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Croydon, NH - Centennial 1866, Edmund Wheeler, Claremont, NH 1867

William Freeman Cooper is the fourth son of the late Dea. Sherman Cooper of Croydon. On his  father's side he  is descended from  the Coopers and Sherman's; and on his mother's, from the Power's  and Leland's. His parent shaving a large family and but little property, his early life was one of toil. While living  with them his  means of education were small. At the age of 18 he left the paternal roof & was thrown upon his own resources. After spending four years at the Newport Academy an in  teaching school to  improve  the  state  of  his  finances, he, in 1824, commenced  his professional studies with Dr. Elijah Cooper, of Newport.

After completing the usual course of preparatory studies, and attending the lectures at the medical school at Bowdoin College, he graduated with honor from that institution in 1826, receiving the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He returned immediately to Newport, where he commenced the practice of his profession, and remained there about a year. In 1827 he removed to Kelloggsville, in the town of Niles and County of Cayuga, NY.

By the successful performance of a very difficult surgical operation he opened his  way at  once to professional fame. He  has ever since been engaged in an extensive practice, in  which  he   has  amassed an ample fortune, notwithstanding  his  almost princely   liberality. In  1850 he received an  honorary  degree from Laporte  Medical College, Indiana.

Col. Otis Cooper, son of Dea. Sherman Cooper, was born in 1806. He worked on the farm during his minority, and from 17 to 21 taught school during the winter season with much success. He took a deep interest in military affairs, and rose to the rank of Colonel. He was unanimously chosen deacon of the Universalist Church of Croydon at its organization in 1853. He held the office of Justice of the Peace for 20 yrs, and was one of the board of Selectmen. He resides on the old farm selected by his grandfather in 1772. He married Hannah, daughter of Ezekiel Powers.

Hon. Lemuel P. Cooper, son of Dea. Sherman Cooper, was born July 18, 1803. He was one of the most scientific and thorough farmers in town. He was educated at Newport and Claremont Academies, taught school for more than twenty winters, and was long in trusted with the general management of the schools through town. In 1831, he was married to Laura Whipple, and had one son, Dr. Sherman Cooper, and two daughters, Mary and Ellen. The sisters were educated at Kimball Union Academy, and studied French at St. Mary's, Canada East. They became so proficient as to be able to read and write the French with almost the same readiness as their native tongue. Like their father, they were successful teachers. Mary married Col. Alexander Gardiner, of the 14th Regt., NH Vols., an eloquent and promising lawyer. Since the death of her husband, who died in the army, she has turned her attention to the study of the classics. Ellen was invited to become the instructor of French at Brattleboro, VT. Mr. Cooper was Selectman seven yrs, Representative in 1844 and 1845, and State Senator in 1862 and 1863.

Sherman Cooper, son of Hon. Lemuel P. Cooper, was born Aug. 20, 1833. He received his academical education at Meriden, NH, studied medicine in New York City, and graduated at the New York Medical College in 1856. The following year he was deputy resident physician of Blackwell's Island Hospital. He settled at Claremont in 1858. He entered the army in 1861, as Assistant Surgeon of the 6th Regt., NH Vols., but was promoted to the rank of Surgeon in Mar. 1863. At the end of three years, in 1864, he returned to Claremont and resumed the practice of his profession.

John Cooper, son of John Cooper and Lydia Dodge Cooper, and grandson of Dea. John Cooper, one of the first settlers of Croydon, was born in Croydon June 15, 1806, and was educated in the common school and at the domestic fireside. He is a farmer, but has devoted a portion of his time to teaching and other literary pursuits. He has been elected or appointed Superintending School Committee of Croydon sixteen times. In 1839 he prepared "An Historical Sketch of Croydon," which was published in the 6th Vol. of the Collections of the New Hampshire Historical Society; and in 1852 he revised the same and published it in pamphlet form. His other publications are  his annual School Reports and  contributions for the periodical press.

Alanson L. Cooper, son of Barnabas, and grandson of Dea. John Cooper, was born Oct. 16, 1804. He  possessed   intellectual powers  of  the  highest order. He studied medicine and graduated at Brunswick, ME., in 1827,after which he went to Europe, and  during his   absence  spent several months attending hospital practice at Paris. He   commenced  practice  at Auburn, NY, where he died in 1841. As a poet, the few gems that have been preserved from his pen indicate a rare genius.

Orville M. Cooper, son of Joel, and grandson of Dea. Sherman Cooper, was born July 28, 1821. He studied medicine and graduated at Hanover in 1845. He commenced practice at Hollis, NH, where he died in 1847.

Alanson Cooper, son of Silas and great-grandson of Dea. John Cooper, a Methodist clergyman of much talent and influence, is a Presiding Elder in the Montpelier District, VT., and is one of the Commissioners to locate the Methodist School.

Elijah Cooper, an intelligent   physician, was  son of Horatio Cooper and grandson of Nathaniel Cooper, the   oldest  son  of  Dea. John Cooper. He graduated  at   Dartmouth  College.  After  completing   his   studies, he practiced  for  a  while   with  decided   success  at  Newport, NH,  but subsequently  removed to Columbus, OH, where he had an extensive practice for two years, when he removed to Newark in the same State, where he also had a practice extending over a large section  of country, but  which  so wrought upon his health that he  abandoned it altogether in 1833, entered into a large mercantile business, and amassed a considerable   fortune. He married the eldest daughter of Nicholas Farwell,  of    Claremont, by whom he had seven children. She  died in 1847, and he   married  her sister, the second daughter of Nicholas  Farwell. In Sept. 1854, Dr. Cooper, his wife, a daughter four years old, and a servant in  his   family, died of cholera. The second daughter of Dr. Cooper married Maj. John L. Farwell, Cashier of Claremont National Bank.

Reuben Cooper, son of Reuben, and grandson of Ezra Cooper, one of the first twelve settlers of the town, was one of the Committee of Arrangements, and is a thriving and industrious farmer. Married Cynthia, daughter of Joel, and granddaughter of Dea. Sherman Cooper.

Nathaniel Cooper, son of Ezra Cooper, married Phebe Barton, eldest daughter of Benjamin Barton Esq., and removed to Leon, Cattaraugus County, NY, where he occupied a prominent position, for a long time, doing the larger share of public business. His son John has many of the characteristics of his father,--has been Representative, Supervisor, and held other offices.

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