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1st Settlers of New Hampshire

New Hampshire was founded by Captain John Mason and first settled in 1623, just three years after the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts and it was one of the thirteen colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution.

It was the first state to declare its independence, and  the historic attack on Fort William and Mary (now Fort Constitution) helped supply the cannon and ammunition needed for the Battle of Bunker Hill that took place north of Boston a few months later.


 Names of Stewards and Servants sent by John Mason, Esq.,
 into  Province of New Hampshire

    Walter Neal, Steward
    Ambrose Gibbins, Steward
    Thomas Comock,
    William Raymond,
    Francis Williams,
    George Vaughan,
    Thomas Wonerton, Steward
    Hinry Jocelyn, St.
    Francis Norton, Steward,
    Sampson Lane, Steward,
    Reginald Furnald,Chirugeon,
    Ralph Gee
    Henry Gee
    William Cooper,
    William Chadborn,
    Ffrancis Matthews,
    Humphrey Chadborn,
    William Chadborn, Junr
    ffrancis Rand,
    James Johnson,
     Ant. Ellins,
    Henry Baldwin,
    Thomas Spencer,
    Thomas Furrall
    Thomas Herd,
    Thomas Chatherton,
    John Crowther,
    John Williams,
    Roger Knight,
Henry Sherburt,
John Goddard,
Thomas Furnold,
Thomas Withers,
thomas Canney,
John Symonds,
John Pevrely,
William Seavy,
Henry Langstaff,
William Berry,
Jeremy Wolford
James Wall,
William Brookin,
Thomas Walford,
Thomas Moor,
Joseph Beal,
Hugh James,
Alexander Jones,
John Ault
William Bracket,
James Newt,
Eight Danes,
Twenty Two Women.
Carnocks in Adams.
Warnerton, ib.
Renald Fernald, ib.
Sherbourn, ib.
Jeremiah Walford, ib.

Historical and Genealogical Registers,NEHGS Boston,
 (Jan 1848 pg 37-39)





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