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(Farnsworth and Prescott)

Source: "An Historical Sketch of Groton, MA l655 to l890"
by Dr. Samuel A. Green pub. l894
p.203 - 204


Source: Farnsworth Memorial

p.48 Matthias Farnsworth Jr. Line

Abigail Farnsworth b. l735 m. l763 Benjamin Shattuck. He was  b. l728 at Pepperell, MA. Abigail Farnsworth was dau of Matthias Farnsworth and his wife, Abigail Shedd, of Groton, MA. Abigail d. l767 and Benjamin Shattuck m.(2) l768 Mary Proctor Hollis, NH. He d. l8l3. She d. l839.

He had by his lst wife, Abigail Farnsworth:

1. Son b. l765 d. same day.
2. Son b. l765 d. l765.
3. Abigail Shattuck b. l766 m. Ebenezer Emery.


By his 2d wife, Mary Proctor he had issue:

4. Benjamin Shattuck, Jr. b.l777 m.Sybil Parker b.l772. She d.l827.He d. 185l.
5. Moses Shattuck b. l779 m. Naomi Weatherbee b. l778 at Concord, MA.
6. Rebecca Shattuck b. l782 m. l8l2 John Hutchins a desc of John Hutchins who m.Abigail Farnsworth. He d.l846 and she d.l8l7.
7. Elizabeth Shattuck b. l785 d. unm.

p.23l Benjamin Farnsworth Line


Hannah Locke b. l754, dau of James Locke, Jr. and his wife, Hannah
of Ashby, MA. Hannah Locke m. l78l Philip PROCTOR, son of
Moses Proctor and his wife, Mary B. Proctor of Chelmsford, MA.They settled at Groton,MA where they resided twelve yrs. In l794 the Proctors removed to Sullivan,NH. She d.l83l and he d.l84l.Their issue (p.257)



Philip Proctor and his wife, Hanna Locke has issue at Groton, MA:

l. Hannah Proctor b. l782 at Ashby,MA m. l802 Jonathan Powell at Sullivan,NH.He b.l776 at Litchfield,NH, son of an English gentleman who emigrated to this country prior to the Rev. War. He moved to Chittendon,Vt.,soon after his marriage, where his children were born; He d. l842.They had l2 children.

2. Eunice Proctor b. l783 at Groton, MA and d. l805 unm.

3. Philip Proctor, Jr. b. l785 m. l809 Dorcas Dimmick,dau of Timothy  Dimmick. She b.l790. Res: Sullivan, NH, Rutland, Vt and from there, to Illinois. (eight children).

4. Lucretia Proctor b. l788 m. l805 Benjamin Hancock.He b. l782 at Surrey  NH. They lived at Shrewsbury, Vt., Chittendon, Vt. and in l8l8 moved to Salina, NY and afterwards to Cicero, NY where she d. l825. He m. a  2d wife____and moved to Clay, NY (ten children)

5. James Locke Proctor b. l789 m. l82l Ruth Spaulding dau of Thomas Spaulding.She b. l790 at Hancock, NH. He d. l846 at Sullivan, NH. (eight children)

6. John Proctor b. l792 m. l82l Louisa Brigham,dau of Stephen Brigham. She b.l793 at Alstead, NH. Res: Rutland, Vt. (five children)

7. Mary Proctor b. l794 at Sullivan, NH, m. l822 (1)Ira Ellis son of Simeon and Lydia (Comstock) Ellis of Lyme, CT. They removed to Rutland, Vt. in l835.He d. l840 and she m.(2) David Boynton. (five children by her lst husband.)

8. Susanna Proctor b. l797 at Sullivan, NH m. l825 Aaron Brigham b.l797 at Alstead, NH (four children).



Elvira Maria Farnsworth b.l83l dau of William Johnson Farnsworth and his wife, Elvira Pepper of Dublin and Peterboro, NH. Elvira Farnsworth m. l855 Washington PROCTOR, of Sullivan, NH. She d. l864.


Julia P. Farnsworth (sister of Elvira, above) b.l838 m. l865 Washington PROCTOR and their issue:
l. Susie Maria Proctor b. l867 d. l874 at Dublin, NH.
2. Fanny Gertrude Proctor b. l872
3. Harry Burton Proctor b. l878.



Jonathan Farnsworth Line

 Reuben Farnsworth b. l77l m. l800 Hannah Danforth dau of Lieut Davis    Danforth and his wife, Hannah PROCTOR of Washington, NH. She b. l777. She d. l843 He d. l842.



