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The Hodge Family

**The picture that is shown on the "Photos" page was taken about 1860

Benjamin B. Hodge, who was generally called Batchelder, married Mary Smith, daughter of Nicholas Smith.They had four children: a daughter that died at birth, Nellie who died when 12 years old, Minnie who married Ed. Ridlon and went to Maine, John who lived at home and had three children.


Neighbors remember the family as generally being a large one, with relatives finding shelter in time of bereavement or distress, among them being Mrs. Hodge's Mother, Ruth, widow of Nicholas Smith.


The Hodges were great hunters and fishermen and lived much by the gun and pole in addition to what they raised on the farm in the usual way of the times. Batcheldor Hodge was a bee hunter and many pails of wild honey was brought into the family pantry as a result of his "lining" the bees.


**In this photograph it shows Mr. and Mrs. Hodge, John Hodge their son, and his daughter Maude, who died shortly soon after this photo was taken, standing on the front doorstep of the Hodge House.



*From the Twentieth Annual Excursion of Sandwich,NH






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