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Feature Name Longitude latitude USGS 7.5'

Map Barnstead Cemetery 432421N 0711603W Gilmanton Ironworks

Bayside Cemetery 433349N 0712704W Laconia

Crockett Cemetery 433033N 0713655W Winnisquam 

Lake Doe Cemetery 433626N 0712802W Laconia

Dow Cemetery 433658N 0712858W Laconia

Eastman Cemetery 433350N 0713356W Winnisquam

Laconia State School Cemetery 433619N 0713301W

Lake Hillside Cemetery 433239N 0712747W Laconia

McCoy Cemetery 433349N 0712520W Laconia 

Mead Cemetery 433427N 0712936W Laconia

Meredith Bridge Cemetery 4331462N 07128381W

Oakland Cemetery 433708N 0713223W Winnisquam Lake

Old Town Cemetery 433545N 0712951W Laconia

Park Cemetery 432621N 0713603W Northfield

Pickering Lot 432524N 0711725W Gilmanton Ironworks 

Pine Grove Cemetery 432414N 0711821W Gilmanton Ironworks

Pine Grove Cemetery 433230N 0712409W Laconia

Riverview Cemetery 432022N 0711656W Pittsfield

Robinson Cemetery 433654N 0713153W Winnisquam Lake

Round Bay Cemetery 433353N 0712911W Laconia

Sacred Heart Cemetery 433057N 0712751W Laconia

Saint Johns Cemetery 432731N 0713356W Northfield 

Saint Lambert Cemetery 433105N 0712727W Laconia

Saint Lamberts Cemetery 433104N 0712729W Laconia 

Sanbornton Cemetery 432958N 0713506W Northfield

Second Cemetery 432356N 0711532W Gilmanton Ironworks 

Smith Meeting House Cemetery 432453N 0712145W Gilmanton Ironworks 

Union Cemetery 433056N 0712748W Laconia 

Union Cemetery 433103N 0712807W Laconia

Union Cemetery 433233N 0713247W Winnisquam Lake

West Alton Cemetery 433226N 0711812W West Alton

Smith MeetinghouseSmith Meetinghouse

Cemetery in Gilmanton

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