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Source: The Farnsworth Memorial
by Moses Farnsworth pub 1897


Ebenezer Farnsworth b. l726 m. l762 Sarah WALKER, prob.dau. of
Seth Walker and his wife, Eleanor (Chandler)Walker. Ebenezer d. l794. She d. l807 age 82. They settled at Fort No. 4., Charlestown, N.H. He born at Groton, MA. He was taken prisoner by Indians with the Johnson family of Charlestown and carried to Canada.


Jemima Farnsworth, sister to Ebenezer (above) b. l729 at Groton, MA m. l764 Seth WALKER, Jr. as his 2d wife Seth Walker was b.l7l7 at Groton. He m. (1) Abigail HOLDEN, dau of Nathaniel Holden and his wife, Abigail (Stone) Holden who d. l762.



Phineas Reed HUTCHINS b. l8l3 at Alstead N.H. son of John Sullivan Hutchins and wife, Catherine Cutter of Alstead NH and LaChute, Canada. Phineas Hutchins l838 at LaChute, Jessie Walker. He d. CA l875.



Sarah Farnsworth b. l8l9 at Westford, Vt. m. William WALKER. Res: Illinois. They both d. at Chicago.

l.  Elizabeth Walker b. l843 d. young.
2. Harlow Walker b. l844
3. Arthur S. Walker, b. l874 m. Emma Jones. He d. Chicago l892
4. Judson Farnsworth Walker b. l848 m. Sarah Crinker
5. A. Eugene Walker b. l852 m. Telva Dunlavy.
6. S. Emma Walker b. l855 m. Newell Hotchkiss.
7. Ella Walker b. l858 d. unm.



John Merrill Farnsworth b. l84l at Peterboro, N.H. l865 (1) Mary E. Sumner (one child: Harry Ernest b.l870 at Nashua N.H.) John m. (2) l887 Ella M. WALKER (one child: a dau. b. in Imley, MI).



Abigail Holden b.l7l9 dau of Abigail (Stone) Holden and Nathaniel Holden of Groton, MA. Abigail Holden m. in l742 SETH WALKER, Jr.b. l7l7 He d. l794 She d. l762 Seth Walker m.(2)Jemima Farnsworth dau of Josiah. She b. l729 at Groton MA.



George Farnsworth b. l835 at Galena Illinois m. l879 at Indianapolis, IN Mary Agnes Walker, dau of Henry and Isabel Walker of N.Y.



Surname: WALKER

Source: Prescott Memorial

John Prescott Line, Lancaster, MA



Sarah Prescott b. ca l724 dau of Ebenezer Prescott and his wife, Ruth Hobart of Clocksett. Sarah Prescott m.l747 Hezekiah Walker of Shrewsbury.



Elijah Prescott b. l767 son of Timothy Prescott and wife,Lydia Prescott.Elijah Prescott m. l797 Eunice Walker of Ashby, MA (two children: Orra Prescott d. and Eunice Prescott d. unm.





Surname: WALKER

Source: History of Charlestown, NH - Fort No. 4 by Rev.

Henry H. Saunderson pub l876



Seth Walker the earliest of this name in Charlestown,NH son of Joseph Walker, first of Billerica, MA,born at Groton, MA abt l692 m. Eleanor Chandler abt l695.Seth Walker was one of the proprietors under the NH Charter. He was at No 4 as early as l750. His name is on the roll of Capt. Phineas Stevens' Company, enlisting in l750.

He d. July 7, l772 age 80. Eleanor (Chandler) Walker, his wife d. Nov 6, l769 age 74. Both died at Charlestown, NH and their tombstones are in the Charles-town village cemetery.


Their children:

l. Abel Walker b. at Groton, MA Apr 20,l734 m.l767 Elizabeth,the widow of Phineas Graves. She was the dau. of Isaac Parker Jr. and his wife, Mary Parker, She was b. at Groton, MA Feb 3, l744.He d.Mar ll,l8l5  8l yrs. She d. Oct 8, l806 age 62 yrs.

See p.586 below for the list of men Abel Walker commanded in the spring of l777 in the march to Fort Ticonderoga.


Their children:

l.  Eunice Walker b. l767 d. l773.
2. Sarah Walker b. l769 d. l788.
3. Phineas Walker b.l77l d. l772
4. Phyle Walker b. l773 m. Aaron Dean of Charlestown, NH on Nov 4, l790. d. at Boston, MA l849
5. Phineas Walker b. l774 d. l777.
6. Abel Walker b. l776 d. l777.
7. Elizabeth b. l778 m. l797 Thomas Melville.
8. Phineas Walker 2d b. l780 drowned in the Connecticut River June 29, l792.
9. Abel Walker, Jr. b. Sep ll,l783 m. l8l3 Sally Doolittle dau of      John and Lucy Doolittle b. Westmoreland, NH Feb ll, l789
l0.Eleuthera Walker b. July 2l, l786 m. John Willard, Jr.


Their children:

l.  Mary Doolittle Walker b. l8l3 d. at Hydepark, VT l845.
2. Phineas Walker b. l820 d.l852 in CA
3. Samuel Walker b. l823 a Selectman l857 to l858 and Rep. l859.Abel Walker Jr. was a useful and esteemed citizen and d. at Charlestown l827.

2. Sybil Walker dau of Seth Walker and wife, Eleanor(Chandler) Walker was b. at Groton, MA Mar 23, l735



Seth Walker m. (1) Jan l4, l74l/2 Abigail Holden dau of Nathaniel Holden and Abigail (Stone) Holden of Groton,MA. She b. Sep l5, l7l9.


