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Kelligrews McAlpine's Directory 1898
Harbour Main District



Anthony Wm farmer
Bishop Nathaniel farmer
Bishop Jas farmer
Cronan Michael sr. farmer
Cronan Michael jr. laborer
Craig Thos jr. laborer
Craig Thos sr. farmer
Craig Jas farmer
Craig Geo farmer
Craig Wm farmer
Dawe Charles sr. farmer
Dawe Nicholas farmer
Dawe Jas farmer
Dawe Ambrose carpenter
Dawe Isaac carpenter
Dawe Eli carpenter
Dawe Charles jr. farmer
Dawe Abram farmer
Dwyer Philip laborer
Dwyer Matthew farmer
Dwyer Thos carpenter
Dwyer John carpenter
Dwyer John carpenter
Dwyer Patrick farmer
Farrell Wm miner
Farrell Thos miner
Farrell Jas miner
Furneaux Francis school teacher
Harvey Jas farmer
Harvey Peter farmer
Hennessy Jas John carpenter
Hennessy Wm John laborer
Hennessy Robert farmer
Hennessy Azariah farmer
Hibbs Nathaniel farmer
Hibbs John farmer
Hibbs Richard farmer
Hookey Joseph farmer
Hayes Geo farmer
Jackman Rev Wm Roman Catholic
Joy John farmer
Ledrew Abram Railway station agent
Ledrew Isaac farmer
Mercer Wm farmer
Mercer Thos farmer
Mugford Wm farmer
Nugent Bernard farmer
Nugent Edward (Ed railway foreman
Nugent Edward (Math farmer
Nugent Michael farmer
Snow Edward farmer
Tilley John (Robert carpenter
Tilley Joseph (Robert carpenter
Tilley Wm Hy farmer
Tilley John (John farmer
Tilley John (Geo farmer
Tilley Geo B farmer
Tilley Geo Francis farmer
Tilley Alfred farmer
Tilley Geo Alfred farmer
Tilley Wm Jas farmer
Tilley Jonathan carpenter
Tilley Jos (Geo farmer
Tilley Joseph (Jos farmer
Tilley Samuel jr. carpenter
Tilley Samuel sr. carpenter
Tilley Wm sr. carpenter
Tilley Wm jr. postmaster & courier
Tilley John Thos farmer
Tilley Robert farmer
Tilley Edward farmer
Tilley Jas farmer
Whitten Josiah farmer
Walsh Philip hotel keeper & licensed publican
Walsh Michael farmer
Contributed by Bonnie Hickey
Transcribed by Vi Smith June 1999

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