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Crawley Patk section foreman Nfld Rly
Curran Wm farmer
Doran John farmer
Doran Wm farmer
Dwyer Bernard farmer
Dwyer Wm Jr labourer
Dwyer Wm farmer
Dwyer Wm J labourer
Fewer James labourer
Fewer John labourer
Fewer Michael labourer
Fewer Wm farmer
Finn Mrs Elizabeth widow
Finn Richard station agt Nfld Rly Woodford's
Fitzgerald Martin farmer
Fitzgerald Ronald labourer
Fleming Albert labourer
Fleming Fredk labourer
Fleming John blksmth AND Co Ltd
Flynn Michael farmer
Flynn Wm farmer
Hawco Fredk labourer
Hawco Patk farmer
Healey Mrs Agnes widow
Healey Mrs Elizabeth widow
Healey James farmer
Healey James J brakesman D I & S Corp Ltd Sydney
Healey Mrs Johanna widow
Healey John labourer
Healey John S fisherman
Healey Mrs Margaret widow
Healey Mrs Mary widow
Healey Patk labourer
Healey Patk Jr farmer
Healey Patk Sr fisherman
Healey Patk W retired
Healey Philip Jr labourer
Healey Philip farmer
Healey Thos fisherman
Healey Thos Jr farmer
Healey Wm farmer
Hickey Bernard ironwkr
Hicks John farmer
Hicks Patk labourer
Hynes James labourer
Hynes Stephen farmer
Joy Edward farmer
Kelly Joseph labourer
Kelly Richard line repairer Nfld Postal Telegraphs
Kennedy Mrs Elizabeth widow
Kennedy James labourer
Kennedy Joseph farmer
MacKay Mrs Bridget widow
O'Connell Thos farmer
O'Dwyer James Jr labourer
O'Dwyer James farmer
O'Dwyer Patk foreman Nfld Rly
Penny Bernard farmer
Penny Mrs Bridget widow
Penny James tmstr
Penny Joseph Jr millman
Penny Joseph farmer
Penny Joseph D farmer
Penny Leo labourer
Penny Leonard labourer
Penny Mrs Margaret widow
Penny Mark farmer
Penny Mrs Mary widow
Penny Michael farmer
Penny Michael labourer
Penny Michael labourer
Penny Patk labourer
Penny Philip Jr labourer
Penny Philip farmer
Penny Philip farmer
Penny Thos farmer
Penny Thos D labourer
Quinlan Cornelius farmer
Quinlan Mrs Elizabeth widow
Quinlan Jeremiah farmer
Quinlan Jeremiah labourer
Quinlan John txnm
Quinlan Peter labourer
Quinlan Thos farmer
Turbett Leo labourer
Turbett James labourer
Turbett Thos farmer
Walsh John labourer
Walsh Richard retired
Williams John farmer
Williams Joseph labourer
Woodford Philip farmer
Transcribed by Thomas Hynes



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