wife Female Married 37
HICKEY, Michael Son Male Single 19
HICKEY, Edward Son Male Single 16
HICKEY, John Son Male Single 14
HICKEY, Stephen Son Male Single 12
HICKEY, George Son Male Single 10
HICKEY, James Son Male Single 8
HICKEY, Thomas Son Male Single 7
HICKEY, Mary Daughter Female Single 5
HICKEY, Vincent Son Male Single 2
DWYER, Sarah Mother Female Widow 72
FLYNN, Stephen Head Male Married 40
FLYNN, Elsie Wife Female Married 32
FLYNN, Mary Daughter Female Single 6
FLYNN, George Son Male Single 4
FLYNN, Agnes Daughter Female Single 2
FLYNN, Rosella Daughter Female Single 1
FEWER, Richard Head Male Married 53
FEWER, Mary Wife Female Married 51
FEWER, Edward Son Male Single 21
FEWER, Richard Son Male Single 14
FEWER, Mary Daughter Female Single 11
FEWER, Angela Daughter Female Single 7
FEWER, Ethel Daughter Female Single 3
FEWER, Thomas Head Male Married 50
FEWER, Hannah Wife Female Married 49
FEWER, Richard Son Male Single 25
FEWER, Madeline Daughter Female Single 23
FEWER, Kathleen [sic] Daughter Female Single 20
FEWER, Bridie Daughter Female Single 18
FEWER, Mary Daughter Female Single 14
FEWER, Loretto Daughter Female Single 8
FEWER, Bridget Head Female Widow 75
WALSH, Philip Head Male Married 47
WALSH, Annie Wife Female Married 46
WALSH, John Son Male Single 18
WALSH, Leo Son Male Single 16
WALSH, Bernard Son Male Single 13
WALSH, Philip Son Male Single 11
WALSH, Columba Daughter Female Single 8
KENNEDY, James Head Male Widower 85
CORBETT, Nellie Domestic Female Single 23
KENNEDY, Lawrence Head Male Married 80
KENNEDY, Mary Wife Female Married 76
KENNEDY, John Head Male Married 43
KENNEDY, Bride Wife Female Married 35
KENNEDY, Lillian Daughter Female Single 14
KENNEDY, Veronica Daughter Female Single 12
KENNEDY, Lawrence Son Male Single 11
KENNEDY, Theresa Daughter Female Single 8
KENNEDY, Dorothy Daughter Female Single 4
KENNEDY, Joseph Son Male Single 2
KENNEDY, Mary Daughter Female Single 4 mos
SULLIVAN, Sarah Head Female Widow 87
SULLIVAN, Timothy Head Male Married 43
SULLIVAN, Saddie Wife Female Married 39
SULLIVAN, Patrick Son Male Single 17
KENNEDY, James Head Male Married 59
KENNEDY, Elizabeth Wife Female Married 58
CORBETT, Michael Head Male Single 48
HAWCO, Stephen Head Male Single 31
HAWCO, Francis Head Male Married 72
HAWCO, Helana Wife Female Married 66
HAWCO, Moses Son Male Single 25
HAWCO, Thomas Head Male Married 43
HAWCO, Lucy Wife Female Married 43
HAWCO, Francis Son Male Single 18
HAWCO, Anastacia Daughter Female Single 16
HAWCO, Helana Daughter Female Single 14
HAWCO, Bertha Daughter Female Single 12
HAWCO, Kevin Son Male Single 5
HYNES,  Ethelbert Nephew Male Single 21
HAWCO, Rose Daughter Female Single 2
CORBETT, Walter Head Male Married 54
CORBETT, Maria Wife Female Married 50
CORBETT, Walter Son Male Single 21
CORBETT, Camille Daughter Female Single 19
CORBETT, Cornelius Son Male Single 17
CORBETT, John Son Male Single 15
CORBETT, Dominic Son Male Single 9
BUCKLE, Joseph Head Male Married 50
BUCKLE, Mary Wife Female Married 46
BUCKLE, George Son Male Single 24
BUCKLE, James Son Male Single 21
BUCKLE, Mary Daughter Female Single 17
BUCKLE, Margaret Daughter Female Single 14
BUCKLE, Joseph Son Male Single 12
BUCKLE, William Son Male Single 8
BUCKLE, Annie Daughter Female Single 10
BUCKLE, Leo Son Male Single 5
BUCKLE, Augustine Son Male Single 3
SANCHEZ, William Head Male Married 75
SANCHEZ, Alice Wife Female Married 98
WALL, John Head Male Married 40
WALL, Elizabeth Wife Female Married 35
WALL, Patrick Son Male Single 6
WALL, Mary Daughter Female Single 5
WALL, Michael Son Male Single 1
WALL, Michael Head Male Single 45
WALL, Mary Mother Female Widow 76
WALL, James Brother Male Single 43
WALL, Peter Nephew Male Single 19
FARDY, James Head Male Married 52
FARDY, Mary Wife Female Married 51
FARDY, Lawrence Son Male Single 21
FARDY, Frances Daughter Female Single 18
FARDY, Isabella Daughter Female Single 16
BARRON, Thomas Head Male Married 30
BARRON, Mary Wife Female Married 22
BARRON, Margaret Daughter Female Single 3
BARRON, John Son Male Single 4 mos
WALL, Martin Head Male Married 43
WALL, Mary Wife Female Married 32
WALL, Bridie Daughter Female Single 8
WALL, Joan Daughter Female Single 5
WALL, William Son Male Single 3
FEWER, John Head Male Married 74
FEWER, Mary Wife Female Married 22
FEWER, Joseph Son male Single 1
CONRAN, James Head Male Married 75
CONRAN, Mary Wife Female Married 70
PENNY, Dominic[sic] Lodger Male Single 17
HAWCO, Nicholas Head Male Widower 55
HAWCO, Harold Son Male Single 17
HAWCO, Patrick Son Male Single 13
FARDY, William Head Male Widower 56
FARDY, John Son Male Single 21
FARDY, Lawrence Son Male Single 18
FARDY, Raymond Son Male Single 16
MYERS, William Head Male Married 66
MYERS, Mary Wife Female Married 55
MYERS, James Son Male Single 24
MYERS, John Son Male Single 21
MYERS, William Son Male Single 19
CORBETT, Michael Head Male Married 66
CORBETT, Mary Wife Female Married 60
CORBETT, Ethelbert Son Male Single 25
CORBETT, Andrew Son Male Single 19
CORBETT, Mary Daughter Female Single 22
CORBETT, Patrick Head Male Married 45
CORBETT, Katherine Wife Female Married 40
CORBETT, Mary Daughter Female Single 10
CORBETT, Theresa Daughter Female Single 9
CORBETT, Margaret Daughter Female Single 7
BROWN, Nellie Adopted Female Single 15
CORBETT, Bartholomew Brother Male Single 40
CORBETT, John Head Male Married 56
CORBETT, Annie Wife Female Married 53
CORBETT, Mary Daughter Female Single 19
CORBETT, John Son Male Single 17
CORBETT, Daniel Son Male Single 14

Transcribed by Sue O'Neill, February 2000



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