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                          MOSES RANDALL


Hezekiah born March 28, 1745, married Elizabeth CHESLEY.
William born 1750, in Lee, NH, settled in Canterbury, NH, and died there.
Mary born August 19, 1753, in Lee, NH ; married William LASKEY.
Jonathan born 1755 in Lee, NH, married a FRENCH, of Deerfield, NH, and settled in Piermont, NH.
Gideon born 1758, married Mary THOMPSON.
*Moses born June 20, 1747 Durham, NH, and died April 9, 1809 Conway, NH;
1st Marriage 1771, Agnes FORREST
2nd Marriage 1784, Lydia AMES


Moses RANDALL was the second child of Nathaniel RANDALL and Mary RUNNELS.

Moses was the first occupant of the late Lancaster Place, near Union Bridge, Sanbornton, NH.He was one of the very early settlers, and in 1797 located on the intervale of North Conway below Sunset Hill on the place where his grandson, William Randall was residing (1889). He was accompanied by his sons William and John and daughters Hannah and Polly. The journey was made with oxen along spotted roads. The next year his son Nathaniel came the same route on foot.

Mr. Randall (Moses) was an active worker, developed a log house and a fine farm north of his brother, on the Saco Interval , and passed his life on the same place where he first located and there died April 3, 1809, in his 62nd year. His son William located where the Sunset Pavilion stands. (The site of the present day Eastern Slope inn). John succeeded to the home farm. Nathaniel lived north of the Sunset Pavilion, on the other side of the river road. Moses Randall's wife, Agnes FORREST was buried in the old cemetery of Sanbornton.

An inventory of citizens listed in Sanbornton, 1794--included Moses "RENDALL". Also including: 41 of polls, 218 acres arable land, 418 mowing land 545 acres pasture, 65 horses, 125 oxen, 149 cows, and 7 mills in the town.

Moses RANDALL was a NH private of the Revolutionary War in Captain SHEPHERDS Company.

Children of Moses RANDALL:

1. William, born Oct. 7, 1772, resided at North Conway. Married Betsy ____.
Eliza, born Jan 7, 1812, married Willey THOMPSON of the KEARSAGE HOUSE.
(twin) Mary born Jan 7, 1812.
Ellison FORREST born April 17,__ died June 5, 1803.
Anne, born Jan. 2, 1805, died March 1847, age 42.
Lydia, born July 1, died Nov. 27, 1808.

2. Nathaniel, born July 5, 1774, married Susanna KNIGHT, of Durham; was "captain", and died November 28, 1858 at North Conway.

6 Children:
Agnes Forrest, born August 22, 1800, married Samuel FORREST, of Northfield.
George Knight, born Sept. 21, 1798. Married Martha Haynes MERRILL. Their
son James T. RANDALL operated the RANDALL HOUSE, North Conway..
Sukey K., born Dec. 6, 1802, married Charles WHITAKER.
William Harrison, born March 14 died Sept. 30, 1814.
Betsy Forrest, born Sept 1, 1815 married Luther WHITAKER.
Hannah, born Nov. 16, 1804, married Abiel LOVEJOY.

3. *Molly (Polly) born Feb 5, 1777 Sanbornton, NH; married Joseph MASON of Conway, NH.
Six children:
Betsy Forrest (MASON), married William PAGE, of East Concord, NH; died 1868.
Hannah (Mason) .
John Randall (MASON), married and died in Conway.
William Randall (MASON), died in Biddeford, Maine, nine children.
Moses Randall (MASON), resided in Waterford, Maine, six children.
Nathaniel Randall (MASON), proprietor of the North Conway House. ; married
Ruth HUTCHINS, Fryeburg, Maine.

Their children:
Freeman Hutchins MASON, resides at North Conway; keeper of the ""Sunset Pavilion" Hotel, with his brother Francis, Le Roy (MASON).
Mahlon Lee (MASON), proprietor of the "SUNSET PAVILION", born April 21, 1846, North Conway, NH., married Ellen (Mc)ROBERTS born Oct. 5, 1850, North Conway, NH
Mangum Edson (MASON), Died AGED 18.
Nathaniel (MASON), died young.

4. Hannah, born November 26, 1779, married Stephen WHITAKER of Conway, NH; one son, George, of South Conway..

5. John Forrest, born December 28, 1781; "Led a two year colt all the way
from Sanbornton!" Was a blacksmith in North Conway. Married Abiah CARLETON
and died Dec. 1826, age 45. Four children:

Samuel Carleton, born Jan. 17, 1810.
Rebekah Carleton, b. July 18, 1812, died Dec. 1829 in her 18th year.
Moses, born Feb. 3, 1816, married Irene SHACKFORD, of Eaton, NH.
William, born April 23, 1823; married Ann WHITE of Bartlett.

6. Anna born Feb. 11, died Feb 1784.


Transcribed by:

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RUNNELS AND REYNOLDS MEMORIAL, by M. T. Runnels. pgs 122-132
HISTORY OF SANBORNTON VOL. II. Publish 1881. By Rev. M. T. Runnels.






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