Their children:

l.  Sybil Walker b. Mar l3,l745
2. Seth Walker, Jr. b. Apr 5, l747
3. Abigail Walker b.June l0, l750 (all 3 born at Groton)
4. Asa Walker b. l753.
5. Nathaniel Walker twin to Isaac Walker b. Mar 30, l756
6. Isaac Walker twin to Nathaniel Walker b. Mar 30, l756
7. Jabez Walker b. June 2, l758 pub. to Anna Watkins of Charlestown l790.


Seth Walker had issue by his 2d wife, Jemima Walker:
8. Mary Walker b. Aug 9, l766
9. Jemima Walker b. Apr 27, l768


Seth Walker Jr. was a Sergeant in Capt. Abel Walker's company. This family came to Charlestown in the spring of l770. The Seth Walker at No. 4 at an earlier date,was the father of Col. Abel Walker 10. Emma Walker b. Mar 26, l770. These born at Shirley,MA



Mathew Walker came to Charlestown, NH from Thompson, an early date.

His children were:

l.  Dyer Walker
2. John Walker
3. Benjamin Walker
4. Dorcas Walker
5. Mary Walker


Dyer Walker son of Mathew Walker was b. Dec 30, l776 d. Jan 27, l85l m. Jan 30, l799 Mary Spencer dau of Taylor Spencer and wife, Mary (Davis) Spencer b. l780 d.l872.


 Their children:

l. Stephen Walker b. l799 m. l824 Keziah Converse


Their children:

l.  Mary Ellen Walker
2. Clark S. Walker
3. Annette Walker
4. Alice Walker.


He moved from Connecticut in l85l, d. l865.


2. Angeline Walker b. l80l m. l824 Sherburne Merrill of Unity in l80l.


Their children:

l.  Rosette Merrill m. Erastus Perkins Res: Iowa
2. Wilson Merrill m. Marion Bluff of Charlestown, NH d. and buried at Charlestown
3. Helen Merrill m. Alvah Spaulding Res: Iowa
4. Jenette m. David Hubbard son of Jonathan B. Hubbard. Res: KS.
5. Ransom Merrill m. ___Putnam of Charlestown, NH.
6. Julia Merrill


3. Oracy Walker b. l804 m. Lorenzo Willard son of Moses Willard and his wife, Lydia (Farwell)Willard Res: Montpelia, VT.
4. John S. Walker b. Jan ll, l807 d. l859 m.(l) Sarah Merrill in l822 b. l808 d.l840


Their children:
l. Arnold Walker m. Oracy Walker Res:WI. Sarah (Merrill) Walker d. and John S. Walker m. (2) Sarah

   Campbell of Charlestown b.l804 d. l875.

5. Abigail Walker b. l809 m. Wilson Merrill l83l Res: Claremont, NH

6. Lydia Walker b. l8ll d.l820.

7. Amelia B. Walker b. l8l6 d. l846.

8. Erastus Otis Walker b.l8l9 m. l843 Lucy A. Towner dau of John Towner and wife, Lucretia (Adkins)

   Towner b. l8l9.



John Walker, son of Matthew Walker m. Philey Spencer.

Benjamin Walker, son of Matthew Walker m. Sarah Whipple dau of Edward Whipple.

Dorcas Walker, dau of Matthew Walker m. Jacob Wright.

Mary Walker, dau of Matthew Walker m. _____ May.



Deacon Cephas Walker, son of Elijah and Polly (Howe) Walker m. l836 the widow, Priscilla E. (West) Burnham. She d. of smallpox l873. Deacon Walker came to Charlestown l843.



Benjam Walker son of Benjamin Walker and his wife, Sarah (Whipple) Walker b. l809 m. l835 Mahala Garfield dau of John and Susan (Rogers) Garfield b. at Charlestown July l9, l8l4.


Their children:

l. Lucetta Walker b.l838 d. l840
2. Susan Walker b. l838
3. an infant d. l839.
4. Susan Walker b.l84l
5. Floretta Walker b. l843 d. l849
6. Watson J. Walker b. l845
7. George Milon Walker b. l849 d. l863
8. Etta Lavonn Walker b. l855.


Source: Hist. of Charlestown, NH



Once again, in the spring of l777 there was an alarm that Fort Ticonderoga was in danger and Capt. Abel Walker hastened (with his company) to its defense. He was the commander of company No. l, Col. Benjamin Bellow's regiment. The roll call was not found in the military hist. of NH so I (Rev. Saunderson) gives it here.



Abel Walker, Capt.
Bradford Spafford, Lieut
John Beckwith, Ensign
Seth Walker, Sergeant
Joseph Hobart, Sergeant
Lazedell Silsby, Sergeant
John Sprague, Sergeant
Joseph Lear, Corporal
Julius Silsby, Corporal
Nathaniel Powers, Corporal
Oliver Cook, Corporal
Eliab Gleason, Fifer.



Levi Simonds
John Cross
Ebenezer Terry
Timothy Putnam
Benjamin Powers
Whitcomb Powers
Amasa Grout
Eleazer Heywood
Thomas Putnam
Eli Smith
Eliphas Silsby
Timothy Cross
Reuben Bingham
Jesse Scovel
Joseph Wood
Samuel Atkins
Thomas Nott
Ephraim French
William Osgood
Comfort Towner
Samuel Gunnison
Moses Spafford
John Atkins
John Hart
Asa Walker
Josiah Reed
Lemuel Royce
Richard Holden
Joseph Spencer
Oliver Hastings
Christopher Ayres
Samuel Lewis
Joseph Powers
Joseph Clark
Samuel Remington
Oliver Farnsworth
Daniel Elmore
Thomas Rose
Nathaniel Walker
Roswell Stevens
Samuel Carey.


Submitted by Janice Farnsworth








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