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Harbour Main District
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Aspell Wm Salmon Cove railway sec foreman
Anthony James do laborer
Baker Henry South Side farmer
Baker Richard do do
Baker John do do
Butler John do do
Butler Timothy do do
Butler Patrick do do
Byrne Richard Lee's Pd Rd do
Byrne Wm Gould Brook railway sec man
Byrne John do railway sec man
Costelloe Mar J Salmon Cove farmer
Costelloe Wm do fisherman
Costelloe Michael do do
Costelloe Patrick sr do farmer
Costelloe Martin do do
Costelloe Wm (Pat do laborer
Costelloe Patrick do do
Costelloe Martin (J do do
Cantwell Wm South Side farmer
Cantwell John do do
Cantwell Nicholas do do
Cantwell Barnaby do fisherman
Cook Thomas do miner
Cook Edward do do
Costelloe James sr do farmer
Costelloe Daniel Lee's Pond Rd farmer
Costello John do do
Cahill Thomas Station Road do
Cahill Patrick do do
Costelloe Daniel do do
Costelloe Patrick do do
Cahill John do do
Costelloe Patrick Mill Road farmer
Clark Wm do do
Costelloe Daniel Meany's Rd do
Costelloe James do fisherman
Costelloe Joseph do do
Costelloe Joseph Old Road farmer
Curran Patrick sr Mid Arm do
Curran Patrick jr do laborer
Curran Martin do farmer
Deveraux John South Side do
Devereux Richard do do
Devereux James do do
Devereux Michael do do
Devereux Cornelius Mill Rd do
Doyle Robert Dock Ridge do
Doyle Patrick Middle Arm fisherman
Doyle Edward do do
Doyle Thomas do do
Doyle Patrick jr do do
Doyle John jr do do
Doyle Patrick sr do farmer
Doyle Edward (Thos do fisherman
Doyle John sr Salmon Cove farmer
Ezekiel James Station Road farmer
Ezekiel James Back Cove fisherman
Ezekiel John do do
Ezekiel Samuel do do
Ezekiel Philip do do
Flaherty Jos sr Dock Ridge farmer
Flaherty John do do
Flaherty Michael do do
Flaherty Joseph jr do laborer
Flaherty Jos (Pat do do
Furey Wm Station Road farmer
Flannigan Patk Station Road fisherman
Flannigan John do farmer
Furey Wm sr do do
Furey John do fisherman
Furey Chas do laborer
Furey James do do
Furey John do do
Furey Wm do do
Flynn Patrick North Side mas mar
Flynn Daniel do fisherman
Flynn John do shipwright
Flynn William do gen'l dealer
Flynn Denis do fisherman
Flynn Patrick do do
Grace John South Side farmer
Grace Joseph do do
Grace Patrick do do
Gorman Walter do do
Gushue John Gould Brook laborer
Hannigan Cor Back Cove fisherman
Healy Philip North Side fisherman
Hennessy Michl do do
Jones Wm Main Line farmer
Keough John T South Side fisherman
Kelly John jr Lee's Pd Rd railway section foreman
Kelly John sr do farmer
Kelly Michael do do
Kelly Joseph (Jno do laborer
Kelly Joseph (Jas do do
Kennedy Edward Main Line general dealer & post master
Kennedy John Mill Rd general dealer
Kennedy Maurice do farmer
Kennedy Richard do do
Kelly James North Side do
Kennedy Daniel do do
Kennedy Michael Dock Ridg do
Lyons James South Side do
Lyons Daniel do do
Mason John Mill Road do
Masson Philip do do
Mason Joseph Back Cove fisherman
Meaney Edward Main Line farmer
McGee John Station Road do
Moore Peter do fisherman
Moore Michael jr do do
Mason Joseph do do
Mason Wm do do
Mason Patrick do do
McGee John sr do farmer
McGee Thomas do do
McGee Patrick do do
Mason Joseph South Side do
Molloy Thomas do fisherman
Molloy James do do
Molloy John do do
Moore James sr do do
Moore Wm do do
Moore Joseph do sea captain
Moore John do do
Moore Martin do fisherman
Moore James jr do do
Murray James do farmer
Moore Daniel do do
Moore Patrick Byrne's Line do
Moore Daniel do do
Meany Wm do do
Moore Wm Main Line do
Moore John Station Road teacher
Moore James do fisherman
Moore Wm (Jas do do
McGrath Thos Barry's Isl'd farmer
McGrath John do do
McGrath Wm Barry's Isld farmer
Mason John sr do farmer
Mason John jr do laborer
Meany Michael Station Rd farmer
Meany James do do
Meany Edward do do
Meany John do railway station agent
Moore Michael do farmer
Mason Thomas do do
MacMean John do do
Meany James Meany's Road do
Meany Joseph do do
Nowlan Jeremiah South Side do
Nowlan Wm sr do do
Nowlan Wm jr do fisherman
Nowlan John do do
Nowlan Philip Cahill's Hill farmer
Nowlan Peter do fisherman
Nowlan John jr do do
Nowlan Wm do do
Nowlan Samuel do do
O'Neill Michael North Side farmer
O'Brien John (Ed Broad Cove teacher
O'Brien Patrick do fisherman
O'Brien John sr do farmer
O'Brien John (John do fisherman
O'Brien Laur (John do schr master
O'Brien Laur (Maur do do
O'Donnell t.P. Mt Ptk stipy mag
O'Donnell J M do tel operator
Pendergast Edw South Side miner
Pendergast Thos do do
Parsley Jas do farmer
Parsley Wm do do
Parsley John Mill Road do
Power John do do
Parsley Patk Lee's Pond Rd do
Penny Wm sr Station Road do
Penny John sr do do
Penny Wm (Joe do do
Penny Thos do laborer
Penny John (John do do
Power Peter North Side farmer
Power John Old Road do
Power Laurence Dock Ridge do
Penny Joseph Station Road do
Power Michl Middle Arm fish'man
Power Jas do do
Redmond Martin North Side farmer
Redmond Edward do do
Redmond Patrick do do
Redmond Michael do do
Smart Thos South Side blacksmith
Smith John Lee's Pond Rd farmer
Sullivan John jr North Side fisherman
Sullivan John Old Road farmer
Sullivan Joseph do do
Sullivan Martin do do
Sullivan Jeremiah do do
St. John John Broad Cove fisherman
St. John Chas do do
Tarbot Denis North Side do
Turner John Old Road do
Terry Wm Cahill's Hill do
Terry Patrick do do
Terry Edward do do
Walsh Patrick South Side do
Walsh Edward sr North Side do
Walsh Richard do do
Walsh Michl North Side farmer
Walsh Edward jr do fisherman
Wade Michael Dock Ridge do
Contributed by Bonnie Hickey
Transcribed by Vi Smith June 1999

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