 Daniel Farnsworth b. l782 son of Simeon Farnsworth and his wife Esther Ellenwood of Washington, NH, m. l806 Martha Proctor dau of Capt. William Proctor. She b. l785. He d. l864. She d. l875. (see p. 455 for their children).



Daniel Farnsworth and his wife, Martha Proctor had issue at Washington, NH:

1. William Farnsworth b. l807 m.(1)l830 Sarah Mead, dau of Stephen Mead,  Jr. She b.l8l2 d.l855. He m.(2)Cynthia Stowell dau of John Stowell. She b.l829. William Farnsworth was one of the pioneers  of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. This story is told in the book: "William and his  Twenty-Two" by Mabel Robinson Miller.

2. Simeon Farnsworth b. l8l0 m. Eunice Lowell dau of Obadiah Lowell of Lempster. Res: Washington, NH then west to River Falls, WI d. l875.

3. Daniel Farnsworth, Jr. b. l8l3 m. l835 Mary Mead dau of Stephen Mead Jr. She b. l8l6 She d. l849. He m. (2) l849 Mary Ayer. He d. l907 St. Charleston,NH.

4. Joel Farnsworth b. l8l8 m.l840 Mary B. Fairbanks,b.l820 d.l853. He m. (2) Harriet M. Reed of Bristol, WI. Res: Washington, NH and Goshen, NH then to River Falls, WI.

5. Cyrus Kingsbury Farnsworth b.l823 m.l847 Rachel Oaks of Verona, NY.She d. l858. He m. (2) l858 Lydia E. Knight of Marlow, NH. She d. l86l.He m.(3) in l86l Harriet Guildhall of Randolph, Vt.

6. John Calvin Farnsworth b. l825 d. young.


George Farnsworth Vinal b. l84l son of Melzar Vinal and wife,  Betsey     Farnsworth of Concord, MA. George Vinal m. l689 Mary Proctor of Carlisle.  Res: Waltham, MA.

 l. Winifred May Vinal b. l87l
2. Robert Clifford Vinal b. l872


Bertha Brasher b.l9l8 at View, Idaho dau of Amelia Farnsworth and husband Leasil Brasher of Jericho, Utah. Bertha Brasher m. l939 Rosslyn Vernon Proctor b. l9l4 at Chicago, IL., son of Samuel Carroll Proctor and his wife, Ellen Josephine (Benfell) Proctor.



 Surname:  PROCTOR


"Earliest Stage Drivers" Among the drivers to Keene, New Hampshire were Kimball Danforth (l8l7-l840), Ira Brown, Oliver Scales, Amos Nichols, Otis Bardwell, Abel Marshall, the brothers: Ira and Hiram Hodgkins, George Brown, Houghton Lawrence, Palmer Thomas, Ira Green, Barney Pike, William Johnson, Walter Carleton and John Carleton. There were two  stage routes to Keene, both going as far as West Town-send in common, then separating, one passing thru New Ipswich and Jaffrey, a northerly route, while the other went thru Ashby, Rindge and Fitzwilliam, (a southerly route).


Anson Johnson and Beriah Curtis drove to Worcester; Addison Parker,Henry Lewis Lawrence, Stephen Corbin,John Webber and his son, Ward Webber drove to Lowell;the brothers Abiel and Nathan Fawcett,


 WILDER PROCTOR and Abel Hamilton Fuller drove to Nashua, NH. Micah Ball who came from Leominster abt the yr l824 drove to Amherst, NH and after him Benjam Lewis who continued to drive as long as he lived. At his death the line was given up. The route lay thru Pepperell,


Source: Prescott Memorial


James Prescott, NH Line


Sylvester Prescott b. l829 son of Charles Prescott and wife, Acenith Thompson. Sylvester Prescott m. l85l, Mary Moulton PROCTOR dau of Itial Proctor. She b. l833 He drives an express in Charlestown, MA (3 children)


p. 582

Sylvester Prescott and his wife, Mary Moulton Proctor of Charlestown, MA had issue:

 l. Walter M. Prescott b. l852
2. Mary H. Prescott b. l855
3. Sydney J. Prescott b. l865.

Hollis and Milford.

The forerunner of this Amherst Stage was a one-horse vehicle which used to go over the road each way, two or three times a week and carry the mail. It began abt the year l820 and took passengers as occasion required.

Transcribed by: Janice Farnsworth






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