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First Grantees  Town of Tamworth, NH

The township was granted 14th Oct 1766, to Lt. John Webster and others in 68 equal shares.

The First Settlers in 1771 were William Eastman (who became a lifelong resident and was a deacon in Parson Hidden's church for years), Richard Jackman, David Philbrick, and Jonathan Choat.  But, according to Rev. Mr. Cogswell in his "Memoirs of Rev. Samuel Hidden", published in 1842, says: "The first white man who settled in Tamworth was Mark Jewell (1772), whose father resided in Sandwich.

Col. Jonathan Moulton was the original proprietor. The Bryants, James Head, Israel Gilman and Jacob Fowler owned land here.

The hardships undergone by these early settlers were severe. Jonathan Philbrick brought cornmeal from Gilmanton on his back. Henry Blaisdell went to Kingston for a supply of mean and was gone two weeks. During his absence his family lived on milk alone. Gamaliel Hatch was inventive enough to make a mortar where he pounded flaxseed into meal which made a substitute for flour in making bread.


The Grantees of Tamworth               

Lt. John Webster
James Cochran
Enoch Webster
Ja. Cochran Jr.
Jn. Merrill
George Abbott
Will Rogers
Jn Moore
Sam Osgood
Wm Cochran
Jn Webster
Jona Stickney
Tho Stickney
Josiah Miles
Joseph Hall Jr.
Sam Moore
Dan Stickney
Walter Bryant esq.
Joshua Abbott
Jona Merril
Jno Noyes Esq.
Tho Wallis
Rob Rogers Jun.
Moses Coffen
Phinehas Virgin
Sam Dickey
Sam Gilman
Col Todd
Lt Col Barre
Hon. Geo Jaffrey
John Cochran
Moses Bennett
Jas Wallis
Sam Cochran
Alexander Lessley
Stephen Holland
Abel Lovejoy
Joseph Emery
Jon Cochran
Abel Chandler
Timy Walker Jr.
Isaac Cochran
Jn Davison
Hamilton Davison
Jon Morrison
Tho Clough
James Head
W. Bryant
Jun. Esq
Peter Coffen
Robert Fuller
Will Coffen
R. Barnett
Jn Kimball
J. Barnett
Jn Webster
Jas Dwyer
Enoch Coffen
Israel Gilman
Dan Rindge Esq.
Jon Warner Esq
Jacob Fowler




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