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Baptist Church of North Conway

 By Ruth Horne  p- 24
 donated by:Ellen McGrath

In 1838 the Baptist Church in North Conway was built, and financed by the pew holders.  This was the first church built right in the village of North Conway. One of the things about this church is that the bell in its steeple was made by Paul Revere.

Mr. Luther Whitaker, Mr. James C. Willey and Mr. Jonathan Thompson built the church of their own means and sold the pews to pay for it, in a public auction. Following are the names of the first pew holders:


Charles S. Whitaker
Luther Whitaker
James C. Wiley
Amos Eastman
Tufton Seavy
William Mason
Samuel C. Randel
Stephen Willey
Joseph Pendexter
Simon Seavey III
Fox Densmore
John M. Bains
Daniel T. Langlay
Gideon Randel
Samuel Willey


 Nathaniel R. Mason
 Jonathan Thompson
 James Wiley
 John H. Gile
 Elijah F. Densmore
 Joseph Bean
 Jedediah Lovejoy
 Nathaniel Gile
 Thomas Quint
 William Hart
 Andrew Densmore
 John Densmore
 Enoch F. Chandler
 Eamuel W. Thompson
 Melvin W. Thompson
 Melvin Seavey
 Jeremiah Thompson"






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